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Review #1, by VictoriaMalfoy08 Epilogue (Chapter 33)

22nd February 2016:
Hi! I loved your story from beginning to end! I was really surprised and pleased when I read that their daughter was named after Vicky! (I think it's pretty obvious why haha). You wrote an amazing story and I can't wait to read all the material you may intend to produce. Don't stop writing cause you do it amazingly!!! x

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Review #2, by Sammy Chapter 7

3rd January 2013:
I don't know, i'll be completely honest im not really feeling this story ha. But continue writing, you can only get better right?

Author's Response: hey, thanks for this review...yeah this was my first shot at it and i agree it's not my best..but thanks for giving it a shot anyway :)

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Review #3, by HM ~ your fellow ravenpuff. Chapter four

28th July 2012:
hey! as i knew it would be, this is amazing. great story!! you are a great author.

Author's Response: Awww :) thank you! I hope you continue to read on and perhaps check out my other story which will be updated as soon as i return from my holiday :)

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Review #4, by darksparrow Epilogue (Chapter 33)

8th July 2012:
That was a good story, loved reading every bit of it. Thank you =)

Author's Response: Thank you for these lovely reviews! makes my day! If you liked this perhaps you'll check out my new one Grounded :)

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Review #5, by darksparrow Chapter 28

7th July 2012:
Loved it so much. Tears came out when Vicky died... =(. Still great though, can't wait to read the rest. =)

Author's Response: Thank you...Vicky was one of my favourites too. It was sad to have to kill her off. Glad you liked it though :)

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Review #6, by darksparrow Chapter 20

7th July 2012:
Love this so much. Great work! :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #7, by darksparrow Chapter 18

6th July 2012:
Wasn't too mushy at all! It was great! :) So sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad it wasn't too over the top :)

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Review #8, by darksparrow Chapter 6

5th July 2012:
Love this story so far. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by BlameTheNargles Chapter 25

6th May 2012:
Oh Ma Goodness!! I loved it :D please update soon 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you!! The new edition is validating so should be up soon!!

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Review #10, by BlameTheNargles Chapter 22

27th March 2012:
I love this story so much!!! Please update soon :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Chapter 24 will be up as soon as i finish it i guess...!

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Review #11, by BlameTheNargles Chapter 21

5th March 2012:
oh so intense! whens Draco gonna come back?? Please update soon :)

Author's Response: thanks for reading!! He'll be back soon...don't worry.

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Review #12, by RavenclawPrincess84 Chapter 20

21st February 2012:
Just to clear things up, you are owing onto Deathly Hallows, but it will still be within this story? Or will you make a new story?
Just wondering

Author's Response: no, i'll be continuing on in the same story but there will be other stories on other stuff coming out after i finish this one...thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by ravenclawprincess84 Chapter 20

20th February 2012:
oh dear... here come the waterworks, again. this story is amazing and definatly one of my favorites 10/10 :)

Author's Response: thanks! glad you're enjoying it!!

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Review #14, by RavenclawPrincess84 Chapter 19

9th February 2012:
oh dear here come the waterworks. Amazing chapter 10/10 btw what was the line from the vampire diaries, just wondering. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! btw: it was season 1, episode 7 or 8, when it's real you can't walk away. so very very sad. Keep reading! next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #15, by Kenzie Black Chapter 15

10th January 2012:
Ah! This is so good!! Update soon please!(:

Author's Response: working on it now!! Keep reading!! thanks for the comment!!

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Review #16, by BlameTheNargles Chapter 12

1st December 2011:
holy crap!! what happend to Draco why did he stop writing?!?!?!? please update soon

Author's Response: updating as soon as i can, don't worry! Glad you're getting into it!

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Review #17, by itr Chapter 11

15th November 2011:
uh. i know im kinda killing the moment, but wouldnt someone say "OH MA GAWD ITS BELLATRIX LESTRANGE!!" just wondering.

Author's Response: Good point! Thanks for the comment!

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Review #18, by Padfoot_Prongs Chapter 9

31st October 2011:
Ginger number 2, baha. That's excellent. Hm, this seems suspiciously lighthearted. I dense doom on the horizon.

Anyway, excellent chapter!

Author's Response: haha thanks!

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Review #19, by Padfoot_Prongs Chapter 8

31st October 2011:
Uh oh! I definitely did not see that coming. Everything was so nice and lovely up until that, and oh, I'm excited for the next chapter! Funny, I'm just reading this today, and it's Halloween. It was very fitting, haha. Anyway, I loved this!

Author's Response: great! glad you liked it! Happy Halloween!

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Review #20, by Padfoot_Prongs Chapter 7

31st October 2011:
Oh, Blaise, :D I love him, and your characterization of their friendship. I've always liked him far more than Crabbe and Goyle, and I always get so excited when I see him in fics.

This was good, albeit a little slow, but I'm excited to see what happens in the next two chapters!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Jessica Chapter four

24th October 2011:
You forgot to say it was Dracos POV. It confused me at first then I understood and It was really good

Author's Response: oh right. well thanks for the tip. i'll fix that asap. thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by Lilly Chapter 9

21st October 2011:
OMG THIS IS AMAZING! you've blown my mind with this story! i LOVE it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it so far. The next chapter should be up soon, keep reading!

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Review #23, by Dramionedrunadrinny Chapter 7

17th September 2011:
I really like this story. Please keep updating
A well deserved 10/10 for you

Author's Response: hey, thanks very much! the next chapter should be up really soon so please keep on reading!!!

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Review #24, by Padfoot_Prongs Chapter 6

27th August 2011:
This chapter was up so fast!
Oh, she's giving him a chance!
I like how he writes her a note after she gets so angry at him talking. He's very determined, ad I love how you've showed that.
This was excellent; I really can't wait to see how their relationship develops!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! hopefully i will have the next one up fairly soon. thanks for reading.

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Review #25, by TrevorTheToad Introducing Skylar Anderson

23rd August 2011:
I like the pov in there a lot!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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