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Review #1, by The Coolest Girl on Fire Tomorrow

24th April 2012:
xD That was such a cute fanfic

Author's Response: ^_^ thank you :)

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Review #2, by Becky Tomorrow

14th September 2011:
Hmmm. I am starting to think my boyfriend has been reading your fan fic. That is exactly what happened when he said something bad. It was a great read. The storyline flowed really well. Well done. Hope you keep on writing more fabulous pieces.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #3, by katiefelton Tomorrow

25th July 2011:
Hi Fiery Ginny!

I thought I would head over and check out your one shot:) I loved it! I saw it almost as a snapshot of what their life would look like if they had been together secretly at Hogwarts. Sigh...(wouldn't that have been just spectacular??) :D I also liked how you had Justin as the "muggleborn" headboy, and how Draco unknowingly called him a mudblood, forgetting that the girl he loves is actually one too. Of course it's fluffy, but sometimes fluffy fics are what I want the most :) LOVED it.

Oh and i'm not a giant country fan. I really only listen to taylor swift and rascal flatts from that genre, but I did actually enjoy tomorrow by Chris Young. I played it after I read, and thought, hmm that song fits very well. (hence the fire and gasoline reference:)

Keep up the good work!!


Author's Response: omg thank you so much!! I am so glad you liked it! :D you are one of my favorite authors on here, so I really appreciate you reading it :) and yes, I was listening to the radio and that song came on (while I was working on my other fic) and I was like...pause life for a moment...yes...Hermione and Draco...and just watched the scene unfold in my head ^_^ it was great! and originally, I had Terry Boot be head boy, and then as I got further along, I realized Justin would make a better head boy because 1. we get to see him more in the books, so we know more about his personality. All we really see about Terry is him getting caught with a girl at the Yule ball in the bushes (hehe) so I thought Justin would probably one of Dumbledore's head choices (and since it would be his, thus it would be McGonagall's). 2. because of the muggleborn part, it just fit with Draco needing to upset Hermione in some way that is careless, and not at all cruel.

It really hurt him to have accidentally let that word slip :(

Anyway, I am rambling haha but thanks for reading it :) I really appreciate the feedback! :D

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