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Review #1, by Moondust13 The Letter

17th March 2016:
This story is so so good, and I'm crying and you're a really good writer and omg.

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Review #2, by icant The Letter

4th April 2013:
I'm not really the one to cry on sappy romantic stories, but your story made me cry. wow.
This has to be one of the best I've read so far.
I really love the ending, it's not a regular cliche where everyone's happy and in love in the end. It was a beautiful, sad ending that I really enjoyed.
It's sad what happened between Sirius and Lucy, I think they'd make a great couple, but unfortunately other things happened and they changed while they were apart. and Lucy's life is really touching. Your story just gave me a lot of feelings okay.
bravo, really A++

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! That means a lot to me!

It was difficult to write the ending to this story because, like most people, I prefer it when the story ends happily and everyone gets what they want. But I think pain was the defining feature of Sirius and Lucy's relationship, and this story was really about exploring that. Like you said, people change and things happen as they grow up, and I'm glad you found that touching and really connected with the emotion.

Thanks for stopping to leave me this lovely review :) Hope to hear from you again sometime, perhaps on one of my other stories.


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Review #3, by my_voice_rising The First Taste of Freedom

11th October 2012:
Your first scene is brilliant. It's gruesome without any depiction of violence--very descriptive language with the fish market, how some of the fish are rotting, the groceries gone bad, the malnourished black dog. Yet it's something that sets the reader on edge, or at least discomforts them. And of course the mention of food ties in with your plot entirely.

I love your portrayal of the Leaky Cauldron, with the barely readable sign and how many patrons still haunt the place even though it's so run-down. The depiction of Sirius's transformation back into human form was brilliant as well, particularly the mentioning of tattoos that he gave himself out of boredom. It really gives us insight to the atrocities of Azkaban--if undergoing the painful process of giving yourself a tattoo was done in boredom, just how horrible was the rest of it?

"Sirius always thought hed run out of money before he ran out of humor, and now he felt he was hopelessly bereft of both." Wonderful.

One thing that I thought was odd was that he replaced the homeless man's clothes with his own from Azkaban. I do think it's a nice glimpse into the mind of Sirius, and how kind he is, but I think it would be really stupid for a prison escapee to leave his uniform sitting out in broad daylight... just a thought. :)

I like the mentioning that Rachael stole Italian food. It puts her on the same level of "criminal" (in the vaguest of senses) and likens her to Sirius. I could go on forever explaining that better, but I haven't had my coffee yet, so this will have to suffice ;)

We get a really good sense for how poorly the diner is doing. "If somebody comes in for lunch," and not being able to pay the electricity. Also the regulars you mentioned are great; I feel like I almost know them after your short but effective descriptions. You're doing a wonderful job of setting up back-story without even having to elaborate too much.

And oh, I just noticed the last line! So they know each other. Wonderful. I'm glad I stumbled across this story, it's going to my favorites :)

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for your review!

I'm glad you found the introduction here to be interesting and a little jarring. I was practicing a lot with adding imagery into my stories at the time that I wrote this, and I really enjoyed playing with the sights and sounds that Sirius might have sensed while in Animagus form. I'm also pleased that you liked my description of the Leaky Cauldron. I do find it sort of charming even in its decrepit state, and it kind of reminds me of Sirius in much the same way.

You've got a point about the uniform. I was thinking that Azkaban officials would be aware of his escape before too long, and so it would be to his benefit to get rid of it and not cause much detriment at the same time, because people would already know that he was gone. Does that make sense? I do kind of feel bad for the poor homeless man, though!

I'm happy that you like the word choice and the description throughout the rest of the chapter. I always try to "show" and not "tell" when it comes to back story as much as possible. It's also good to hear that you like glimpsing the beginning of Rachael and Sirius's interaction. I hope you read on soon!

Thanks so much for this lovely review :)


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Review #4, by marlita1311 The First Taste of Freedom

28th May 2012:
review tag!

i find this intro veery intriguing as Sirius is supposed to be a babe during his Hogwarts's years.
I wonder if Rachel was one of his many love interests.

Sirius is one of my fav characters and i enjoy reading stories about him :)

overall nice setting and your descriptions are very neat.


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for coming by!

I try not to overuse the playboy stereotype a lot, but I'm sure Sirius was a stunner on top of his more complex underlying back story. I'm glad you liked the beginning here, and I hope someday you come back to read on :)

Thanks again for your kind review!


