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Review #1, by Catherine That day...

28th January 2018:
I'll be honest. This was incredibly difficult to read, because there are still quite a few grammatical and punctuational errors. I couldn't finish the first chapter.

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Review #2, by lesti ***Chapter 30: Pillow talk***

11th April 2016:
hey great story, just wanted to point out that 'ruff' is actually spelt rough, but I saw the word a few times in the chapter, so just wanted to point it out. Good luck with your stories,
Lestie xoxo

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Review #3, by courage14 Midsummer...

27th January 2016:
I was kind of upset with the beginning, but I like it better now. I hate the thought of Hermione cheating, but it makes a bit more sense especially with Ron. It's getting really good! I can't wait to see where it goes!!!

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Review #4, by ScarlettTulips The End

5th March 2015:
This novel was great. I enjoyed the storyline and was happy with the ending. The scene with Harry and Hermione was very weird and did not add anything in my opinion, but I just skipped it after a few lines.
Like you Said, the grammar and punctuation weren't perfect, but if you are an English reader, the brain fixes it for you. Well done on your first work of art. I hope you don't give up on the editing and carry on writing. xoxo

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Review #5, by ArtyGirl A bit of understanding.

24th November 2014:
I will read one more chapter but at this point the grammar in this is just so... distracting. Capital letters and commas are needed everywhere. This chapter felt as if someone else wrote it compared to the previous 5 chapters.

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Review #6, by Julia The End

25th June 2014:
Beautiful story, with a beautiful ending!

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Review #7, by PurpleRain Chapter 11: A few answers

20th March 2014:
This is a great story so far!! Great story line!! Keep it up!!

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Review #8, by Blackbooks ***Chapter 30: Pillow talk***

6th December 2013:
Heya, loving the story, but I feel like Ginny shouldn't be surprised about Sirius being justice and sari's father, she lives in the house with their family tree which has already revealed ther existence to them once the curse was removed and Sirius's name rewritten.

Author's Response: Ahh, good catch. Maybe not though the family tree is a painful reminder for Harry, so it could be said that she never really looked at it. But I'll fix it a bit to make it more clear that Justice and Sari's branch isn't so obvious, as was my plan in the first place. But anyway thank you for reading my story, and paying attention to detail. Thank you for your kind words - S

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Review #9, by songbird0345 The End

27th November 2013:
That ending seemed too abrupt.. It almost just seemed like it was cut short and didn't have a lot of explanation. The book was amazing up until the last chapter. If you had it longer, with explanation of what Draco and Hermione's kids did, and their NAMES which is important. Possibly everyone elses kids names and or grand kids names. I don't know, just the ending seemed... Cut off.
However everything else was AMAZING! Keep on writing.

Author's Response: The ending was a bit abrupt, but the story was getting way to long, it's way beyond 40 some chapters. It felt like when I got to the part where things tied up, it would be to long to enjoy if I explained everything. It's an idea to go back and flip it around; add more, or maybe a second story; a part II. Though, I thought what a plot twist to end it like that not knowing what exactly happened. Thanks for reading my story. Thank you for the kind way you expressed your feelings, and most of all for saying it was amazing- that one means a lot. Thank you so much! - S

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Review #10, by Winnie Chapter 22: Copenhagen, Part 2

9th October 2013:
This story is beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by sarah Not what she thought......

25th September 2013:
interesting so far. i like your idea but there are still grammatical errors

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Review #12, by sarah That day...

25th September 2013:
good start to the story, there were some grammar and spelling errors that made a few parts hard to understand
i like the idea however i am not always a fan of stories where suddenly draco changes and suddenly they have feelings for each other, its very out of character and i believe a romance would need to take time to develop. i will continue to read and see where your story is going

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Review #13, by HannahJune23 The End

1st September 2013:
On my previous review meant it didn't make the story hard to follow.My bad

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Review #14, by HannahJune23 The End

31st August 2013:
Loved the story. It was definitely my favorite so far. Some spelling and grammar errors but did make the story hard to follow. I recommend this story.

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Review #15, by Georgia The End

30th August 2013:
i loved the whole story. its one of the best ones i have read
and the last chapter was touching. thank you for giving such
a good story.

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Review #16, by loveharrypotter The End

24th August 2013:
all I can say is WOW what an amazing story,
u did really well finishing it! well done!

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Review #17, by Emmee Chapter 2: Insights

22nd August 2013:
It seems to me that perhaps English is not your forte. You have a good story line though. If you would like some help editing this for grammar and such, I'm an English major and I would be happy to help. I've created an email address for this purpose that does not have my real name attached to it. This email is for gmail, and the username is emmee.james.hp I intend to only use this email for this site. Please contact me if you would like my help, and keep going, you are doing a great job.

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Review #18, by Ashley Ayoub I wish it wasn't like this.

19th August 2013:
ar that clears it up at bit at the end. please update asap love the story

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Review #19, by Paige The End

6th July 2013:
This was a great story.
Quite a few grammatical errors, but great all the same!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am trying to fix it all, but it is a huge undertaking. This was the first thing I've ever written. I've learn so much since I wrote this piece. It means a lot that you liked it even though there are so many mistakes. Thank you again. You made my day. Light and Love to you!

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Review #20, by because i write Chapter 2: Insights

3rd May 2013:
I'm intrigued by the story line. However, sometimes you slip and use 'me' instead of her.

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Review #21, by Lily The End

17th April 2013:
Amazing story! There were lots of mistakes in grammar, and a few in spelling, but over all, it was wonderful to read. Thanks for sharing!

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Review #22, by shaz The End

17th March 2013:
Wow. Beautiful story and wonderful characters

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Review #23, by Emily The End

17th February 2013:
Second time I read this story and I still loved every second of it! You're doing a great job. You are a great writer.

Author's Response: Thank you for the smile you put on my face. I needed it. You rock! Thank you for reading my story once, but twice is amazing. Wow! you are the bestest.

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Review #24, by Alexa The End

11th January 2013:
I quite enjoyed your story. You had several plots going on with several twists that it was hard to predict what was going to happen. That's usually rare for fanfiction, so congratulations on achieving that. The one thing I have to stress is your spelling and grammar. That's the one thing that I think will hold you back. Presents are something you open on your birthday and presence is when someone is in the vicinity. Throughout the story you made a lot of spelling mistakes. I'm pretty sure you also meant the character Rodolphus who was in fact married to Bellatrix. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I still wanted to say good job. Usually spelling mistakes make me leave a story, but the plot line made me stay and finish it. You have a lot of potential. If you are planning anymore stories, I would get someone to look over the spelling. Someone that will pick up on them. I remember reading in one chapter that you had someone look over them, but they didn't change some of the mistakes. I hope I wasn't too hard on you and good luck with future stories :).

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Review #25, by Europa27 The End

13th December 2012:
I really liked the story... All the characters were evolved and had substance.. Loved how Sirius has children... The black line did not end after all .. U should really get more reviews .. U deserve them.. Really liked justice..

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