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Review #1, by Ginger Lust The Cake

23rd June 2012:
I liked this one alot also. Not loved but liked...extremely.. much..
And I agree with you on Hermione calling Molly, mum. I debated this also for awhile. Asked my BFF. Then decided that she would call Molly mum. Molly was not her mother but more than just her second mum.
You the Best! :-)

Author's Response: Yeah, I don't think this one could possibly be anybody's favorite, but I do know that it is a really fun piece of fluff for everyone to enjoy. It's not deep or full of sweeping romance, but it's humerus and about love and family.

I agree with you there- Molly means to much to Hermione for Hermione to not call her mum. Plus I imagine they'd grow even closer in the events after the battle. ~writergirl8

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Review #2, by unicornhair The Cake

16th November 2011:
Cute and funny. I just don't like Hermione calling Ron's parents "mum" and "dad". It's not like her. There's something wrong with it. I can imagine her calling them Molly and Arthur, ok, but no mums-and-dads.

Author's Response: I was kind of iffy on this, too, but in the end I decided on it for a couple of reasons.

1. I believe Ron would change Hermione and make her looser.

2. Hermione has always been apart of the Weasley family- they practically raised her from twelve up. Consider all the time she spent with them: that was time NOT spent with her parents. After all of that, I think Molly and Arthur deserve to be called mum and dad. They've earned it.

3. Molly and Arthur's warm, cozy family make everyone want to call them mum and dad, and if all their daughter-in-laws are doing it, I'm sure Hermione wouldn't want to be left out.

4. Molly killed Bellatrix. Enough said there.


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Review #3, by bb The Cake

25th August 2011:
love it!! :) very original and definitely brightened up my day! thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I enjoy brightening people's days- that's why I write so much fluff! ~writergirl8

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Review #4, by Ronstruefan The Cake

15th August 2011:
Great story. One of my favorites! It's just like Hermione, to over think things and get herself in a tizzy. Ron seems mature, but I think marriage does that to people

Author's Response: Wow, one of your favorites? Thank you!

I think marriage would do that to people, too. And I think he could be extremely mature when Hermione had a real need for him to be. ~writergirl8

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Review #5, by ShePotter The Cake

10th August 2011:
Great story, I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ~writergirl8

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Review #6, by peace2lovepotter The Cake

26th July 2011:
Aw, this was so funny! I laughed so hard when she chopped the head off the lamb, that sounds mean dosen't it! Oh well, I really really enjoyed reading this! 10/10 ;) xxx

Author's Response: Thanks! A little mean, but it was meant to be funny. ~writergirl8

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Review #7, by ekroman The Cake

20th July 2011:
This was so cute :) But poor Hermione! So upset over a cake :)

Author's Response: Haha... PREGNANCY HORMONES! ~writergirl8

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Review #8, by Voldemort27 The Cake

18th July 2011:
Heeheeehee! That was funny!!! Lol! I giv it two thumbs ups!

Author's Response: Yay, glad you liked it! Sometimes you need a little fluff. Am I right? ~writergirl8

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Review #9, by gryffindor_potter76 The Cake

18th July 2011:
I love this! It's very cute and you write everything well. The Ron/Hermione relationship is precious and this story us absolutely wonderful with adding in that quirky lamb cake! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! The lamb cake was actually the reason I wrote the story. I had a similar experience. Without Ron, though. -sigh- ~writergirl8

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Review #10, by ControlAltDelete The Cake

17th July 2011:
I loved that! So much love and some very funny lines. The ending was beautiful :]

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I love Ron and Hermione's love, I really do. ~writergirl8

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Review #11, by Snogwarts The Cake

17th July 2011:
I loved this! Family stories about R/Hr are always my favourite ones. I don't know why people are spending so much time reading fics based on sex, when cute moments like this, is what's really matters in life.
You are a fantastic writer. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I do love writing stories where Ron and Hermione are parents or happily married. FLUFF IS AWESOME!

I do think it's ironic that you're telling me you don't love the focus on sex, when your username is snogwarts, but I'll accept it happily. Thank you! ~writergirl8

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Review #12, by Ron_The_King The Cake

16th July 2011:
Ah I just love how you portray the relationship between Ron and Hermione in your every fic. They way they understand each other, love each other and comfort each other, its just so beautiful to read. Thank you for another great one shot :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. This is just the way I think of them, and I'm glad other people agree with me on that occasionally. ~writergirl8

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Review #13, by Jade The Cake

15th July 2011:
I love this, it's so sweet, so Hermione-ish, if that makes sense, because I can totally see her reacting this way about something like this, because it's one of the only things she's not good at. I like how you decided to write about one of Hermione's only insecurities (in terms of ability anyway). Well done, as always. Keeps writing.

Can I just add that in my last review of 'Because I Love You' I kept writing DD instead of DA, I do apologies for my utter stupidity and confusion, I should be ashamed to call myself a Harry Potter fan.

Author's Response: Hermione-ish. What a great word. Really! Haha, it's really alright, I do that all the time. I couldn't remember the name of Aunt Marge's dog the other day, it was really embarrassing! ~writergirl8

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