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Review #5, by EverDiggory Company for Lunch

9th May 2012:
interesting. very, very interesting! You really do have me hooked! I love this so much, it's not even funny! Favoriting and continuing to read:D



Author's Response: Hi again, Ever!

It's lovely that you're hooked, and I do hope you come back and read the rest of the story :)

Thanks for your lovely review!


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Review #6, by EverDiggory The First Taste of Freedom

9th May 2012:
That last line was amazing!

I know you and you're fantastic ability to write, but yet every time I read something of yours, my brain doesn't function quite right, for I am always awed again as I was the very first time(:

I think your characterization, plot, flow, and description are all brilliant!

I really should start taking some lessons from you honey:D If there's any writer I would strive to have an equal capability of, it'd be you!

This review will be semi-brief, for there will be more to come, and I'm a bit too anxious to read more(:

Amazing job, as per usual!



Author's Response: Hey Ever! Thanks for coming by :)

You're very sweet, as always, and I really appreciate your compliments. It's great that you're impressed with my writing, and I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story so far.

Thanks for such a kind review :)


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Review #7, by ginerva_molly_weasley The First Taste of Freedom

2nd April 2012:
This is the sweetest first chapter ever. I love your descriptoion of Sirius when he comes out of Azkaban and your repetition of just how think he is aswell as reminding us of the smells and his surroundings. You portray him to be quite savvy of his surroundings which helps enhance the effect.

I really like this!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm pleased that the descriptions worked for you and that you liked how I described his surroundings and the things he was sensing from the environment. I figured that after spending so much time in prison, he would have an increased sensitivity to the world around him, because it's almost new again to him.

Thanks again! I hope you like the rest of it! :)


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Review #8, by WildFlower The Letter

22nd March 2012:
This story was absolutely beautiful! Simple but affective. I always wondered what happened when Sirius escaped Azkaban and what he did before offically meeting Harry etc and I think you've done a wonderful take on it :) I had a whole review made up in my head, but no words can describe how incrediable this is. It was a lovely read. Well done! 10/10

XOXO WildFlower!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thanks for pausing to review!

I'm very glad you've enjoyed the story, and that you felt like it was realistic and effective. It's very flattering to see that you liked this so much.

Thank you for your very sweet review :)


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Review #9, by harrypotterfreak1414 Taking in a Stray

4th March 2012:
This is a really great story so far. Your writing is beautiful. Not too over done, detailed, vivid, easy to read and flowy. You have an interesting story and plot going here with two very complex and deep issues, in Sirius and the waitress. I wish I could continue reading this but its triggering for me so I'm going to stop. I reaaally want to continue its so good but I can't. 10 for 10. keep writing

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm flattered that you felt strongly enough to come by and leave a "random review". I'm very happy that you liked the juxtaposition of the flowy, easy writing and the deep-seated issues that both characters face.

On the other hand, I'm now very glad that I included that warning there at the beginning. I would never want to surprise anyone with a trigger, and I understand that you can't go on. I definitely appreciate you reading this far! :)

Thanks very much for your lovely review, and I hope you explore some of my other work!


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Review #10, by adluvshp The Letter

2nd March 2012:
Aw this broke my heart a little. Poor Lucy. *sigh*

I liked the flashback you gave us, and the pacing was well done. The letter was beautifully written.

I really liked the story over all, even though the ending was kind of sad. You gave a new perspective to Sirius. I really, really liked this.

Great work! 10/10 as always!


Author's Response: It is awfully sad, isn't it? Unfortunately, I had a sad ending planned from the get-go. It's not because I ship Snape/Lucy harder than Sirius/Lucy (I've actually become seriously torn on that subject) but because I felt like Lucy needed to be independent again in order to find herself and get back on her own feet.

I'm happy that you liked the letter and the flashback, which I'm sure tugged at the heartstrings. It's especially flattering that you thought I gave a new perspective to Sirius, since he seems to be really well used and I wanted to do something fresh with him.

Thanks very much for all your kind reviews :)


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Review #11, by adluvshp The Saturday Shift

2nd March 2012:

Okay I can't believe I missed out on the last two chapters of the story when I was following it so dutifully! My apologies xD

Well, this chapter was as great as ever. It flows quite well, and we can see more into Lucy. I really like it. I wonder how the next chapter will be like since its the last.

