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Review #1, by xMsFiggx On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents

8th June 2013:
I like what you've got so far. I really like the characters you've created. The relationships are pretty unique to me. I feel awful for Rose having to deal with those feelings of betrayal from her boyfriend and her best friend. I wish she could forgive Scorpius but I wish even more that he and Olive hadn't done that to her.

I liked seeing more of Al in this chapter and getting to learn more about him. It was nice that he reached out to Olive to try to make her feel better by letting her know about his past.

I still am not sure who Olive will end up with. I'd like to see more of Louis and then maybe I can decide. I'm also curious about what is going on with Spencer and why she's changed so much.

This group of friends has a lot going on!! I really like the story. Update when you can!

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Review #2, by agenth On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents

6th May 2012:
That's exactly it! I mean; I never thought Id regret it until I realised that Id lost my virginity to a girl I wasn't even in love with! Al exclaims, looking pained.

Were you in love with the girl you were going out with at the time? I ask nervously, not sure if Im delving too deep.

- oh my! I didn't know that Al was a big ladies' men like James.
(From the 2nd Chapter it seemed like he was too much of a gentleman)
Anyway I love the dynamics between Olive and Al betetr than her and Louis.

Merlin, I thought they were going to kiss, I hope for it in your next updates? Please? :P
Although they live together, which is a problem, and there's still her crush on Louis... it's weird that he knows she likes him, hasn't done anything for 2 years, but suddenly he's interested... hm

Wow. Well I understand why Al is on Scorp#s side, but Al wasn't in love with his girlfriend, while Scorp is in love with Rose.
That's a big problem, ay.

I love how you made the Wotters family dynamics - that not everyone is buddy buddy with everyone.
It's weird seeing how Rose and Al aren't close just because of their houses.

Oh, Im so sorry, Al! I say sympathetically, although in the back of my mind I register that he actually did the same to her
- huh? So Was Belle the GF he cheated on, or was he just known as a guy who liked to have snogs with somebody else who wasn't his gf?

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Review #3, by agenth On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

6th May 2012:
You don't want to end up another Al. I say sadly, thinking of how neither Rose or Dom will talk to him even though he's family.
- aww! I guess Al being BF with Scorpius and then not telling Rose has effects on her not speaking with him?

I'm about to go on holiday with her, she can't ignore me. says Hugo, pointedly. Plus Al's had it coming for a long time.
- omg what did he do to Rose?

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Review #4, by agenth On Too Much Firewhiskey, Kind Slytherins and Confessions

6th May 2012:
I peer closely at him, sure enough he has the gorgeous green eyes that makes girls fall at his feet. And he's not wearing glasses so he can't be his father. I push his hair out of the way to make sure, there's no lightening scar on his forehead. It's clear as water.

- OMG I just loled.
Ahhh I love Albus, he's so nice. I wonder if he's slept with somebody in this story, since everybody else apart from Rose has apparently.

Olive is so hilarious!

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

8th February 2012:
That last bit where she talks about working for peoples love was powerful. Well written. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Awwwh, thank you so much :D

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Review #6, by BeaJerry On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

28th January 2012:
To be honest, I think Rose is kind of over-reacting. I think everyone's over-reacting. They were on a break, Scorpius and Olive were drunk and they weren't in love, and they regretted it. Why can't Rose accept the fact that it's the past, and that even though what Olive did was no way acceptable, there are worse things you could to do a friend.
Such a brilliant story, and I loved her speech at the end :')

Author's Response: 50th review, you're a star (: Oh my goodness, finally someone who agrees with me! I was really surprised when I got such responses from everyone saying that Olive was being such a bad friend for not apologising and to be honest when you get caught doing stuff like that, you don't have a voice in your head telling you to apologise every second of the day. I truly do agree with what you have to say about it, it felt kind of strange writing it because I mostly did it on behalf of everyone who wanted to see Rose have her say :)

Thank you so much for the review :)

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Review #7, by Mrs_Malfoy_Felton On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents

24th January 2012:
I am on my knees right now and am begging you to update this story! I love it! I know that Olive is in love with Louis and all but I am rooting for her an Albus. They just seem so right! HOpefully you can put up the next chapters soon!

