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Review #1, by Jet LaBarge Aftermath

26th September 2011:
Thank you for mentioning my story. I think the way you and I are writing the aftermath of the battle is a lot more realistic than the "everything is suddenly sweetness and light" versions of some of the stories.

Interested in seeing what you are going to do with this. Just a warning. Doing a good job takes a lot of work! Mrs_Grainger has been writing for 20 years. This is my first attempt, but I was writing for almost 2 years before I started posting, and what is now my first chapter was re-written many times. I also have a lot of supporting material. The on-line Harry Potter Lexicon hp-lexicon-dot-org is a fantastic resource!

Jet LaBarge

Author's Response: Jet,

Thanks for the review and advice. I will definately look at the reference you gave me. I am trying to look at the the time in between the battle and epilouge with as much realism as I believe is possible.

There are particular things I believe would affect all of the characters but Harry the most. I am working from that angle.

I have a notebook full of stuff as well as a spiral bound 3x5 index card notebook I keep with me all the time and jot plot notes and ideas on. It helps keep things going.

Again, tahnk you for the review. I hope you will keep up with the story as it develops.


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Review #2, by Singularity Aftermath

21st August 2011:
Hey there :) I'm glad to see the start of your story up. This is a really interesting first chapter. I think you are setting up your story well.

Harry and the others seem pretty well in character so far. I appreciate that you've included Ginny, but haven't made her and Harry an instant couple. They've got some things to work through, I think.

I noticed a couple of typos and errors of that nature, nothing too major or jarring. I don't know if you have a beta, but if not, you might consider getting one. They are super helpful.

Thanks again for the nice shout-out in your acknowledgements. I really appreciate it. This story is quite a bit different than what I usually read. (What can I say, I love me some fluff :)) The title alone points to the darkness in the story, but I'll definitely stick with it.

Best of luck with your writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the wonderful review! I am glad you believe the characters are true to form. Especially since this is my first attempt at writing.

My wife is my initial beta, but I will look for one on the forums.

Your story "Breathe" inspired me to write this so I will always recommend your work. Besides, you are a wonderful storyteller and I really like your work.

This story is meant to be dark. I am glad you are willing to stick with it, that means a lot. I like fluff too :)

Thanks again.


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Review #3, by Nxt222 Aftermath

21st August 2011:
Great start. keep it up. Hope to see an update soon

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Working on next chapter as we speak.

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