Over all, I loved it, as always :)



Author's Response: No problem :) It happens to all of us!

Thanks very much for your compliments! I'm glad that you got more of a picture of who Lucy is and felt like you liked what you saw of her.

Thanks for your very kind review!


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Review #12, by Pixileanin The Letter

25th January 2012:
It was nice that Remus had reconnected with Lucy there at the end. I think it showed that she was less afraid of her past and was willing to get back in touch with the things she was afraid of. So it wasn't a surprise to me that she reached for her wand and dusted it off there at the end. I kind of expected her to, you know?

I thought the way you described Sirius' remains in Lucy's flat, especially after the flashback to Regulus' funeral, was really telling. The laundry, the sandwich he seemed to have never come back for, the footprints on the floor... all echoes of what used to be.

Sirius' letter told me that he grew through the story, having learned to think outside of himself, so good job on that. I hope that wherever Lucy ended up, she was able to overcome her condition and learn to live with her past instead of hiding from it. Overall, I enjoyed taking this journey with your characters. They are quite fascinating!


Author's Response: Pix!

This chapter was tough to write, because I know a lot of my readers really wanted a happy ending, really wanted Sirius and Lucy to just kind of ride off into the sunset together. But I knew from the beginning that this would stick to canon and be sad and just kind of messy. I felt like the messiness and the shock would be good for Lucy, would help spur her along to do something besides sit and wait for the inevitable. I'm happy that you felt like the ending wasn't surprising in that way.

I'm glad that the parallels worked for you. I really wanted to use the funeral to emphasize that Sirius has grown up and changed, and that his relationship with Lucy has grown. It's great to hear that I've inspired sympathy for my characters and made you want them to get better, especially my darling Lucy, whom I've poured so much effort into for this story. I'm happy that the open ending worked for you as well, and that you enjoyed taking a moment to imagine what might happen next.

Thanks so much for your wonderful, devoted reviews! I enjoyed logging on to see each and every one of them, and I hope you check out some of my other work when you get a chance :)


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Review #13, by Pixileanin The Saturday Shift

14th January 2012:
There was a lot of color in the first paragraph, which led up to the orange juice. Nice. I also adored the chapter title, which, when I got to the end, really hit home. There was definitely a shift here, both for Lucy and for Sirius. This is the first time you've let us see what Lucy is hiding from and how deeply it has affected her. And Sirius seems to have realized that perhaps it wasn't wholly Severus' fault for how Lucy turned out.

I love how you've woven the back story of Lucy and Severus' relationship into this story. We get to see little glimpses of what happened and why Lucy left, and that she still maintains Severus' integrity is warming.

Author's Response: I'm glad someone caught my double meaning in the chapter title :) This chapter definitely does represent a shift for both of them, and hopefully the next (and final) chapter will reveal just how large and important that shift really is.

I'm super happy to hear that the Snape/Lucy storyline didn't seem too forced. I wanted to emphasize that Lucy was really struggling between holding onto the past and being willing to embrace the future, and I also wanted to make sure that those readers who hadn't previously been exposed to that ship didn't feel too left out of the action :)

Thanks for all of your wonderful reviews, and I hope you enjoy the final chapter!


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Review #14, by Pixileanin Diverging Roads

12th January 2012:
This was an interesting scene, with Sirius facing reality and Lucy still obviously hiding from it. The fleeting moment where Sirius imagines what it must be like to ignore everything that's happening in the Wizarding world and pretend that everything is fine, I liked that a lot. It showed that he understands Lucy's situation. And then when Sirius decides that he wants to preserve whatever they have together by allowing her to continue with the life she chose for herself, I liked that too. I think I liked it because he's thinking beyond himself here and we don't often get to see that from Sirius.

Author's Response: Merlin knows he tries to understand her, but you're right, they're definitely looking in opposite directions. I did want to use the fact that he's willing to live a "fake" Muggle life with her, at least temporarily, to show the reader (and Lucy, of course) that he's grown up a bit from when he was a teenager.

Thank you again - glad you're still liking it!


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Review #15, by Pixileanin Smiles and Separations

12th January 2012:
Here are my favorite parts:

"He observed the white flakes as they began to pile up gradually on the ground, covering up the dirty pavement and dingy abandoned buildings with a fresh coat of white, washing them clean of their former ugliness."

