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Review #1, by MagicQuill Good+ ending: Beginning

27th January 2013:
Wow. That was a love/hate story. I normally don't like getting scared out of my mind, but I could not stop reading. I have absolutely no idea what Silent Hill is and I don't think I want to know. Creepy, but you wrapped it up super well. Nice job.

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Review #2, by academica Good+ ending: Beginning

17th October 2011:
Hi! I was finally, finally able to make some time for you :)

Okay. I cried. I'm still crying. I wanted to cry as soon as I opened it and I started to cry as soon as Lily forgave him. The whole thing was just masterful, and it really pulled at my heartstrings.

I love, love, love what you did with Lily. It's so... mature. She is good-hearted Lily, the girl we all know and love, a girl who is down-to-earth and ultimately impossibly kind. She is perhaps the only person willing to forgive Severus of his misdeeds. And yet she isn't in love with him, not in the way he likes. She is honest with him about her disappointment. Again, I think this is very true to our canon view of Lily. By the way, I loved that she made his Dark Mark go away. That was so incredibly touching, and a wonderful show of her capacity for compassion. Also, thank you for making the point that Severus had an indirect hand in sparing Harry's life. I had considered that before, and I don't think it's mentioned by others a whole lot, so I really appreciated you bringing it up. As always, I think you've done a wonderful job characterizing Severus. He is clearly very attached to Lily, very unwilling to let her go, and then all of a sudden... he does. It is so simple and perfect, and though it's not quite a fairytale ending, it is a testament to reality, with all of its pain and bliss rolled up together. Lily has truly provided him with more here than simply falling in love with him ever could, I think.

The ending... hmm. At first, I was like, wait, that's so cliche! They're all just going to walk off into the sunset together. But I really, really like it now. They can all start over together and work to heal one another slowly over time. It really is just the thing Severus needs in order to really let Lily go. Adelle, Charlotte and the adorable dog can help him, and he can help them by being the man they need in their lives. After all this pain and suffering, all the cruelty of life, all the loss Severus has experienced, he finally gets to be the hero. Well done.

The imagery is fantastic, as always, and your writing is flawless. I'm so pleased that I gave this story a chance and found time to stick with it. I'm looking forward to seeing your alternative endings (take your time, please!), but I'm happy that this is the one you selected as the "true" ending.

Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it with me :)


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Review #3, by academica The Otherworld

22nd September 2011:
Hey! I'm here at last :)

The introduction here was really neat. I easily found myself trailing after Snape as he chased Lily, and I was heartbroken when the tranquil scene turned to one more reminiscent of Silent Hill, Snape's personal hell.

Oh, the straitjacket monsters! I don't remember what they're called, but I think they creeped me out more than anything, perhaps even more than Pyramid Head.

I loved the focus on Snape's academic side here, with the textbook pages and notes papering the walls all around him. I think Snape's scientific prowess is a huge part of him, the only way he could attempt to compete with boys like James Potter and prove himself to be a worthy human being. It was neat how you had Sectumsempra sort of take on a life of its own, and the tiny anecdote about the creation of that beautiful, tender countercurse was quite touching.

"This hall needed no monsters. The town had no need to create such things; they already existed within him." That line basically sums up the whole story, I think, and you wrote it so well. Snape's interaction with his innocent younger self absolutely ripped me to pieces. Before you even said it, it struck me that this poor little boy might view adult Snape as his unpredictable, destructive father. You wrote the emotion brilliantly!

The last half of this chapter was unbelievably amazing. Seriously, I'm totally blown away. This story, or at least this chapter, should be required reading for those who unequivocably denounce Snape as a simple bully or wholly "bad" character. You've really gotten to the root of him: his remorse, his guilt, his uncertainty, his self-loathing. I've never wanted something good for someone so badly before. I loved his reluctance to return to the Potters' house, to the scene of what is probably his real worst memory. I also loved the tenderness he showed Harry, a quality so unfamiliar for him, and the inclusion of Scoundrel or Saint was really neat (I was wondering when it might crop up!). Finally, his battle with James Potter... perfect. It really showed how badly he hurt himself, let alone others, with the mistakes that he made. I'm so pleased that Lily has come to him at last, and I'm excited to read the final chapter(s).

