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Review #1, by stargazer one

12th August 2011:
Such a beautifully written story you have here dear Kate. A chilling and creepy tale that you pulled off wonderfully. I have always adored your descriptions and this story is no exception to that. Second person isn't something I tend to read a whole lot but this one was rather enjoyable and I think you did a lovely job at it. I like how you wrote about how Scorpius kept going back to Rose even though he had already been burned by her so many times. And how you wrote Rose to be a darker more twisted character that what you usually see in fanfiction. Another great read my dear.


Author's Response: HELLO!!! it has been ages since i've talked to you!!

thank you so much. i am really pleased you liked this. it is creepy - scorpius is a very damaged young man. i love writing second person - it is one of my fav POV's actually.

thanks darling - glad you liked the characters and glad you liked the fic. i appreciate your kind words.

Kate xx

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Review #2, by Syndi one

11th August 2011:
I don't really get your story here. I think I get the plot and it seems interesting but I somehow got lost on the way.

Author's Response: sorry for the confusion hun. it is not an easy to understand fic. thanks for reading though!

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Review #3, by charlottetrips one

29th July 2011:
That was pretty intense and the words and phrases were such eye candy to me, just delicious to take in (sorry, these descriptions may be affected by the fact that I am hungry).

But I do have to say that I got a bit confused in the whole flow. I'm not totally sure where I ended up in the end because I was certain Scorp had killed Rose until he was wondering if she would cry over him, and then I thought he killed himself.

Other than that, I was chilled by the clinicalness of his thoughts, yet also affected by the pain in his voice.


Author's Response: hey there

thanks hun. it was a lot darker than i intended for your challenge!

your confusion is not misplaced. it is a confusing piece, meant to trick the reader. you are right though - he killed himself, and made her watch. i set it up to make it appear he had killed/would kill her, so you were right, even though you were confused ^_^

thank you. i am glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #4, by Violet Gryfindor one

26th July 2011:
This is chilling, Kate. Very chilling. What makes it more chilling for me is that I had a strangely similar idea for how I wanted to end my own new Scorose story, but with the gender roles reversed. We must be telepathically connected or something - it's the only explanation! :P

I really like your characterization of Scorpius in this story. It's about the first portrayal of him that I've enjoyed reading about. Yes, he's somewhat psychopathic, but that section of the story when you describe the differences between himself and Rose made me feel sympathetic toward him. Instead of the perfect boy who usually appears in fanfiction, you've not only made him flawed - tarnished is a great word for him - but you've made him perfectly aware of all the reasons why he's flawed. I find him very complex because of this.

He's drawn to Rose like the moth before the flame, and no matter how many times he gets burned, you always know he'll return to try again - for what, I don't know. I don't even think Scorpius knows what he wants from Rose - that's how long he's been obsessed with her, and that's why I think he hesitates at the end. He can't imagine what the world would be like without her - she may have tortured him over and over again (unconsciously even), but to kill her? I don't think he can do it, but he will make her wait and question whether he will because that'd be delicious revenge for him.

This is why the horror genre is so great - it allows for deeper psychological questioning - and you write this genre so well. Your other recent horror story is partially (along with Gina's story) inspired me to try the genre out myself, so thank you, Kate. Your writing is phenomenal and inspiring and I totally wish I had your talent. ^_^

Author's Response: susan, thank you so much. i am beyond thrilled that you liked this. it had been so long since i have written something truly dark and creepy and scorpius kind of scared me in this!

oh wow. that is all kinds of cool, lol.

you understand my scorpius so well, especially about his imperfections. he is painfully aware of how he is different and how his family is different and that he cannot really change that. it makes me feel very sad for him.

he is completely obsessed with her, so much so that he has forgotten why that is.

i have enjoyed seeing the different interpretations on the ending. i am not sure if he kills her or not. i see him as killing himself, slowly, and making her watch in a kind of, this is all your fault sort of thing, but i can also see him killing her as well, letting them die together in that honourific shakespearean sense.

i love this genre and i have missed it so much. i need to write more. with teddy and vic i think.

gosh i don't know where that idea came from...hmmm

okay, thank you so much for another wonderful review. i really appreciate it. i do a little happy dance when i get a susan review ^_^

you have more than my talent. you rock and you totally inspire me!!