"But for now, she could enjoy this moment, and she could enjoy him. She intended to be present for it."

I also enjoyed how you described the kitchen appliances by their outward appearances, and didn't name them, as if we were seeing them through Sirius' eyes. That was very effective to bring home the point that he wasn't familiar with these things. Great job there.

Sirius has definitely given Lucy a lot to think about: the people and things she's left behind since she's separated herself from the Wizarding community. I can see why she must be second guessing herself in a big way. I feel the indecision. Lovely.

Author's Response: Thanks! I also liked those parts, and it was kind of fun to imagine how a pureblood wizard would view common Muggle appliances. It seems like that particular creative choice worked to effectively put the reader in Sirius's shoes, which is exactly what I wanted. Wonderful!

I try to push the emotion through whenever I can, especially in this story, where much of the action takes place in characters' minds. It's lovely to hear that it's working for you.

Thanks for another kind review! :)


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Review #16, by slytherinchica08 The First Taste of Freedom

9th January 2012:
first let me say how sorry I am that it took this long to get your review, I had honestly meant to get to it right away but then i got super busy and had to go to work. now onto the review: your description is amazing, it really is. it easily speaks to me and draws me into your chapters. I felt this was a great beginning to your story, Sirius escaping and some girl that had long ago loved him being reunited in some dingy place. I'm interested to see where you take this and from what i can tell its original too. I'm not sure if i've seen many fics that start with his escape and go from their I think most are during their years in Hogwarts which gives your piece a one up on others. I've really enjoyed this first chapter! Great Job!


Author's Response: Hey! That's totally fine - I understand that things come up sometimes :)

I'm happy that you find the plot original and enjoyed all the imagery. I really enjoyed writing this chapter, and the whole story was a pretty unique journey for me. I hope you return to check out more of it later on!

Thanks again for your very kind review! :)


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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Letter

9th January 2012:
I can't believe we're at the end already. At first I wasn't sure about the ending. It seemed like not enough was said about their relationship or what happened in the inbetween but I actually rather like it. I wish that she would go back to Severus or at least be able to confront him before he dies too but I think that would cause too much pain for her. Actually, since the ending was just so open ended I feel like you're trying to say the fact that she took her wand out means that she was going to join the war, as in, arm herself and fight whatever comes her way, not necessarily the order itself even though that would be interesting to read as well.

This was a wonderful story, who knew, all because I saw the banner I decided to read it that I'd be reading the final chapter now. Excellent, excellent job.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for seeing this thing all the way through until this end :)

I did intend for it to be kind of open-ended, so that the readers could decide how things should go for themselves. Lucy getting her wand actually sort of symbolizes her taking charge of her life and not being afraid anymore, be it of her disorder, the war, going to see her estranged husband again, whatever. You were pretty close in your guess, and I'm happy that you saw the symbolism in her actions.

I must thank Susan again for the banner - it's easily one of my favorites, and as I'm sure you know, she's an incredibly talented artist.

Thanks again for your kind review! :)


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Review #18, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Saturday Shift

9th January 2012:
Oh wow. I really thought this was one of the best chapters so far, granted it's the second to the last. I had wanted her to confront Severus but I thought this was much more powerful. Miles away and having not seen him for a long time and still she has loyalty to him and she knows he's not a bad guy. I thought that was wonderful.

It surprises me that Sirius hasn't gone off yet because he does need to focus on the Order and Harry. I feel like as much as he wants to help Lucy he can't. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. She needs to be able to help herself and better herself, she's a strong woman but I don't think she realizes that. I feel like she doesn't accept the past at times but then she does, she's really a confusing character sometimes.

Author's Response: Hey!

I was worried that this one was sort of weak, especially with the big finish coming up right after it, so I'm super happy to know that you enjoyed it. Snape/Lucy is so important in my head canon, but to know that I've inspired faith in the ship for an outside reader is about the highest compliment one could ask for! :)

Well, like anyone, Lucy has good times and bad ones, times when she's mature and times when her problems overwhelm her. Sirius has been very helpful in being there and helping her start to get "unstuck", but you're right, he's got other responsibilities as well, and she does need to learn to take charge of her life.

