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Review #1, by Cleopatraa Weakness

22nd October 2011:
I didnít know if you read my blog yet but you finished second in my hooked sentence challenge so you won three reviews. Congratulations!

First review.

Seeing I like the character Bellatrix lestrange I had to read this. You had the right amount of lust and passion in this piece but in a way it was still very dysfunctional like any relationship Bellatrix would have would be like. I like the fact he was Russian as it makes the story a bit more unique and Boyd seemed to me like a great character for this fic. But I have to admit Iím not overly fond of his name though,

-Trick or Treat from Slytherin House

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Review #2, by ladybella Weakness

2nd August 2011:
Hey! here to review your entry for the challenge! :)

I really enjoyed this! I dont normally tend to like reading about the Malfoys or the Blacks, unless it's Sirius! :P So it was really refreshing to read something out of my comfort zone and actually enjoy it!

This was full of lust and passion and you just had the right amount! It was sexy but without being too smutty! So as a reader you weren't blinded by the lust and still got to see how dysfunctional Bellatrix and her relationship were and got to glimpse at her very human feelings.

I usually cant stand Bellatrix (being a major Sirius fan) However I like your characterization of her. She was still the Bellatrix we love to hate but she was behaving very human and you can really empathize with her.

All in all very enjoyable! Well done! :)

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Review #3, by Iloenchen Weakness

19th July 2011:
Oh, I like this. I'm fascinated by Bellatrix lately and this one is very interesting. I like how you develope the story, with Bella and Boyd being together at first and obviously having no interest for each other besides snogging. I also love the second part, when Bella slowly realises that she likes him. You wrote that one very well without making it too obvious.
Boyd's little speech at the end seemes a bit rushed to me, he appeared more like one who'd play with words and have a conversation instead of a monologue. But besides that, I really like your story!

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