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Review #1, by nightingale14 Creme Brulee

6th December 2012:
Okay, you need to update this, like now. I check back to see if it's updated so often and it's not! You just keep us on a cliffhanger like that! It's inhumane :l Please, please, please, please update soon! Louis and Pippa need to get back together.

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Review #2, by LilyLunaLovegood Creme Brulee

5th January 2012:
I'm sorry I'm a slow moron, but did the Bakery catch on fire?
Other than that, GREAT chapter! I love this story :)

Author's Response: Haha, yes!
And thank you (:

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Review #3, by BeaJerry Creme Brulee

5th January 2012:
Dearest Tasha
(I think wer're on first name bases now)

I don't think you know the happiness when I checked up upon your page and not one, but TWO NEW CHAPTERS! WE!
this is such a great story, but I still don't like Niamph. I don't care if she was jealous, you still don't cheat on your friend's boyfriend.
I just wanted Pippa to slap her and yell BOO YOU WHORE, but I suppose they don't have mean girls in the wizarding world... sigh...


From Bea
:3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Author's Response: Haha, I have been signing off 'Tasha' since the first chapter so first name terms are sounding good (:
I know, that must have been a miracle! I saw that the queue only had an hour's wait so I hurried to upload.
In fairness, Niamph isn't someone you're supposed to like and I'd be a little worried if you were on her side (:
Thanks so much for the review, Bea,

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Review #4, by Serendipity1234 Cups of tepid tea and coffee.

3rd January 2012:
Hi :)

I really like this story so far!! Pippa is cute, though infuriating sometimes. I like how you keep up the mystery by filling in the story one piece at a time.

I got confused, though, about how Pippa knew Louis had questioned Aiden? It just sort of skipped from her thinking she saw him across the street to her knowing he'd been spying on Aiden? I didn't see the connection.

Also, I think you should add more about the personalities of Louis, Aiden, and Dan. The only characters whose personalities are clear are Rose and Pippa, mainly, then, to a lesser extent, James and Scorpius as minor conversations. Oddly, though Al is present more often than James I feel I know him less. But I feel like I don't know Louis at all. All I know is that he loves Pippa, the incident, and that he can be cocky sometimes and aggressive when angry. I do like him, though.

Also, I feel that Aiden hasn't been mentioned much since the beginning chapters, except to add mystery. I love the mystery, but I feel that Pippa would know him a little bit by now and have occaisional conversations with him. I don't know what he's LIKE. You know, cocky, sweet, irritable, quirky, funny. That sort of thing. I find it interesting how you hinted that he had a crush on Pippa, though. I constantly wonder if that's going to turn out to be something creepy or something sweet. Because of mysterious background I can't figure it out -it's fun trying, though.

I really like how this is written, with all the cooking metaphors and the strong imagery. And it's a very unique story line since Pippa's life is so centered on a muggle occupation. I love that she bakes, but I kind of hope that she goes back to the Department of Myseteries. It seems like she's trying to be a whole new person to forget her past and that's kind of sad to me. I've been kind of cheering for her to work in the ministry and stick with baking only as a fun hobby. Though I'm not so sure that will happen...her bakery is very successful, after all.

Another thing that I think could be improved is the overall tone of the story. Don't get me wrong, I understand why it is how it is. She's not exactly at her happiest right now. But I think you should add more happy, carefree moments occasionally to lighten up the perpetually morbid tone. It just seems kind of (mildly) depressing. I would just suggest adding a little humor in some conversations, or humorously over-dramatic thoughts, or just a cheerful, sort of whimsical romantic tone when she's with Louis, once they're on better terms. Just so she seems more happy sometimes.

I really do love how you also don't just stick with a first person point of view. It's an interesting change as most stories opt for that. I think you're using third person omniscient mixed with some first person accounts? I like how it adds more dimension and understanding of different characters and events.

Please update soon :)

Author's Response: Wow, this is what I call a review! Thank you so much- this has been incredibly helpful (:
Mkay, let's start from the top. Pippa didn't know that Louis had been spying on Aiden; when he was trying to make her doubt him, Louis says: "There hasn't been anyone at Hogwarts, Beauxbatons or Durmstrang in the last ten years called Aiden Harte," Louis acted as though Pippa had never interrupted him. "Have you even asked what House he was in?"... "I have a great deal of curiousity and the resources at my disposal to satisfy that curiousity," he said cryptically and Pippa snorted. (ch 5)
So that's how she knew there was something not quite right with Aiden.