Thanks for your kind review! :)


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Review #19, by forsakenphoenix The Letter

5th January 2012:
Oh. It's sad to see this story come to an end, to have had that moment be their last. I love how you incorporated Regulus's death into this chapter, the presence of all the Blacks and blaming Mudbloods for his death. Then Sirius there too, bitter and angry about the loss of his brother (and loss not only to death but before that, to the Death Eaters) and it must've stung like hell that Lucy, his ex-girlfriend, could be married to one of them. Sirius's reactions were spot-on, but it didn't mean that it hurt less to read them.

Poor Sirius, still concerned about her well-being, even when he decided to just remain friends with her. I wonder if she went back to Snape, would Sirius still try to maintain his friendship? Would he admit that Snape was better for her, made her happier? I wonder.

It pleased me that she finally took out her wand, that she was acknowledging that she was indeed magical. I think it's a step in the right direction. I'm sorry she didn't get more of a chance with Sirius, to repair their broken relationship once they fixed themselves up. I really hope she finds happiness, with whatever she chooses to do.

Thanks for letting me along for the ride and put up with my rambling reviews. I'll miss Lucy but congrats on finishing another story!

Author's Response: I really wanted this moment at Regulus's grave to be the concluding flashback to the story, because I think it did a good job of showing the two of them at their absolute worst and reminds the reader of how far they have come and how much they've grown up since then. I actually originally planned for the last scene to take place at Sirius's grave, but I liked the ambiguity of the letter better because it captured Sirius in what would have been a relatively happy moment of closure.

The ending here, though, the ultimate ending, was planned from the start, too. Lucy taking those first steps symbolizes her trusting herself enough to make her own decisions and do whatever is best for her. That might mean going back to Severus, it might mean returning to magic, it might mean taking a short walk and cleaning up her apartment. I've kind of become the queen of open endings, and again here I've tried to allow the readers to fill in Lucy's happy ending for themselves.

There is a bit left to wonder about Sirius, isn't there? I do kind of wish I could know what things might have been like if they'd stayed together. I imagine they would have been good parental figures for Harry and very close to Lily and James. At least Sirius got his own sense of peace, in a way, although it's unfortunate that he never got to make good on his desire to really get to know Harry.

Thanks for all of your wonderful reviews! They are my very tasty bread and butter :) I appreciate you sticking with this story, and it's so flattering to know that you've become attached to characters and pairings that I created. I'll be over to your page soon!


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Review #20, by forsakenphoenix The Saturday Shift

5th January 2012:
Well, that was expected. Sirius just can't leave it well enough alone, can he? I get that he wants to try to protect her, but he should have known how fiercely Luce would try to hold onto the last vestiges of a normal life.

I love that she's still so faithful to Severus. Her support of his character is unwavering, and that's admirable after everything she's gone through, and still even more so after all those jabs Sirius has made at him and their relationship. She's a good girl, Lucy, and I really hope she enjoys what happiness she has left before the war comes and steals it all away from her. :(

After all her refusals to move in with him, to make things easier while he tries to help both her and the Order, it seems kind of selfish of her to want him to be waiting for her when she got home.

Gah, I just want them to be happy together. Is that too much to ask?

Author's Response: You know, it's great to know that I made you believe in Lucy/Snape. I was kind of afraid when I started this that people would latch on to the Sirius/OC obsession that permeates so many stories on the archive and really come down on her for daring to even compare the two or question a relationship with Sirius. She is a good girl, wanting the best for both men, and I think she deserves a good life, too.

It is selfish, yes. She couldn't be but so good, could she? :) It's her last-ditch attempt to hold things together in the moment before the time comes for her to have to really, seriously make a decision about Sirius.



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Review #21, by forsakenphoenix Diverging Roads

5th January 2012:
"If only he'd left it at that." That seems ominous. :(

I love how sweet and relaxed they are together. It's very natural and I wish there relationship had been so simple in their teenaged years. Maybe things wouldn't seem so difficult now.

Though it made me sad that she became panicked about eating, I'm glad she tried on her own. She's slowly getting better, I think, and that makes me pleased.

I love how Sirius is involving himself in the Order as much as he can, trying to keep busy so he doesn't get restless because he can't walk around freely like everyone else. I was as surprised as Lucy when he asked her to move in. I didn't expect her to say yes, I knew how much she relied on her normal, Muggle life to keep some semblance of sanity. I guess I just never realized how much of her past life she gave up. I love that they have that conflict. That Lucy can so easily give up magic and live the life of a Muggle, trying to remain unaffected by war, and Sirius loves it too much to give up. I don't know. Lucy's self-imposed exile kind of makes me think that Sirius wasn't the only one imprisoned the last twelve years. Just because Lucy didn't spend it behind bars doesn't mean she isn't living in her own prison.