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Review #5, by HP0247 one

22nd July 2011:
Uh, well, your writing is really so brilliant that it's hard to complain about the content. But I will, GIRL WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! Seriously dark, seriously creepy, but I love your stories.anyway? I do.

Author's Response: bahahahahaaa this review made me smile!!

i don't know where this came from, honestly. i am not a depressed or angry person, lol. i just wanted to give scorpius a nice juicy angsty moment ^_^

glad you liked it hun!!

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Review #6, by Iloenchen one

20th July 2011:
Wow, this is creepy. I was looking for a short one-shot before going to sleep but I'm not sure my dreams will be that nice now. Then again, it's my own fault for clicking on a horror story.

I absolutely love this! I was a bit sceptic at the first sentences when I noticed the point of view you had used but I got used to it very quickly. You manage to pull it off perfectly! You're a master with words, drawing me in immediately. I love how fragmented your story seems, how some things are not totally obvious at first but how I could still understand everything. Great job!

Author's Response: creepy? awesome. i hadn't written creepy for a while, lol. it was nice to do it again!

thank you so much for your lovely comments. i am really pleased you liked it and that you enjoyed the second person narrative.

thank you again! xx

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Review #7, by missdagane one

20th July 2011:
So sad. But beautifully written.

Author's Response: thank you darling

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Review #8, by ohtasha one

19th July 2011:
This is so beautiful; touching vocabulary, well written and very emotional.

Author's Response: wow thank you so much.

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Review #9, by thehyacinthgirl one

19th July 2011:
Wow, this is seriously quite dark and yet so very beautiful!

Second person is something that you manage to pull off well so kudos there. Not everyone is good at it, and I generally try to avoid the second person when I can. Yet there are some authors like you that are quite good and seem to make second person look as if it were the easiest thing to pull off in the world.

I really liked the plot. It is very different from most Sco/Rose's I've seen and yet it is realistic, too. It's not so tragic that it seems like a romantic play - it seems like one of those alleyway scenes that plays out that people always wince at and try to ignore if they can.

It is beautiful in a sick and twisted way, a way that makes you inwardly cringe and feel sick for even reveling in a tale so dark.

I really rather enjoyed this!

Your characterizations were lovely. I like how Scorpius is the neglected one, the one that is always picked over because in most stories he seems the equivalent to the Greek Adonis. It's nice to see a change from that norm.

I also like that Rose, to him, is like a flame. I can imagine the Weasley men and women of the second generation as passionate, fiery people so this seems to fit her accordingly.

As far as syntax, spelling, and grammar go I didn't pick up on any mistakes.

Your word choices were lovely and quite poetic despite the sinister and creepy nature of this piece. This can be quite difficult to pull off, sometimes, so wonderful work!

Where spelling, grammar, syntax, and flow are concerned I didn't pick up any issues there. Great job with that! Not that I really anticipated I'd come across any, it happens to the best of us; sometimes. I have always appreciated pieces that have that polished look.

Great job!


Author's Response: O.o

wow linders!! i don't know what to say! i seriously don't! um. THANK YOU!!

thanks so much love. i adore writing in second person and i am really happy it worked here as well, cause i was worried that this would be a little too dark and therefore confronting for the reader.

i wanted to do something different. we read so many fics where scorpius is the one in control, where rose falls for him and her love is unrequited and she falls into a pit of despair. i kind of wanted to give scorpius a chance to get in touch with his angsty side, lol.

i like that - an alleyway scene that people try and avoid. it is a little like that isn't it?

i have always imagined rose as fiery, more for being hermione's daughter than anything else. i can see her as being deeply attractive to someone like scorpius, especially the scorpius i have written here.

thank you thank you thank you!! i am really pleased you liked this and thank you so much for such an awesome review!!

Kate xx

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