I need to add one more chapter of the mildly depressing kind before I get to one that's a little more cheerful and will let you see the real personalities. I probably could have been a little more explicit about them but in a way, it's how Pippa sees them all: Rose is her best friend, so obviously she knows everything about her, but the other Weasley/Potters were either friends or relatives of friends, not people she necessarily knew inside out. She's been away for two years and lots can change in that time. As I said though, there's an upcoming and slightly more cheerful chapter!

As for the bakery, well, you'll have to wait and see about that. And as for Aiden, Pippa is purposefully trying to avoid him on the account of his odd little happenings and the fact that he looks so much like Louis, but he's going to feature more prominently in the next chapter.

Thanks so much for reviewing and I hope you keep reading!

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Review #5, by nightingale14 Cups of tepid tea and coffee.

26th December 2011:
Awesome. :)
Please update soon and I shall love you forever.

Author's Response: haha, I'll try! New chapter should be written and submitted today.

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Review #6, by rich_blonde marauder23 Cinnamon Whoopie Pies

19th December 2011:
Hello! I've got to say, great job on the story. It's great!

Update soon!! I can't wait to see what happened to Louis :( I really hope he doesn't die.

Love this story!! I really don't know what is up with Aiden, but I'm pretty sure he likes Pippa. Or not. We may never know!

10/10 of course! The writing is brilliant and it's very original. :)

Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hii, thank you! New chapter is written and will be submitted today.

Aiden is a tricky little character... all will become clear!

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Review #7, by BeaJerry Cinnamon Whoopie Pies

19th December 2011:
okay, i'll calm down. this is the best book i have read on here and i think it's incredible.
definite 10/10 :D xoxox

Author's Response: haha, wow! It's so lovely to get a review like this!
All will become clear soon... keep reading!

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Review #8, by BROKENwords453 Cinnamon Whoopie Pies

19th December 2011:
That. Was. Cruel. Downright cruel, I tell you. Cliffhangers and I have a very passionate love/hate relationship and it was a really good cliffhanger, but... Well, yeah. Holidays aside, I hope you update soon! I really like the story so far!

Author's Response: Hahah, I do love writing a good cliffhanger but I hate reading them :3
Thank you and the next chapter should be submitted before the queue closes!

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Review #9, by sleepless_nights Firewhiskey Cocktails

10th November 2011:
I love your story! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, and I will soon.


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Review #10, by charlieee Firewhiskey Cocktails

6th November 2011:
i love this story so much :3 your writing is absolutely amazing and the banter back and forth between everyone is wonderful. the way you've tied baking into everything is so unique and i really love that aspect of it. also i just want aiden and pippa to get together but i don't think that will happen, she seems far too attached to louis even despite everything. sigh. but anyways. honestly, this is an amazing story! fanfiction rarely impresses me and you've managed to go well beyond my expectations :3 keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: Hii,
Oh, thank you (: And what a compliment! I'll try to update regularly but school, life & etc. Same old, same old. Pip is an interesting character and there are a few more development points to come with her.
But if you like Next Gen and want something I might update a little more frequently, try 'The dreams of old men'. I've been planning it for a while and its my fic baby :3


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Review #11, by inksorceror Firewhiskey Cocktails

2nd November 2011:
This is really interesting, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, and I'll try :3


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Review #12, by Love Goddess Brooklyn Blackout Cake

30th September 2011:
I really liked your story but didn't understand how he got the scars. Pls write soon & maybe join formspring(I'm LuvGoddess I'll follow you(as inon fs))

Author's Response: Hello (:
The scars will be explained in a later chapter, I just wanted to drag a few details out a little longer.
I'll see about formspring; I'm not mad on it but I'll follow you if I do (:

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by 19 whitehorse Brooklyn Blackout Cake

30th September 2011:
Never read Louis/ OC but you made me really love it or maybe it's just YOUR story ;D
Update soon ;D

Author's Response: Aha, thank you! I thought there was a pitiful lack of Louis/OC on here so I thought I'd try and change that a little (:

Thanks for reading and reviewing!
- Tasha

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Review #14, by Hope's Mom Profiteroles

2nd September 2011:
More pastry! I look forward to seeing what goodies are in the next chapter. So will we find out what Louis did soon? And what Pippa meant by Louis already having his second chance? Thank you for writing!

Author's Response: Indeed, more pastry but other treats to come! Yes, Louis' antics will be revealed soon, as well as their aftermath. Thanks for reviewing! ~Tasha

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Review #15, by Hope's Mom Oatmeal Cookies

22nd August 2011:
I love your story! I love the bakery and the drama. Louis isn't making too pleasant of an introduction to your readers. He seems like a bit of jerk at first glance. It will be interesting to hear his side of the story. I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you! He's not the Veela charmer you'd expect him to be, but you'll see the reasons why in later chapters.
Thanks for reviewing and with any luck, I'll have the next chapter up very soon.

