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Review #1, by Emma. White Noise

24th March 2012:
Remember me? ;)

haha, i've never read a story about Al being a squib, so i'm curious as to what happens!

Update soon? :D

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Review #2, by ValerieViolette White Noise

1st August 2011:
I thought what you wrote to be actually very good despite it having cliches(?) in it. (P.S. The banner was really cool).

Author's Response: Did you write cliche with a question mark after it because you do think there are cliches on the story or because I complained to the world about the story being cliche on the author's note? Just wondering :>

And thank you for the completely-not-for-me praise on the banner. I guess. Because Maya (the banner maker)'s supposed to say that and not me ha xD

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Review #3, by emylee94 White Noise

29th July 2011:
This my friend, is a brilliant idea. Albus Potter a squib? That's quite shocking. Interesting plotline though.

One question, I wonder where Rose and Scorpius would fit in?Since Albus didn't attend Hogwarts. And more information on Jay! I don't even know her full name yet, and she's a Dursley. Way to go, i haven't find common ground yet on combining the Potter/Dursley family yet.

Good luck on your next chapter!
And p/s : the banner is amazing!

Author's Response: So sorry for the late reply, ack! *bangs head against the table in distress*

Well, I figured Al was the best character to play around with since... he just does. Way to explain yourself, Em. I've read Squib!Harry fics before and I didn't think it'd pain himself much. In fact, the Dursleys might even be nicer to him since he can't do magic and therefore is not a freak.

Al's position is just perfect, I think. The whole family's famous because of his father so it drives me crazy just thinking about how much it sucks to be a sore thumb in the otherwise "perfect" family. What do Harry and Ginny feel about this, does James taunt Al because of his condition, etc. Add it to the idea that Albus adopts Harry's personality in his Hogwarts years (quiet, maybe self-blaming and angstridden?) and it's enough to have me jumping with joy. Angst makes me happy lol idek

wow I just spent 2 huge paragraphs explaining unimportant things sorry sorry I am so talkative it's really bad D:

This is a short story collection, so everything doesn't necessarily tie in with each other. Some parts will, maybe Albus' story will have something to do with James' (spoilers!), we'll see ;)

Keep in mind that the next-gen is one huge family. Obviously, Albus knows Rose from family relations and they're both as old as Scorpius so they may or may not be friends/enemies. Either one. I haven't gotten that far. Or have I?

Ooh, I really shouldn't get the compliment for that banner. That's like getting an A on a homework I secretly forced the class genius to do. Not that I've ever done it. [sunglasses on]

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