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes I'll update as soon as I can, I'm just having a few second thoughts on what's coming up next and stuff like that (: Awwh, Al and Liv would be cute too (; I will try and put it up soon, I'm just really not happy with the date yet :/... (:

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Review #8, by fixed delusion On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

14th January 2012:
The thing I liked about this story is that the main character is not perfect , I mean far from it, but she is beginning to realizing her mistakes and may be this story is abt growing her up in a better person. Its not easy to forgive and forget what she has done and I think Rose is not going to forgive her that easily, u can never end up having sex if u don't want to, drunkenness is not an excuse. what I don't understand is , if malfoy wanted it to be a special moment then why he did he do it? He clearly doesn't care about Rose enough , hell he hasn' t even apolozised . Although I am a scorose fan , I don't expect any scorose in this fic.

Author's Response: Oh I'm glad you like her un-perfectness and the fact that she's learning from her mistakes and trying to grow up. I know exactly what you're saying about the forgive and forget thing and I used to agree with it until I saw people do that exact thing in the same circumstances, but there is no way Rose will forgive her until she proves herself to be a worthy friend. No you're right, drunkenness is not an excuse, but in that moment a little bit of herself that wasn't drunk told her it would be interesting to see what sex was like and the drunk part said: 'hey, if it's interesting, then why the hell shouldn't we do it?' The reason I decided Rose would still be a virgin was because I pictured her as a rather traditional girl who would never want to lose her virginity at a school or sneak around behind her father's back sometime in the holidays.

You see the thing about Scorpius is I have every thought he's thought since the whole revelation about Liv and him sleeping together, but I have no way to put it down on paper :/ In my mind he cares about Rose so much and now that he's seen how much he can hurt her he doesn't want that for her. He's cheated on her once and he knows he can do it again and he doesn't want a guy like that for the girl he loves. No, he hasn't apologised and that's because he knows that if he sees a chance that she might still love him he'll grasp on to it and never let go and he knows the longer he waits the more she hates him and the easier it'll be for him to give up on her... if that makes sense.

Haha, I'm glad you don't expect any scorose, because there won't be any (:

I feel like I'm just making up excuses for what you say, but honestly these are my thoughts and I really hate it that I can't seem to find the place to put all this information into the story.

Thank you so much for the review! It makes me think about everything all over again :D

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Review #9, by Lillylover22 On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents

13th January 2012:
I love al. I think al and olive would make a good couple. Why does liv fear apparating?? This ia great update soon please 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Aww, I love Al too :D Yes, they would be cute...(; Hmm, like she said she had a bad experience, but it has something to do with her Mum's death... Thanks for reviewing, I'll update ASAP (:

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Review #10, by carellio (to lazy to log in) On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents

6th January 2012:
I must say I loved this chapter! Al is adorable and I so hope he and Olive end up together and not her and Louis. but that's just my opinion :) please update!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! It was definitely one of my favourite chapters to write and it was cool defining Al as more of a character and showing off his characteristics. Oooh, so you're an Al/Liv fan :D Up next is Olive's date/dinner with Louis, but I hope you still like that one.. Thanks for the review, I'll update ASAP!! :D

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Review #11, by Spinnett On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents

6th January 2012:
I really like this story so far, it's interesting and sort of dramatic and I really like watching how characters respond to drama and seeing if it's realistic.

Al seems like a sweetheart, but it almost seems like Olive needs to choose who she's rooting for, because having any more of them get hurt because of her doesn't make her seem like a nice person :/

More on that though; I have absolutely no idea who Olive could end up with and that always intrigues me. You have no obvious guy set out like most authors do... so that's interesting.

Anyway! Look forward to your next update! :D xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I love writing drama and trying to make their responses to it realistic too! Yes, I really do like Al too; but I'm still a little stuck on who Olive may end up with and I'm down to two so I'm not sure... I'll update as soon as possible!! :D Thanks once again..

