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Review #1, by Irrisa Dalilah Rosalia Nuthead likes purple monkeys and pina The Essence of Insanity

1st August 2012:
that was funny! nice twist at the end. P.s. (I never thought I'd say this, but snape was hilarious!)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! :D Yes, it was a little crazy, I'll admit, and was created by too many late night writing! And yes, Snape is one of my favorite characters in this story. :) This story as my chance to finally poke fun of him, and I sure did!

Thank you so much again for the support and review! You're awesome! (and so is your username, LOVE IT!)

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Review #2, by sirix The Essence of Insanity

25th April 2012:
what did i just read i mean like serously. it was good dont get me wrong but like what the actual hell.

Author's Response: Haha I agree entirely, it was a bit insane. :/ Thank you though. :) But yeah, I know it was crazy and I honestly don't blame you, I guess it was just an idea I had earlier and I know its not for everyone. Thanks for the review though! :)

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Review #3, by mrsWeasleyLongbottom The Essence of Insanity

18th March 2012:
Littlerly LOLed. So creative and you got the people absolutly perfect! Love how everyone is an oppisite. Really funny and i adored Snape! Great job. Could not stop laughing at the soap opera scene. Lol. Also loved the houses and their discriptions. Keep writing!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! Although random and crazy, this is probably my favorite piece that I've written! And yes... Snape seriously is the bomb dot com! LOVE HIM!!! And thank you again for the compliments! As for the houses and their descriptions, I really wanted to give the reader a true geeling that they were in another world! I'm glad it worked! Thanks again! I'm crossing my fingers that a plot bunny will come hopping by with an idea for a sequel! :D

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Essence of Insanity

8th December 2011:
HAHAHA! THIS WAS AMAZING. IT WAS SO RANDOM AND SO I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT! I really didn't know what you were going on about at first but I read the summary and said 'LET ME READ THIS!' I'm glad I did! 9,000 words later I feel loopy and giggly. This has put me in a wonderful moood!

Author's Response: YES! That makes me so happy!!! :D Yes, I felt abit loopy, delirios, insane, etc. when I wrote it! :D But it's good to hear form you! I'mm still working on the contest, but I'll the results out soon! Thanks again!

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Review #5, by CheeringCharm The Essence of Insanity

20th September 2011:
HAHAHA oh my lovely story! amazing I absolutely loved the behind the lookingglass theme of it. All the changes and the antonyms you made the carachters become!

I would've loved to see a sensible Luna though XD

What i really liked was all these "well go for it because it seems to reach for a plot climax" so great it's like she knows she's "dreaming" but still believes in it.

I loved it :D


Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you so much! :D I smiled so much whilst reading this kind review! :D And yes! Now that I look back, I see that the story indeed become similar to Behind the Looking Glass! Originally I just wanted to do something crazy and insane, and I've always adored the name Alice, so poof! It became the insane story it is! :D

And I'm so glad you loved the different characters and the ways I changed them as much as I do! But oh! A sensible Luna would be cool! I never thought about that! If I ever re-write it or if I make a sequel I'll be sure to add that and credit you for the idea! :D

But yes, I couldn't help but add the "plot climax and sudden change of events!" bits in there! :D

But I'm over joyed that you loved it and I thank you once more for the lovely review! Tata! :D

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Review #6, by adluvshp The Essence of Insanity

19th August 2011:
Hey!! This is AditiDraco95 from the forums by the way!

Wow this was superb. It had me cracking up! I think you did a great job with this one! The end was quite surprising but cool nevertheless. This was a totally crazy awesome fic. Haha great work!
And by the way, thank you for honoring me in your Author's Note! =)



Author's Response: Well hello there! So happy you found it! :D

Oh and thank you so much for this totally amazing, make my day in a heartbeat, showering of compliments review! I had a huge grin that spread ear to ear whilst reading it! I'm so glad you found it funny, that was my biggest fear, and that you enjoyed it!

