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Review #1, by Kira I've just seen a face

18th July 2012:
There were a lot of funny lines and thoughts in this first chapter. You're doing a nice job of developing the voices of your characters so keep that up...I would even say you could do that even a bit more. And, even though its a small thing, I liked how James wasn't confident speaking in front of the group. Most of the time when I read about James II he always is brimming with confidence at all times, so it was nice to see a slightly different take on him. Keep up what you're doing, just do it more! Nice job!

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Review #2, by xtinjsc I've just seen a face

6th August 2011:
Your summary brought me here. The Beatles are love, no?

Okay, so this was all very lighthearted and cute. I liked how it wasn't too cluttered and how you kept the young and easy tone of the story through to the end. There were parts that made me chuckle, like that one about Lucy's try-out. I think you have a knack for spotting little moments that made the relationship between the characters seem natural. Like when James (the MC is James, yeah?) tried to ruffle his cousin's hair. I thought that was very cute and very telling of their relationship.

I only wished there's be more to the ending, though. Because it felt it was slightly lacking. And I would've preferred a little bit more description as well. They're really just personal preferences of mine for any story, so there you go. Overall, it was a quick and fun read for me!

PS. Your author's note cracked me up. lol Mordikye is such a cool name for a turtle. :)

xtinjsc (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: The Beatles are like love, goodness, and everything nice rolled up in one ball. So yeah(:

And thank you thank you thank you for the review! I'll try to work on my discription and my endings. They're not my strong point i suppose...

And yes, Mordikye is quite the player. Thanks(:

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