Incredible job, as always. One of my favorite favorites. I promise to get to the other chapter you've got up as soon as possible. My life has gotten rather busy lately, and by the look of your author's note, you can certainly relate. Anyway, just know how jealous I am of you! I'm totally enthralled with Snape, and I think I could write him all day, every day and never get bored or run out of aspects of him to explore. You've captured him so masterfully. I want inside your head!

By the way, if you like, Google "The Golden Snitches" and sign up. Your work could use more of a readership :)

Okay, okay, enough gushing! You already know I love this.


Author's Response: Yay! Honestly, I really do look forward to your reviews. Obviously they're some of the only ones I get on this site, and the ones on FF are usually from angry people who think I'm being too harsh on Snape. It's tough love, people!

Anyway, I have to say that the Half Blood Prince part was really heartbreaking to write. It's hard to think that he might have been so destructive and angry and full of pain. Even more tragically, the thing that had been his healthy outlet (his academics) turned into something dark and terrible. And that left that little innocent child-Snape all alone and wounded. Aw... It really is heartbreaking, but you saw that.

I'™m glad you liked the way I wrapped it up! And it's interesting that you think it portrays him sympathetically. That's the intention, certainly, but as I've said, people seem to think that it shows Snape in a negative light. Or at least, the whole story is some twisted way for me to torture him further. I was beginning to think that I had been unclear, but it's good to see my message coming through.

I know things get crazy, and I suspect we'™re in the same boat right now. That probably means the other endings will be a bit delayed, but I'm quite content with just the "Good+" one for now. And I agree completely; Snape is fascinating as a character. This story was an attempt to try and cover all those little aspects of him, but I'm fairly sure even I didn't get all of them!

I might try and sign up for that, thank you! It certainly won't be for quite a while, though; in addition to finishing up these endings and my schoolwork, I'm also planning my National Novel Writing Month project. I point that out because- surprise!- it a gritty noir story. :)

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Review #4, by LilyandSeverus Prologue: Invitation

10th September 2011:
This is Fantastic! I have a fondness for Snape and I think it takes a real writer to be able to capture his true nature, and I think you've done it perfectly. Right from the start, the plot was introduced and I was hooked instantly, and talk about a cliffhanger! I wonder how Lily managed to survive.
I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like this take on his character.

On another note, I must assure you that Lily is quite dead. It's just a matter of in what capacity she's communicating that's the mystery. :)

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Review #5, by academica The Pyramid Man, The Other Church

4th September 2011:
Hi! I have returned with another review :)

The beginning of this chapter was a nice departure from the grime and blood that has coated most of the story so far. I was filled with a sense of foreboding as Snape entered the park, but it was nice for him to have a chance to wash up a bit. And then, oh GOD, the Pyramidhead! That thing creeped me out so much in the original Silent Hill, so clearly it's only appropriate for you to have let him into this one as well! :) I was happy to see Snape continue to enjoy some peace, though, and not be attacked by the Pyramidhead monster.

I found Snape's rather candid interaction with the man in the park pretty interesting. I'm so used to him holding everything inside, and even in this story he seems very reluctant to talk about anything personal, especially his feelings for Lily. I was surprised to see him open up to the gentleman so suddenly. Would you mind explaining your stylistic choice there?

The puppets were really interesting, as was the inclusion of poor Eileen's rosary, but the statue turning into Voldemort and Dumbledore really blew me away. I also loved Severus's reunion with Adelle; it was so kind of him to impart his battle-won wisdom to her. Again, this is an interesting stylistic choice, one that I like a lot. It's a definite departure from the bitterness and regret that typically characterizes Snape, and you can really tell that he has, in his own words, really grown up during his time in Silent Hill.

I'm still hopelessly hooked, and I certainly hope this isn't the last we see of Adelle (I would hate for the poor thing to be conquered by those disgusting corpses). You've built up a lot of anticipation about Snape finally coming face to face with Lily, and I can only wish with all my might that the reunion will not be a dissatisfying one for him.

Great work! Looking forward to chapter eight :)


Author's Response: First and foremost: yay, Pyramidhead! I couldn't write a Silent Hill fic without including him somehow. But, as James said, he won't bother Snape because it's not his monster to fight, so to speak. James himself was also included because although there are many Silent Hill protagonists from many games, Silent Hill 2 (and therefore James) is what this fic takes after.

That being said, Snape correctly regards James as another part of the town. But you'll notice that Snape doesn't offer anything about himself until he gets the information he wants first. The only thing that gets him talking is James' predicament, where he is trapped in the town because he can't face his fears. Even then, Snape doesn't say, "this is my story"; he speaks to James as though he is the town itself, instead asking, "is this really going to be as hard as I think it's going to be?" I don't think he really felt as though he was speaking to a real person.