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Review #12, by Essie On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

17th December 2011:
I love how the character of Olive has really come to life in this chapter, she is very complex and her sense of self-understanding (is that a word?) really grows here. I do hope things look up for her!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm glad you think that she has come to life. This is one of my more serious chapters where she really takes a good long look at herself and thinks about what she did. It was rather enjoyable to write, if you know what I mean. I hope things look up for her too, but I think she's always going to feel a little guilty. Thank you so much for reviewing (:

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Review #13, by peacock33 On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

16th December 2011:
I hope I am not bugging you with more than one review but I am at work and a little bored and I couldn't get your story out of my head, so thought I would share my thoughts. Just because they had sex doesn't mean it was some profound, intimate experience, and I think that since Scorpius and Olive were both drunk, virgins, and not even that into each other romantically, it would be pretty realistic (and satisfying for Rose as well as for me as the reader) for them to have had a quick, drunken shag that didn't last long and wasn't particularly intimate/loving or satisfying, especially for Olive since it probably would have been painful. And while that wouldn't take the pain of their betrayal away, maybe that would make it a tad bit easier for Rose to forgive them as it wouldn't compare to anything she ever did with Scorpius, though obviously it will still take a while. Also, why is Rose going to Mexico? Anyway, hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Haha, don't worry you're not bugging me I love reviews! Wow, I'm so glad you see where I'm coming from! This is exactly what I imagined it would have been like, you obviously just have a better way of getting it across compared to me! It always just seemed to me that if you were a virgin (and drunk) like Olive and Scorpius, wouldn't they be curious?? I'm not exactly sure, but I'm glad you're thinking along the same lines :D! And I decided that since it's supposed to be the Summer holidays for Hugo and the Weasley's are probably a rather rich bunch (considering Ron's an Auror) that they might have a holiday planned and because of what Rose has been through lately she'd probably want an escape of some sort. I'm not really sure it just popped into my head and stuck. Yes, I'll update ASAP. Thank you so much for the (second) review!!!

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Review #14, by peacock33 On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

16th December 2011:
Well I found this chapter to be very interesting. I liked both Rose and Hugo a lot and would like to see more of them. Olive's defense of her and Scorpius' actions seemed really weak and I was confused by Olive's explanation for that night. Are you trying to say that she and Scorpius have no romantic feelings for each other at all or not? Was she being honest about what happened, when she said it meant nothing and they were imagining Rose and Louis? I'm not sure what is worse, them liking each other or having no real feelings and just betraying Rose for no real reason. Scorpius said something about a spiked drink, were they supposed to be really really drunk? I guess in some way there is no excuse that is really acceptable for what they did and for lying about it after, but I hope Scorpius doesn't really like Olive, as I think the story already seems to have enough drama with her other boys, and I would like to see Scorpius and Rose work it out if possible. I find infidelity fics really interesting and powerful when the relationship is dealt with in a realistic manner. I would love to see more of what Scorpius is actually thinking in all of this. I do see why Rose would choose to make up with Olive and not Scorpius. Being friends with someone, especially when they probably won't be as close as they were before, is a lot less risky that trusting someone as a boyfriend/lover after they have betrayed you. Anyway, can't wait to see where this is going.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you found this interesting. Hugo and Rose are lovely characters and I'll grant you your wish you shall be seeing more of them! Yes, her excuses were really weak :(. Olive doesn't have any romantic feelings for Scorpius and as for him neither does he. Everything that Olive said was true and in my mind they slept together because they were drunk (not enough to not remember, but enough to do things they wouldn't do if they were sober) and talking and both virgins who wanted to see what it was like. There really is no acceptable explanation with what they did, but I hope it seems realistic that Rose would ask and Olive would try and come up with a reason. Don't worry! I have absolutely no intentions of anything happening with Olive and Scorpius! In all honesty if Rose and Scorpius ever work out it will be in a sequel as I find there's no space for it to happen here and really if I wanted to do that I'd have to put it in either Rose's POV of Scorpius's. And I'm thinking of doing a sequel anyway, if I get enough people wanting me to. Hmm, they are rather interesting now that I think about it, but the infidelity in this story is merely a side plot and as I only have some experience with this sort of thing I can only hope it comes out realistic. I'm glad you see that, I wasn't sure if that would work or I'd just have to stop them being friends all in all. I mainly just wanted Rose to still be a character and that's why I kept their relationship going. I can't wait to see where I take it either! Thank you so much for reviewing!! (:

