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Review #1, by greekpanda Tired

4th July 2012:
Stunning and practically perfect in every way. I love how this one-shot is as much if not more about Harry recovering from the battle than it is about Ginny and Harry. It was quietly poetic and just the right amount of remorse and memory and it made me cry to remember the last book and how it felt. A twisted sort of happiness in recognition of the end but tainted by all the characters and people who died. You successfully captured that feeling perfectly. Thank-you.

Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing this story! I don't get much feedback on it and it's really nice to get some.

I'm happy to hear that you liked it! and you're too flattering :) I wrote this on a whim and I was feeling rather poetic, so it's good to hear it came off that way!

wow you leave me speechless! thanks so very much for your beautiful praise.

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Review #2, by preena Tired

20th January 2012:
Beautiful! I honestly can't think of anything else to say.

Author's Response: thanks so much for saying so! I really appreciate it :)
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by malfoygirl101 Tired

8th January 2012:
so very beautiful...i love this

Author's Response: thank you so much! your praise is too much :)
thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Illuminate Tired

28th August 2011:
Hi! Here to review!

This is a beautiful oneshot! I've never read a story based in the literal aftermath of the victory, and of course it would be this way. Harry WOULD lock himself away and feel guilty. I think all of your characterisations of all of the characters are perfect, especially Harry's. I also love your wording, you manage to convey so much without going overboard. It's just lovely :)

My only point is that you use the word "pooling" twice, one sentence after the other, and it disrupts the flow slightly, but that's about it :) You could really make this a WIP, if you want.

Great job! :)

Author's Response: hi there :) thanks for reveiwing so quickly! like I said- I just adore your feedback.

I'm so glad you thought it was beautiful- for something I literally wrote in two days, it's so good to hear that. I completely agree that that is what Harry would most likely do. it's fantastic that my other characterizations are working for you, too, as well as my wording! (sometimes, I DO go way too overboard!)

I'll look at that 'pooling' issue- I know when that happens in a story I'm reading, I hate it! that certainly won't do in my story haha :)

thanks again for the review!

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Review #5, by Roots in Water Tired

25th July 2011:
Hey, it's Roots in Water here with your review!

First of all let me just say that this was really well written. The description of his grief was well done, and didn't overload me. It was neccessary to show just how much Harry had been affected, just how much he was tired. The writing wasn't overly descriptive and the words were better chosen for their purposes- it flowed really nicely.

However, there were a few mistakes that I noticed. First of all, in the sentence "Tired has become his life as the weeks had past. ", did you mean "passed"? Perhaps you could also take out the "had", leaving it as "the weeks passed". Secondly, in the sentence "Harry excepted the action to give him...", did you mean to say "expected"? (It took me a few moments to realize that). Finally, you used "wonderingly" in the sentence "he looked at her wonderingly", and I wonder if "wonderingly" is a word? Would "in wonder" work better?

On the other hand, I absolutely loved the line "A 'defeat gala'?" Ron had questioned skeptically. "What, we dance the Voldemort shuffle?"! It is such a Ron thing to say!

This is a nice little (or not so little) one-shot. I liked the ending, though I expected it from the moment I saw the Harry/Ginny pairing and the subject of the story. The ending was made better through you linking it back to the "power of love" theme. I don't feel it went too quickly- Harry already had both Ron and Hermione yell at him to wake up, to live again. Ginny was just the tipping point for him.

Your last sentence is a really nice and strong ending. It relates it back to the common theme of the story.

It was a pleasure to read.

Author's Response: hey there!

first off- thanks for the review!! I love your opinions because they're just incredibly thought out and intelligent. secondly, sorry it's taken me so long to reply!!

I'm glad the flow of his feelings was good- I do tend to over-describe so it's great to hear that I didn't do that here.

as for those mistakes- I didn't get a chance to run this past my beta or another set of eyes before posting, so thank you so much for pointing them out!

haha 'a defeat gala? what- we dance the Voldemort shuffle?'- yeah, I thought that line was pretty Ron-esque, so I'm glad you liked it :)

I have to say I'm really relieved that you think the ending worked out- upon re-reading and re-reading and re-reading it, I got a little insecure that it was too cliched. so I'm glad that you had good things to say about it!!

well thanks again for the amazing review :) I truly enjoy getting your opinion and am also glad you enjoyed the story!

thanks again,

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Review #6, by Silk Tea Tired

25th July 2011:
Silk Tea here from the forums!

I really loved how you started the beginning of the story. I think you really captured how Harry was feeling after everything that happened. They way you wrote it was really good and I liked how you wrote in everyone and how they were dealing after the battle.

About the ending. Yeah, maybe it was a little bit cheesy but it went well with the storyline. I do believe that you could have made this into a short novella with the idea of Harry being tired.

Overall, it is a very sweet one-shot. I did enjoy how you wrote it and everything. Good Job!

Author's Response: Silk Tea,
Thanks so much for reviewing so quickly! And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

I'm so glad you liked the beginning. I struggled a lot with trying to capture Harry's feeling because (at least I feel) it's so complex, but your praise gives me confidence on that part!

And I do understand you opinion on the ending- that's sort of exactly what I was thinking about it. As for turning it into a novella- I guess I've never considered that as a possibility! I'll keep that in find!

Thanks so much again for the review :)
I really appreciate the feedback!

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Review #7, by kspence Tired

24th July 2011:
That was a really good story, very well written.

Author's Response: thanks so much for the review! and I'm so glad you liked it :)

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