And yes, Snape really has grown. I suppose he's gained some kind of loyalty to humanity (and connection to the world), at least, because he won't just pass by a person in need anymore. That includes both Adelle and Charlotte, as well as a few things in the next chapter. Anyway, Adelle is meant to be a healthy thing for him, rather than a love interest. She'll come back, though; don't worry.

I hope the reunion isn't dissatisfying to you either! I think it will live up to expectations, though; it thoroughly covers all the bases, at least. :)

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Review #6, by academica Alchemilla Hospital

26th August 2011:
Hey! Sorry it's taken me a little longer than usual to review; graduate school has officially eaten my life. Anyway, here I am :)

Single spinning eye? I immediately connected that with Moody, but the other monsters weren't quite as obvious to me, and now that I've reached the end of the chapter I think they should have been. And you did the nurse so well. I instantly pictured the Silent Hill nurses, and they match your description perfectly. Definitely some of the creepiest monsters in the series, I think. And the snakes! My God, how traumatic. It always seemed ironic to me that Snape, who was always associated with Slytherin House, would meet his end (or almost end, in this story) under the cruel fangs of a serpent.

The sexual tone of this chapter was really interesting for me. I think Snape would indeed be very uncomfortable with the idea of sex in general, seeing as he's not accustomed to women wishing to be intimate with him. I wouldn't be surprised if he witnessed an episode or two of sexual abuse between his parents, either. It was an interesting turn to take, and certainly nothing out of the scope of Silent Hill.

Snape's confrontation of himself... wow. Again, I think you really nailed it with his sense of humiliation over having been reduced to someone so weak, so unable to care for himself. It probably brought back some very unpleasant memories of his time as a Hogwarts student, living at the nonexistent mercy of James Potter and his friends.

And you did amazing things with Azkaban as well. Bellatrix is even more chilling than in canon, what with her expert cat and mouse game, and Lucius... oh my God. Impaled on his own cane? Genius and incredibly, tangibly macabre. I like the direction you took with this, with Snape wanting to separate himself as much as possible from the other Death Eaters rather than turning to them as friends, seeking comfort. That's somewhat original, I think. Nagini was wonderfully done, and the use of Charity Burbage was pretty brilliant as well. You've definitely done your homework with this piece!

I can't begin to imagine the amount of work and creativity that went into planning this beast of a chapter, and I'm still totally obsessed with this story. I'm a bit afraid that it might be coming to an end soon, seeing as even Snape must run out of personal horrors sometime, and even more afraid that dear Severus might not make it out in one piece.

Great work! This review should be longer, because I can think of a million more things to say, but I think you get the point :) Looking forward to the next segment.


Author's Response: Hi! Sorry about my lateness; I've been counseling at summer camp, so I've been hesitant to open up M rated fic around small children. XD

I wasn't sure at first how warm Snape should have been with Charlotte, but I thought that he would have done his best to be kind to her after the school incidents. She was a bit of a second chance after all of that, I think. That'™s what Adelle is as well, but like you said, she's not exactly a love interest. Even if Snape was comfortable with something like that, who says she is? More on that later. :)

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Snape and Regulus being friends isn't canon. It just makes sense, since they were both Death Eaters who didn't exactly agree with what was going on. I figured that being in the same boat would have drawn the two of them together. Do you want to know a secret, though? The "parallel to Dumbledore'™s mercy killing"? I hadn'™t even thought of it. But do you know what? It's brilliant, so that was 100% on purpose if anyone asks. Absolutely!

I'™m also glad you liked the underlying theme of sexuality in chapter 5. Really, do not look at Snape and try to tell me that guy isn'™t sexually frustrated. I just knew it was something that needed to be discussed, and the nurses made it fairly easy to place it at the hospital. That, and I'm sure Snape would regard sex and death (the two hospital themes) as equally intimidating things. Therefore, you'll notice that symbols for the two things- Bellatrix and Nagini respectively- were combined to make the "boss level".

I see you like the riddle! Interestingly enough, I had one reviewer on FF that didn't like it at all; they said that it was unfair to call out Snape for being weak, because his life was harder than the others'. I think I might have mistakenly phrased it so that it sounded like I was calling him a coward? I was saying that he was emotionally weak because he took his suffering out on others, but that doesn't make him any less of a hero. I think I'll clarify that if I ever re-edit.

