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Review #1, by DetectiveMenace Caring

10th August 2011:
I'm reviewing, because my virtual Gringotts vault is rather low on e-funds. No, just kidding :) I'm reviewing because this story is wonderful! It had both a tone of hopelessness and healing and really depicted how the Weasley family supports one another in times of need. Beautiful job.

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Review #2, by Fiery Ginny Caring

27th July 2011:
aw.I cried.this is so good! I love you btw just for writing this. :') No joke, I'm crying right now. I love it. Thank you for bringing this into the world :) 5000/10 if I could

Author's Response: Aww thank you! Would it be awful to say that I am kinda glad that you cried? That was really what I was aiming for ..

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Review #3, by lilyjames_maraudersirius Caring

25th July 2011:
It made me cry.
Beautiful. It really is like losing a part of oneself.

Keep Writing!

Author's Response: Aww thank you :') That means a lot to me! Love from Denmark

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Review #4, by alco Caring

25th July 2011:
This was very nice! ^_^
It brought tears to my eyes, just so you know. (Yes, I'm an emotional person. Its weird.)
The only thing I think you should fix is the lack of punctuation. Like after every "He didn't care", you could add a period please? ^_^
It might not seem like much, but it makes reading that much more enjoyable. :)
Kudos on the story, its really good! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :) I'll think about that, but actually it English Grammar still gets to me sometimes though..

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Review #5, by Brittney =] Caring

25th July 2011:
Uhpp there go my tears... again. Y'all are killing me with these Fred and George stories >.<
I love this though. I love the ending with Ginny, that's where it really got me. Cheers to an awesome fic!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing.. Can't say I'm sorry that I got you crying thought *bite my lip* that was kinda what I was aiming for :D

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Review #6, by lostyourwayhome Caring

24th July 2011:
I like this a lot. :3

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad to hear!

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