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Review #1, by peace2lovepotter Dominique's Date

8th August 2011:
Here I am with my review, in return for your lovely review on my story,'If You Love Someone You Say It.'

First off, I loved the title, it was short, snappy, sweet and straight to the point. I loved it,'Dominiques Date.'

I loved the sisterly love in the story, Victorie instantly knew that her sister hadn't gone to meet up with a friend. A sister knows, eh! I also liked her choice in dress robes, purple is my favourite colour!

My most favourite part of all though was the date. It seemed so cute how Josh payed for everything, and so old fashioned and romantic. You could tell how much they loved each other.

Thank you for writing this! I was just wondering if you could make this have a sequel? I would read it! 10/10 Love Livvy xxx :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely review! I wasn't sure about the title, so I just picked something. I'm really glad you loved it. I thought that after over seventeen years of living together, Victoire would know when Dominique was lying. I imagined the robes in my mind, and they looked too pretty to resist! The hardest part for me to write was the date so I'm really glad it was your favourite part. Thank you for reading this! I wasn't planning on this having a sequel, but you've put the idea in my head, and I'm starting to like it! Thank you for rating it 10/10! I really appreciate that! :D You made my day with this review!

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Review #2, by megan2u Dominique's Date

4th August 2011:
Aww, this is so cute! Filled with the awkward first/second date scenarios!
I liked the mysteriousness of the beginning of the story, unsure where she'd been and the relationship between her and Victoire. I also enjoyed how you portrayed the girls' relationship, too often are they jealous of each other in other fics!
They seem like a cute couple, and I'd love for more background info on how a Ravenclaw boy became interested in Dominique (who it seems to be hinted is not in Ravenclaw). Also, where'd he rush off to in such a hurry? If you have ideas, you could make this into a short story collection, with this one-shot being a chapter in the middle.
Thanks again for participating in my challenge, the winners will be announced within the week!

megan2u (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad that you like how I portrayed the relationship of Dominique and Victoire. I picked a Ravenclaw boy because I thought it would be quite different. As for your second question, I'm not actually sure where he went, I quess that bit's up for interpretation. Thanks for the challenge! :D

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