As for Snape making it out in one piece, I'™ll let you in on another secret. Silent Hill games usually have several endings, so I've written one for pretty much any viable conclusion (5 in total). Okay, actually only 4 viable endings; most of the games include a "UFO ending". :)

Next chapter soon; it's one of my favorites. Thank you so much!

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Review #7, by academica The Lost Child, The Lost Nurse

19th August 2011:
Hello :)

Okay, so I thought it couldn't get any cuter than the puppy, but the interaction between Snape and the little girl was just so darn sweet. I saw little shards of childhood Snape come out a little bit there, I think. He was so patient and yet so overwhelmed by her, taken aback by her curiosity and afraid to hurt her even a little bit. It was a different side of Snape's character, and I really enjoyed reading it. Snape's complexity is one of the reasons I really love his character so much.

The Snape/Regulus interaction was so touching. I love that you included Regulus, as I've never seen his relationship to Snape explored in fanfiction before, even though they would have been serving Voldemort at the same time. I also love that they were able to offer one another a bit of reprieve, some recognition for the brave sacrifices they both made. The parallel to Dumbledore's mercy killing was the very sad cherry on top of the whole scene. Beautifully done.

I love what you did with Adelle, too. She's not just a simple love interest, and though I always wish the best for Snape, I'm glad to see that. It makes their relationship in this chapter ever more complex. It's interesting to see someone else noticing his feelings for Lily (I mean, I suppose he made it at least a little obvious that he cared for her, at least as a friend), and I enjoyed (in a very sad way) reading about his time at St. Mungo's. It's so depressing that he doesn't like to be touched, but I completely understand why. Poor guy.

What a cliffhanger ending! I'm afraid and excited to see what comes next. As always, very well-written and fascinating.


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Review #8, by academica The Mask, Greenfield Apartment Complex

13th August 2011:
Okay, so the thought of the puppy sitting there yapping while Severus stares at it made me giggle a bit. I was not expecting to giggle in this story, and it was a pleasant surprise :)

Your imagery continues to simultaneously disgust and amaze me. Do you write a chapter all in one sitting or piece it together bit by bit? I ask because I personally find imagery to be kind of a challenge and I love it when authors appreciate the hard work I put into my descriptions. I usually have to go back and add them in to fill in the bare skeletons of my original drafts, however. You just have such a gift with it.

Now, on to plot... wow. I'm blown away again. I literally said "oh no" out loud when I saw the first reference to Tobias, as I know those were some of Snape's darkest days. The section set in the Evans' house was incredibly creepy, especially the thought of that body sneaking up on him as he looked at old photos. The relationships he had with his mother and Lily's father were both very touching and provided a moment of reprieve from all of the gore and tragedy (as much as I love to devour every word of it). I'm very curious to see where Lily will take him next, and what will happen with the little girl. Also, will we be getting a closer look at his Death Eater days? I feel like that aspect sort of fell by the wayside in the face of his family drama.

I so love the concept of Silent Hill. You have these spirits built of the very things that torment you, that you think of in the middle of the night when no one is looking, and even as they close in on you, there is no sweet mercy of death. You just wake up to one horror after another. It's depraved and exhausting, but you've made a wonderful crossover out of it. Of all the HP characters, Snape is surely the best candidate for a story like this, although I always hate to see him suffer.

Well done! I anxiously await the next chapter.

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: The puppy was designed for giggles. Also for character development and symbolism, but mostly giggles.

Oh God, I could never write a chapter in one sitting. Way too long. Like I said, I outline everything and then write it in full, but if there's a certain phrase or word that I know fits the scene then I include it to remind myself. But really I only use one draft; everything after the initial write is either proofreading or nitpicky stuff. It's hard, though!

Trust me, I try not to let anything fall to the wayside in this story. Death Eaters? Oh, we'll get there. You. Need. Not. Fret. On another note, I'm glad you liked the body in the wall. That creeped me out so badly when I wrote it; I think I left the light on that night. XD

And you're right about the continuity of Silent Hill. You'll find Snape reflecting on that next chapter, actually. It is indeed, as he phrases it, "like a nightmare one cannot wake up from". Luckily he also gets a break next chapter.

Thank you again for an immensely kind review. The next chapter should be up in a few days. :)

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Review #9, by Pixileanin Midwich Elementary

5th August 2011:
"He wanted something pure and white and clean and something that made him happy, just once, just once before he died..."

