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Review #1, by Amanda Loss

9th November 2015:
You should pick this story back up as well. Tom Riddle in lust-- yes please!



Author's Response: I'll consider it :) I actually have an entire plotline in my head, I'd just have to get put it on paper. You've given me a lot to think about.

x Ely

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Review #2, by bellatrixlestrange123 Loss

2nd July 2011:
First Review!! yay!

Haha, anyway, i feel as if this story has so much potential and i really like it! I'm a sucker for tom riddle related stories and i feel that with a little devolpment this could go really far!

Why don't you check out some of the BETA readers over on the forums? they will go through your writing and tell you some amazing pointers that could improve it :D

Looking forward to more, Bella x

Author's Response: Me too, I love me some Tom Riddle stories.

I do actually have a beta on my main story but I'm actually going to write a few more chapters before I find one- thank you though!

x Ely

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