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Review #1, by Dallandra LeFay Hogsmeade, Butterbeer and Alleyways

10th October 2011:
Woo!! New chapter! It was really good, you get to know a little more about Haven and how she interacts with everyone. Can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! There should be an update soon, i just got back from a holiday so i need time to write the next chapter.
Big Love NymphadoraLupin xx

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Review #2, by DracoGal Hogsmeade, Butterbeer and Alleyways

9th October 2011:
Awe yay!! Update soon pweez!

Author's Response: hehe! i've been a bit m.i.a lately, i was on a holiday to Hong Kong! I should have one up soon!
Big Love NymphadoraLupin xx

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Review #3, by Dallandra LeFay Harry, Hermione and Hangovers

6th October 2011:
Great story, I love it. Update soon, yeah?

Author's Response: Thank you! This means alot, espcially because I like your story so much. Chapter 4 is in the validation queue and should be up in a few days.
Big Love NymphadoraLupin :)

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Review #4, by 19 whitehorse Harry, Hermione and Hangovers

5th September 2011:
See this is why I don't read unfinished story :,( I'm so curious to see what happens next that it's going to keep me awake at night.
For the sake of my health update soon!!!

Author's Response: Haha, i will try. Right now i have a chapter in the validation queue for another story so when that validates i should be able to put the next one up. I'll give you a sneak peak thing, it involves: quidditch, sugar quills and Dracos abbs :) so look out for that

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Review #5, by 19 whitehorse Parties, Purple and Misjuged Personalities

5th September 2011:
"DRAKIE!"I turned my head and saw a pug faced loon coming towards us.
Oh dear God Pansy... you are ruining the story by being there... Sorry I really don't like her. (Pug face loon?...Doesn't seem like you like her much either. lol)
As soon as I read Drakie I knew it was her. Which is kinda sad...
Hermione... what an awkward moment to interrupt lol.
Great continuation to your story. excited to read what happens next :D
(love Joan Jett too)

Author's Response: Thanks Girls. I really really dont like Pansy, she reminds me of a bully that was a real bitch to me, but because this is a Draco/OC story i kind of felt that she needed to be in the story somehow. There always needs to be a wicked witch doesnt there? The Hermione moment was a bit awkward but because Hermione is such a good friend it needed to be there, my interpretation of Hermione in this story comes very much from my best friend who is sitting right next to me when i am writing this. Thanks again for the nice review
Love NymphadoraLupin :)

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Review #6, by 19 whitehorse Prologue

5th September 2011:
So, as a fan of Malfoy and Snape myself I figured I'd give your story a try and I LOVED it.
It's quite descriptive so that I know exactly what's going on but not enough that I get bored and of course Draco is in it. He is quite in character and I love the way he said "Are you a transfer?" It's like "Hello Draco you are not the centre of the world and just cause you haven't noticed them doesn't mean they didn't exist."
"I saw him stunned, his mouth dropped open" I laughed at that. lol :D
I have written a story with Snape's grandson and Lily II Potter but never posted it and it's quite fun reading what other people imagined what Snape's kid would be like (He deserves to be happy, after all he saved the Wizarding World.)
(I know I talk too much... sorry)
Keep writing so that I can keep reading...:D

Author's Response: I promise to keep writing, I've started reading your story and i havent finished the firsdt chapter yet so I havent left a review but i think that is wonderful. Thank you so much for the nice review, I really appretiate it :)
Big Love NymphadoraLupin :)

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Review #7, by Little Miss Potter Harry, Hermione and Hangovers

2nd September 2011:
woohoo yippy loved it nymphy

Author's Response: woo! thanks little miss potter!
big love NymphadoraLupin xx

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Review #8, by DracoGal Harry, Hermione and Hangovers

1st September 2011:
yay for updates!! haha i really liked this chapter! please update soon!!! xD

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! There should be a new chapter going up soon, i have a chapter for my other story 'being a malfoy' so ther eshould be another chapter in the validation queue soon

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Review #9, by Joan Jett Parties, Purple and Misjuged Personalities

29th August 2011:
Thank you so much for the A/N dedicate! My heart warmed when I saw that. :)

I love the name "Haven" and I love the character, I feel like I can relate to her, I also have a love of whiskey! xD

"So being the best friend that I am I took a running start and jumped onto her bed and woke her with a start." Hehe, I have a friend who reminds me of Haven.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! My best friend was sitting next to me and i had a spaz attack she was like calm down calm down! I am so happy you took the time to review my story. I just thought after all the great reading you have given me I should at least give you a dedication. Your story is my favourite by far and I thought that this little dedication could brighten up your day somehow :)
Again, thank you so much for teh review, it meant the world to me!!
Big Love NymphadoraLupin xx :)

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Review #10, by Joan Jett Prologue

29th August 2011:
Ooh, this is enthralling! A great start to a story :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) it was really nice of you to review. Big Love NymphadoraLupin :)

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Review #11, by DracoGal Parties, Purple and Misjuged Personalities

23rd August 2011:
OH MY GOD! :D write more and update soon!

Author's Response: thank you so much! from you that means alot, the second chapter should be up soon. Thank you so much, i mean it when i say from you this means alot!
Love NymphadoraLupin xx

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Review #12, by SlythindorGirl Parties, Purple and Misjuged Personalities

22nd August 2011:
Haha Hermione to the rescue lol. I think she just wanted Malfoy to herself!!!

Author's Response: Nah. She has Ron, but I do promise a cat fight over Draco between Haven and someone else in a later chapter, that should go up for validation soon, so keep an eye out!
Love NymphadoraLupin :)

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Review #13, by SlythindorGirl Prologue

22nd August 2011:
I'm loving this! It's awesomr, I'm gonna continue reading!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This made my day, for a first review, i have to say t his was pretty amazing. when i read this i was litterally dancing like a spaz around the room. So thanks again!
Big Love :)

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