By all means, give the man a reason to go through this personal hell you've created! Ack!

I love how you incorporated the coins into the Potterverse and let Severus use his healing magic under special circumstances. I looked up Silent Hill on wiki. It's such a great concept and you've totally wrapped Severus up in it.

And again with the imagery. (trying to blink the blood out of my head) The slow rotating fan that we heard all through this chapter was really creepy. Great imagery... sound... err, whatever. It was a great touch!

I think your characterization, again, is exact. Severus is indeed a product of his experiences, and he certainly must have gone through some horrible things... and then we saw him live through some equally horrible things as well. Your take on those experiences is fascinating.

Seriously waiting for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like his characterization; I've said before that it's a bit difficult to figure out which parts of him have been beaten down by his hospitalization and which parts are still perfectly "Snape-y". I'm also glad that the crossover content isn't getting in the way, since I made a very specific point to put the focus on the HP universe as much as possible. It's good to see that's working out! (But let me know if something isn't making sense, okay?) Thanks again!

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Review #10, by Pixileanin Into the Fog

5th August 2011:
I am not familiar with Silent Hill, but you were right. It doesn't matter. This is so full of vivid imagery, it's scary. I loved all the little details you've used to paint your story, from driving the car to Severus lighting up a cigarette, something I can certainly imagine him doing.

You've done a brilliant job with the action sequences and I'm being pulled right along to the next chapter. I can actually feel Severus' confusion, fear and anticipation, and as many movies as I've been to, I simply didn't see that large hole he stumbled on until he was on top of it. Shame on me!

Great writing!

pixileanin (Gryffindor)

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Review #11, by Pixileanin Prologue: Invitation

5th August 2011:
Wow. I found this snooping through someone else's reviews, looking for something interesting to read. I feel like I hit the jackpot with this one. I loved your characterization of Severus after the final battle and the style of writing you chose to convey this. I think my favorite part was this:

"Today was the day he would be released.

Released into what? Nothing."

Yeah, I like the simple stuff. That grabbed me really hard. It said a whole lot about Severus' state of mind without having to say much else. So if this is any indication of how the rest of your story reads, I'm definitely hooked.

pixileanin (Gryffindor)

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Review #12, by magicmuggle01 Midwich Elementary

5th August 2011:
What can I say but (to coin one of Rons fav quotes) bloody brilliant. You can feel (and share) the terror that Snape is going through (and feeling) as your story unfolds. You have a great way of pulling the unexpected out of the hat and also throwing the odd unexpected punch that no-one expects.
A great chapter and a full 10/10 and I await your update with the greatest relish. Adding you to both fav lists.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is actually my first time writing horror, so I'm glad I can come off as having a bit more experience. I also think the story actually gets better as it goes on, so hopefully I can keep you excited about it. I promise, I've been updating as quickly as hpff will let me!

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Review #13, by magicmuggle01 Into the Fog

5th August 2011:
Once again you've created a fantastic chapter (you seem to have a knack for writing horror and suspense). I could just picture everything (in my mind) unfolding nicely as I read. Another 10/10 and onto the next chapter.

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Review #14, by magicmuggle01 Prologue: Invitation

5th August 2011:
What attracted me to this story was the fact that you included Silent Hill. It is one of my favourite horror films, and I've played one or two of the games.
I like the start of this story. You have written the opening chapter quite well and captured the mystery and wonder of how Lily could be writing from the grave. 10/10 and onto the next chapter.

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Review #15, by academica Midwich Elementary

4th August 2011:
Wow. Okay. So many things to say. Let me take a deep breath and then I'll try to put my awe into words.

You are so, so creative. It's truly a gift that I have yet to see matched. The way you combined Snape's traditional enemies, the Marauders, with creatures from Silent Hill... it took common fear, the fear any of us would feel when faced with these beasts, and twisted it into a new, personal dimension. Even more than this, though, your combination of Snape's own cruelty with that shown to him as a child... breathtaking. Every Harry Potter fan can see the basic parallels, but you made me feel real, highly tangible pity. I felt as overwhelmed as he did.

As always, the imagery is the star of this piece, followed closely by very thorough characterization. Did you feel nauseous writing this? Because I felt sick to my stomach reading it, especially during the part where he is basically ripping out his own organs. So much blood. Oh my God. Anyway, you created a vivid and terrifying picture again here.