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Review #15, by Courtney On Painful Confrontations, Long Lost Relatives and Thin Ice

16th December 2011:
Well, I am glad Olive finally decided to stop being a selfish coward and that Rose got her say. But I still have pretty much no respect for Olive. Her excuse for that night was so lame and didn't seem to excuse her or Scorpius' actions at all. I have no reason why Rose would want to be friends with her or forgive Scorpius, but I am happy she has been the bigger person and is going to try and move on from this. Has he bothered trying to apologize yet? At first I wanted Rose and Scorpius to get back together as I like that ship, but not unless he has to work for her and really changes. But so far, Rose is one of the characters that I actually like in this story so I hope that whatever you do, she gets a happy ending and that her friends and relatives actually appreciate and respect her. It seems a little unfortunate that so far all the most disloyal, selfish people have been Slytherin in this story, including Al at this point. It seems that you have hinted that Olive is going to have some kind of love complications with Al, James and Louis, and I just wanted to say that so far she isn't really that likeable so I hope you don't have every guy (including Scorpius since he slept with her) falling all over her, as I wouldn't really find that believable at all; and I hope that she changes her ways and doesn't go around destroying any more relationships, this time between cousins and brothers. I hope this isn't too critical; I think you have an engaging and interesting writing style am interested to stick with this story, more to see what happens to the other characters like Rose, Dom and Hugo. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: I'm going to be honest with you and just say when I wrote that chapter on Olive being with Scorpius I didn't think about what affect it would have on the story until two chapters later after I posted it. And I know the excuses were lame, but there are no excuses for doing that and I figured that people would at least try and make them. I think the reason Rose wants to see if she can still try and be friends with her is because she can't imagine life without her, but Scorpius hasn't even apologised and I doubt they'll ever get back together. As for the happy ending I'm thinking of doing a sequel in either Rose's, Spencer's or Dom's POV where they'll get their happy ending and more will happen with Olive, but you'll only see a little of it, like you're only seeing a little of Rose, Spence and Dom now. And don't worry, guys are definitely not going to be falling all over her :) And no, this is not too critical, I actually love it, it gives me so much to think about and improves my characterization so thanks!!!

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Review #16, by Lillylover22 On Unfortunate Complications, Goalposts and Being Civil

8th December 2011:
im looking forward to the next chapter. 8/10 =]

Author's Response: Awesome. I'll have it up as soon as I can, it's a lot better than this one, this one was too businessy. Thank you so much for reviewing! (:

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Review #17, by Pika Chu On Unfortunate Complications, Goalposts and Being Civil

6th December 2011:
:). i enjoy this^. put more upp asap k? k.

Author's Response: Thank you, I will do. (:

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Review #18, by Gryffy Girl917 On Unfortunate Complications, Goalposts and Being Civil

5th December 2011:
I find this story insanely interesting, in part because I honestly can't figure out who Olive'll end up with. I can see something happening with James and Louis, possibly even Al, but I can't figure out which one she'll end up with. I find it intriguing and look forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Haha, I have been a little blurry on the whole who she's going to end up with part as I've just gotten a little carried away on all my sub-plots and have been missing the whole plot of my story (: I think it will get to the point when she'll have to choose and hopefully my readers will have someone they desperately want her to end up with. Team Louis ect. (; I'll have the next update up as soon as possible :D

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #19, by Stalking Shadows On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings

26th November 2011:
Drake Bell? Haha, I GOT WHAT CHU DID DERE.
Anyways, I'm really loving this story.
Keep it up! :D

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by "Drake Bell", unless you realise that Katie's her Mum??? Anyways, sorry it's taking so long to update, lost all my data, but now I've got it back :D Thanks for reviewing (:

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Review #20, by Smith_Babe_1 On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings

9th November 2011:
Aw I love Louis and Olive together. They argument was brilliant and really showed character depth. :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you like Louis and Olive together even though nothing's really happened yet :D. I'm glad you liked my argument, there was a heap more I was going to add to it, but I felt like someone would hear and stop it from getting too out of hand (hence Louis being the typical knight in shining armour) so it's a little shorter than I wanted, but I'm glad it still shows character depth! Thanks heaps for the review!