I hope they work things out. It was nice, with Lucy and Snape, because I feel like Sirius and Lucy were poison for one another as teenagers. But they've obviously matured and I'd like for them both to be happy. :)

Author's Response: I think I enjoyed writing the happy moments even more than the angsty, conflict-filled ones. They don't seem as interesting on the surface, but it's a good reflection of what might have been if so many things had been different.

They are definitely opposed to each other on the subject of magic, which was the main conflict in this chapter. They do each live in a prison, Sirius because of his supposed crimes and Lucy by her own decision. As a result, it's understandably difficult for them to come together on a truly permanent basis.

I'm glad you want them to be happy. Part of me does, too, and I'm glad to have generated some sympathy for them with readers :)



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Review #22, by forsakenphoenix Smiles and Separations

5th January 2012:
I felt conflicted in this chapter. Part of me was happy to see a little bit of the Lucy Sirius remembered from the past, to see her eating and forgetting momentarily to count calories. But then there's little comments here and there, about her thinking of what the food is doing to her waistline and it makes me sad at how her disease has ruled her life.

I liked the glimpse we got of her Muggle life, how she's adjusted and how she learned to adapt simply by watching other people. She's definitely very self-sufficient.

I wish that she was there for Harry's birth, that she didn't have to cry about the friend that she lost touch with and now has no chance to reconnect with.

I just wish Lucy was happy and healthy. I hope she can get there eventually. She's already done so well since Sirius has reappeared in her life.

Author's Response: It's really too bad that I can't have her being happier. I put her through a lot for the sake of my writing. I wanted this to be an accurate reflection of anorexia, and unfortunately that meant that thoughts about food and weight would need to consume a significant part of her time. Yet she is pretty self-sufficient as far as the Muggle life she's created for herself, and I'm glad you picked up on that.

You're right about Sirius -- his presence has helped her significantly, which is really different from what you might expect from a man who seems like an overgrown boy a good portion of the time. I like to think of it as him making the most of his time out of prison and being the friend that he never could be to her.

Thanks for your sweet review :)


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Review #23, by LunarLuna Company for Lunch

2nd January 2012:
Nice. This is getting better as we go. I love how clearly drawn the characters' personalities are. Very well executed and intriging. I'm quite enjoying the dark "aura" around this fic, and the quite particular flow of the story. I think I'm hooked! xD In any case I'm really, really curious to read on!


Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad the dark atmosphere seems suitable, and I hope you do continue reading and enjoy the rest of the story as much as you did this chapter :) I concentrated on characterization in this piece, so I'm happy that came through!

Thanks for your kind review!


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Review #24, by LunarLuna The First Taste of Freedom

1st January 2012:
Wow. This was very well written. The description made it easy to imagine the scene, without it becoming overwhelming. The characters already have their "feel" (I'm not sure how to explain it...). I'm a little confused, but definately interested. And very curious to see where exactly this story is going... I'm making myself a mental note to continue reading this. It's very, very good. :) Definately adding it to my favorites!! :D



Author's Response: Wow, thanks! That's pretty high praise :) The opening chapters are meant to be a little confusing in order to help create a feeling of mystery, so don't worry. Things should become more clear for you as you continue reading.

Thanks again for your kind review! :)


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Review #25, by Pixileanin The Gazebo

30th December 2011:
Can't hurt...

This chapter is truly incredible. The flow of the action, the juxtaposed feelings, both internally and externally of the characters, and of course the imagery. It's a beautiful thing when all that comes together. Such an amazing scene with the swirling and the music and the swell of emotions and Lucy's fight to push her past away. And I couldn't help thinking that this time when they ran away, it wasn't fun and games, but a real threat they were running from.

Really, really excellent!

Author's Response: Oh, my, you liked my angsty fluff. Hooray! I worked particularly hard on the imagery in this one and really tried to slow down each moment, particularly the pivotal "can't hurt" sequence. I've tried very hard to write true, complex emotions here, the kind of tangled mess that people who were separated for years and then thrown back together would be forced to weather one day at a time.

Your reviews are super sweet! Thanks! :)


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