Oh and the author's note was no problem! You deserved it! You helped me so much with the beginning that I am forever in your debt! ;) Thanks again! :D

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Review #7, by flufff The Essence of Insanity

17th August 2011:
AH THAT WAS THE MOST EPIC THING I HAVE EVER READ! You are amazing! You have talent! You need to write more because that was incredible! I laughed for at least ten minutes straight while reading this! Plus, your writing is fantastic and this one-shot is definitely going into favorites! All the fart parts were hilarious, haha. And Hagrid, with his, "Rock cookies for Harry and Ron to choke on for the climax" thing was awesome. I think this was a very unique idea and you did a very good job with it. I'd love to see a sequel! Oh, just one thing though, you spelled Dumbledore wrong. Or was it meant to be spelled wrong? Anyways, I think you have a lot of talent and you should write more! KEEP WRITING! ~ flufff

Btw, if you ever get the time, please r&r my fanfic "Darkest Night." I would love you forever if you did! It ain't got nothin' on your awesome one-shot, and it's a Dramione, but I'd really appreciate it! Thank you! :D

10 billion/10! I mean, 10/10. And I'll definitely try to recommend your story to some peeps. ;D

Author's Response: Really??!!?? THANKS!!! You have no idea how much this made my day! I read this and got so extremely happy I started blushing and giggling... you know, the whole nine yards. :) But I cannot even begin to express how much I loved getting this review! And I thank you so much for your kind words! I am emmensly grateful that you liked it so much!

Haha, yes! I loved the part where Hagrid talks about the rock cookies for a climax! I'm so glad you found it funny! :D Oh and I'm so happy you loved it! :D oh and about spelling Dumbledore wrong. it was totally on purpose... like no joke you guys. heheh... on purpose... right. ;)

But thanks again for your kind showering of complments on my writing and my story! And, I have definatley seen Darkest Night, but with school I've never had the chance to read it! But no joke, I seriously did read the summary and really wantede to read it at one point! And now that I've gotten this review from you, I am determined to read it as soon as I can! I am also a Dramione writer like yourself! :D I've written a dramatic one-shot for them, and am in the middle of a story with the cute little pairing currently! I don't know if you've seen it, but it's called In the Eyes of a Serpent, check it out sometime if you can!

But thanks againfor this lovely review and I'm so sorry if I just left you a novel of a reply! I get carried away sometimes! :D But thanks again and I hope to see you again whether on my story or yours! Ta Ta for now!

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Review #8, by Alexandra The Essence of Insanity

12th August 2011:
Hey, it's PA from the forums! :) I thought it was really, really funny. I mean there were a couple of parts that were obviously supposed to be funny but at the same time there were bits of it where I was laughing and I didn't even know why. I think it's probably a given that I've never read anything like this before. It's really unique and I think you handled your insane idea really well! The only thing I would say is that it was a tad on the long side and might have worked better as a short story. I also liked how you had Lavender Brown be the best friend type character, it was a nice surprise! Overall, good job! I really liked it.

PantherAlexandra - Slytherin

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Yeah, I pretty much wrote this on a sleep high so I knew it was going to be prety stupid, but I'm glad that you thought it was funny! I've never done humorous fcs before, usually dramatcis, so it was a nice challenge. :)

And thank you so much for your kind compliments! I was so happy when I read your review and it makes me smile when I hear that I did a good job. :)

And as for the length, the story was for a challenge on the forums and... well... I didn't start writing it until like a week before the deadline! :0 So that's why I was forced to squeeze it all into just a one-shot. But I am seriously considering breaking it down into chapters and maybe even chapter images! :D

But thank you so much for your review and for helping me with the beginning! :)

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Review #9, by chocoholic907 The Essence of Insanity

3rd August 2011:
Omg! xD!!!
I heart it so much!
I actuallyrolled off the bed laughing at some parts :D
yay! An entry to my challenge :)
it was really fresh n creative :D and the ending not as bad as u made it out to be... I liked it ;) sets the ground for a sequel :)
btw, could u mention for chocoholic907's challenge in the summary?

Author's Response: YAY! I'm so happy you liked it! :D I pretty much wrote it in a sleep high if that's not obvious. ;) Hahaha, but I am in love with the story and all of its insanities and I'm so happy you feel the same! And the reason I didn't absoulutely love the ending was because I felt like it was rushed. I liked the ending ending, but not the Voldemort part because of how fast it went. :( But I really might write a sequel! Who knows! :D

Thanks again for the review and best of luck wherever your writing takes you! :)

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Review #10, by Dramionerules101 The Essence of Insanity

1st August 2011:
Oh No! You know of Pigfarts! Somebody call those damn wizard cops! I love your story, but I just need to get this out there... Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come. Pigfarts, Pigfarts, yum, yum, yum!

Author's Response: Bwahahahahahaha! That seriusly made my day! I absolutely love AVPM! Hahaha, I burst out laughing when I read, 'Damn those wizard cops!' Favorite line I swear!

But I'm so glad you liked the story and I hope to someday see you at Pigfarts as well. ;)

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