This might be my favorite story on the archive, which is strange because it's so very dark and terrible, awful things keep happening to my favorite character, who I already feel an incredible amount of pity for. I love the rich backstory you created for Snape, what with the cruel teacher, his lost friends, and the awful schoolchildren inadvertently aiding him as he cultivated the magic talents that resided within him. Also, what an incredible twist, making his least favorite teacher the one with a chemistry degree! Every paragraph of this that I read leaves me hungry for more, and I always look forward to seeing what comes next.

I'm going to assume you don't have a MTA (Meet the Author) topic on the forums, so I'll leave my question here. Can you give me a little insight into your creative process, into how you compose a chapter and cause these disgustingly beautiful words to pour from your mind? Just wondering. I'm a little fascinated by your work.

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Ahahaha oh my God you've got to be kidding me. I really thought you'd be disappointed with that last chapter; it really didn't meet my personal standards at all. Something about the stone-throwing incident was just kind of 'bleghhh' in a creative sense. Are you serious? I have to say that I've read your work as well and I don't think my writing ability is even comparable to yours. But, I have to thank you either way; I am absolutely thrilled. The key must be in the nausea. :)

I'm a bit hard pressed to believe this could be your *favorite* story here, but hey, I was hoping at least one person would agree with me in thinking, 'Aw man, what a great idea!' If Silent Hill draws in people with darkness in their hearts, then wouldn't Snape be the perfect candidate? He doesn't just have fears; there are a lot of awful things that he's done, and some he needs to either atone for or come to terms with.

The forums are being a little difficult, but I do want to have some kind of running dialogue with you. Both writing as a craft and the analysis of Snape's character are fascinating topics for me, and I'm always excited to discuss one or both with someone new.

(And if you really like it that much then you can find more of it on FF(dot)net under this username but shush don't tell anyone. :D And OH if you also have an FF account then we could always chat over that. I look forward to hearing from you one way or another!)

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Review #16, by academica Into the Fog

27th July 2011:

Your imagery is awe-inspiring. I actually felt afraid reading this piece, as if I was the one being pushed back powerlessly against the fence by a monster, as if it were me chasing fruitlessly after a lost love in a foreign land. You did an amazing job of painting a picture of Silent Hill, and in my experience, you got the details down very accurately. The part with the doll was bone-chilling, and I'm quite nervous to see what will befall poor Severus in the next chapter.

It's interesting that you wrote him as a smoker. I've often thought of him that way as well, but you are the only other person I've ever seen write him that way. The change in hairstyles is also unique, in my opinion, but practical. It's a testament to Severus's abilities of perception that he is figuring out the purpose of the place (an in-between plane) so quickly, because as I recall, it did not occur that way for the main character in Silent Hill.

Brilliant, brilliant job. I can't wait to see what happens next.


By the way, I'll going to put this in Story Recommendations, most likely under Crossovers. It's too good to go unread.

Author's Response: It might be difficult to imagine the author of something this grotesque actually giggling and making happy flailing motions with her arms, but that's sort of what you've made me do. You really are too kind.

Unfortunately the next chapter is my least favorite, but I think all of them afterwards meet or exceed the quality of the prologue and first chapter. So in that way, I don't plan to disappoint. (If only I could update more frequently!) And a recommendation!? Surely you can't be so taken with it already? I'm incredibly flattered, though. Currently I'm struggling with the last chapter and another ending (as in, there are several!), and so your support is encouraging me to really give it some good thought and tough it out.

I'm glad you like Snape's post-war alterations. I was trying to keep in mind that he's physically recovered from the hospital, but still emotionally weak, and so that adds another layer to his character. The "Snape-y-ness" is a bit more muted. And yes, of course Snape would logically and rationally try to solve the mystery of Silent Hill. Unfortunately for him, however, he isn't logical *or* rational when it comes to Lily. :)

Thank you so much!

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Review #17, by academica Prologue: Invitation

21st July 2011:
What an awesome idea for a story! I think your treatment of Sev's life post-war was quite accurate, and I appreciate the detail you put into it. I am slightly fearful for what might happen to poor Severus, though, being familiar with Silent Hill :) Great work, and I look forward to chapter two!

Author's Response: I wasn't quite sure if I should put this up here, seeing as "crossovers" aren't terribly popular... But if you're interested, you'll get new chapters! Totally worth it! I'll try not to disappoint~

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