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Review #21, by Courtney On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings

11th October 2011:
I really like your story so far but I have to say that I am pretty disgusted by both Olive and Scorpius at this point. I feel really bad for Rose, as it seems like none of her friends even care that they did that to her. Even if she and Scorpius were on a break, she and Olive weren't on a break from their friendship. If they were both virgins, I find it pretty hard to believe that they just slept together with no feelings involved, no matter how drunk they were. Are you ever going to explain what really happened and if it really meant nothing? It's sad if Rose and Scorpius were obviously saving their first time and he just slept with someone else. And the fact that they slept together, lied about it, and now neither of them is apologizing makes me think Rose is better of without them. And I don't get why Al or Louis aren't more upset with Scorpius and Olive, since they are supposed to be close to Rose?

If you are going to have her make up with them, I hope they both change and go through a lot for her to forgive them and trust them again. And I really hope Olive isn't pregnant as that would just make the situation too ridiculous and pretty impossible for them to move on and be friends again. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks for the review it made me really see how you feel about it. I know, I feel so bad for Rose and when I originally wrote it I didn't actually realise how much plot it would actually take up. About Olive and Scorp they are, honestly, really bad friends and cowards. Olive keeps putting off apologizing, while Scorp is going through a whole lot of stuff in his head, that I may never get around to fully explaining. I am definitely going to explain in full everything and I've put A LOT of thought into that chapter, hope fully it turns out up to standards.

Al and Louis ... ahh, so this hasn't been explained yet, but I'll fill you in a little now. Louis is a sort of 'go with it' type of guy, he doesn't like to get in the middle of things and doesn't really choose sides. While Al is like that too, Rose has taken it as a personal insult that Al's moving in with Liv and yeah.

I have to admit that Rose is going through a whole lot behind the scenes and she's pretty unexplained. I'd also like to thank you for continuing to read even though you're a little disgusted by Olive. I find it really hard to read a story when I'm not particularly happy with how the main character has acted .. (:

Thank you so much for the review!! :D

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Review #22, by MarieBlack On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings

8th October 2011:
I love this chapter. AH. I'm in love with Louis, he's so just mysterious and cool. And Scorpious needs to get his act together hahah. It's a lovely chapter, by a lovely author! I'll keep looking back for updates.

Author's Response: Awww thanks, you're so sweet!! I'm glad you liked the chapter, yes Scorpius is a bit of a prat ... :/ sadly, it's my fault for making him that way. I love Louis too!! :D You're so amazing! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by TheOtherHermione On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings

8th October 2011:
I love your story so far^_^ i can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you :D I'll have the next chapter out as soon as I can :)

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Review #24, by Peace798 On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings

8th October 2011:
Gahhh...pregnancy scare!! I am so glad she isn't pregnant, too many stories of pregnant teens in Hogwarts and it would be a little cliche! I loveee Scorp and Louis is just amazing perfect! Hehee word-vomit XD I love how Olive and Scorp are fine again...hopefully Rose is next! Love the chapter...update soon.pretty please with louis on top??? :D

Author's Response: Yes, pregnancy scare!! I honestly don't know where the idea came from, I was planning this chapter to be all giggly and happy, but I suddenly thought up an argument and couldn't stand to let it walk away :D

Word-vomit haha.

No Rose yet, sorry. Olive's sort of putting it off 'cause she's a bit of a coward (Slytherin after all.)

I'm over half way in the next chapter, so it'll be in the queue a little bit after my new story's been validated.

Thank you so much for all your reviews!! It honestly made my day seeing six more than usual!!

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Review #25, by Peace798 On Anger Management Issues, Changed Mates and Quidditch Rivalries

8th October 2011:
Nice chapter and even though I didn't know what Spencer was like before, I want to her to go back to being innocent! I liked James character even though they don't like each other! XD I just want to hug Al...he's just that cute!

Author's Response: Haha, yes Spencer is confusing everyone!! Which I'm rather evilly happy about because that means when I clear it up it'll be a HIT chapter :D Aha, yes, James. I'm rather proud of his character. I like to think they despise each other because they're sort of like the same person. I've got more of him in the next chapter :D Haha, I'm glad you like Al even though he's a rather unknown character so far. Thank you so much for reviewing (again)!!!

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