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Review #16, by marinahill Lemon Meringue Pie

29th July 2011:
Phillippa Wood will have to rise to the challenge or whisk getting a beating.

So many awesome puns in one sentence! This is still a fabulous story and I'm loving the dynamic you're creating between Niamph and Pippa. I look forward to the next chapter - I'm anticipating "Apple Tart" as the next chapter title, but I suppose I can only hope. I'll settle for "Chocolate Eclair" if not :P

Great job, keep it up :)

Author's Response: I was cringing internally as I wrote that sentence- far too many puns in one sentence!
Thanks; I'm working out where the story is going chapter by chapter, but I know where I want to go with it. Both are great chapter names, so I'll have to keep those in mind!

Updates will be a little slower because I'm going to be writing 'Under the Sweltering Sun' at the same time as this story and I actually have more chapters of UTSS written than I do for this story.

Thanks so much for the review; I'm a huge fan of your stories, so that really means a lot!

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Review #17, by NeonTrees Lemon Meringue Pie

24th July 2011:
Yay, a slightly longer chapter this time! Progress, I'll take it ;)

Hmm...Aiden doesn't seem to like Al or Louis. Jealous, perhaps? :P

Please keep going with this, it's different than a lot of the stories on here (that's a good thing) and I like it. Soo...yeah. Update soon?

It's amazing how many of my reviews end with "update soon?". I'm gonna need to get a little variety in there sometime. ;)

Author's Response: Yes, a longer chapter! I generally find it easier to write prose as opposed to conversations, so chapters that mainly consist of characters talking tend to be a little shorter. Plus, I don't intend this to be a novella, just a short story.

More about Aiden will be revealed later on, and I intend to keep going! I've also started an actual novella, Under the Sweltering Sun (Albus/OC), which is currently being validated, so updates will be shared between those two, but that should give me time to write new chapters! If you're interested in Next Gen, you might want to try my new one, when it's up.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by padfoot88 Victoria Sponge

12th July 2011:
Loved it! It seems really I interesting so far, i like that its set after Hogwarts, havent read too many of them :) and I can't wait to find out more about Pippa! ^^

Author's Response: Thank you! I tend to prefer writing Next Gen, as there's a little more room to breathe with the characters. (:

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Review #19, by NeonTrees Victoria Sponge

12th July 2011:
I like it :) This is a good start. It's kinda different, but not too crazy. Maybe a longer chapter next time?

Why doesn't she like Niamph (or Louis, I take it)? And how do you pronounce Niamph?

Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thank you; this is the shortest chapter I've written for a fic, unless you count my first one-shot, but I wanted to round it off before I started meandering and going nowhere!
As for why Pippa doesn't like Niamph or Louis, well, that'll be revealed in chapters to come, so stick with me!
Sorry about the pronunciation difficulty; I'll add something in on the next chapter. Niamph is pronounced 'Neev' (it's Irish). I'm sure there's a recording somewhere on the internet of the name being spoken aloud, if that would help you.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Jazzeh Turnip Victoria Sponge

12th July 2011:
This is a lovely first chapter, Tasha! You write descriptions very well, and you don't overload the reader with them either.

I like the little bit of Pippa's characterisation that we get from this chapter. So far, though, she does seem a fair bit like Rose, but I think that's just down to the chapter being so short. She doesn't seem as sure of herself as Rose and seems to need more reassurance, than fiery!Rose ^_^

I saw no mistakes throughout the chapter, so there are no corrections that need to be made. It's a definite "like" from me for this. Well done for such a hooking first chapter. I can't wait for others :)


Author's Response: Hello Lorren (:

Thank you, and thanks for reviewing! It really is very useful, as I've realised since writing on here.

Writing Pippa as similar to Rose was fairly unintentional, but in the coming chapters I hope to differentiate them a little, along with another girl I want to introduce.

Thanks again, and also for looking for mistakes; I don't have a beta and I don't really want one, but it's hard sometimes to see mistakes in huge chunks of text. There are some things that even Word can't fix.


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Review #21, by Marauders001 Victoria Sponge

12th July 2011:
It's original, love it!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #22, by RoseLolly Victoria Sponge

12th July 2011:
Love the idea! Look forward to seeing how it goes from here

Author's Response: Thank you; I need to plan that myself, so we'll see what happens.

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Review #23, by marinahill Victoria Sponge

12th July 2011:
I really enjoyed this. It was light and very easy to read. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it, there's so much potential and I'm sure you've got a great plot up your sleeve with this original idea. Extra love for all the cupcakes!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you :) I need to work out for myself where this is going as I only have a vague idea, but hopefully updates won't take too long.

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