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Review #1, by luna Words of Advice

22nd January 2013:
hey luv it. I feel the same way about ginny she is too fangirlish not true luv like harry and luna. I was pretty upset but you should go on and make them a couple. plz continue

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Review #2, by fan of Luna Potter Words of Advice

2nd January 2013:
that was very painful...I too love their pairing and Hate Ginny and Harry endingup together in jkr books. it was well written and deeply wished for more like ending with Harry comes to know his true feelings for Luna and ending with ginny and comes back to Luna by joining her hunt for the stramge animals...

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Review #3, by Kestral14 Words of Advice

3rd August 2012:
That was such a great story! It had just the perfect blend of heartache and adorableness; very melancholy. Your writing style is also very beautiful. 10/10

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Review #4, by Koametotenki Words of Advice

11th March 2012:
I really want to keep reading this story! There aren't enough stories where they fall in love later in life. And the transitions and reactions would be amazing to read in your style. I really hope you do continue this story!

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Review #5, by Ronald Words of Advice

28th November 2011:
Very nicely presented...keep it up...

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Review #6, by JenniferApple Words of Advice

21st October 2011:
Brilliant story. Your descriptions of the Harry/Luna relationship was just perfect, and I loved the way that you depicted them both, a few years after the war.

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Review #7, by AveryMadison13 Words of Advice

16th September 2011:
That was awesome! I love the harry/luna couple idea too, ur a wonderful writer. I wish youd add more to this story! Its really good :)

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Review #8, by mindifislytherintom Words of Advice

5th September 2011:
I really loved this story! It's rich in detail, and so well written. You are a fantastic writer! I always liked Harry and Luna together. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it :) I love Harry and Luna together. I'm working on a new story about them, that I'll hopefully have the first chapter of up soon.

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Review #9, by Lilian Words of Advice

27th August 2011:
It was such a beautiful read, and i've always felt that Harry and Luna would have been a better fit than Harry/Ginny. You captured an original setting in the future, whilst at the same time retaining all the characteristics of the characters without making it seem too far-stretched (sorry if i don't make sense, english is my second language lol). Anyway, i've never bothered to write a review for a story i read, but i think this one deserves one. You are a talented writer in my opinion. Cheers.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, reviews like this make my day. You make perfect sense, and your English is excellent :) I've always felt Harry and Luna were a better fit as well, and I'm planning on writing more stories about them in the future.

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Review #10, by timthomas299 Words of Advice

26th August 2011:
I really liked it. I find the a well written Luna is difficult to find, often either being too normal, or just falling back on mentioning the same one or two creatures. You managed to hit the sweet spot and make her intelligent and eccentric (in a good way). Would love to see more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! That means a lot :) I sometimes find Luna is made a bit TOO eccentric, I think sometimes people forget she is intelligent and not completely off kilter (just a bit!). I'm definitely planning on writing more Harry/Luna stories in the future.

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Review #11, by Draco Spirit Words of Advice

22nd July 2011:
Nicely done :) The fact Harry seemed to open up to Luna made me so ship Moonlight in the first place!

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Review #12, by Jonathon Words of Advice

18th July 2011:
This was well done, truely. I loved how natural it felt, and the emotions both Harry and Luna felt here seemed quite believable, even speaking from experiance. It wasn't long and drawn out, and it didn't jump into an immediate and flakey admission of love or adoration from either party. Harry felt very much like Rowling wrote him, and Luna felt spot on if not more mature. (As by now she should be. :) )

I'd greatly love to see more of this, and possibly how it would evolve.


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Review #13, by jkelly Words of Advice

28th June 2011:
I really liked it a lot. I hope u continue the story!! Would like to see where it goes

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Review #14, by Miss Weasely Words of Advice

28th June 2011:
I doubt in canon Luna had any feelings for Harry. Moreover, in trying to paint your Luna as the right girl for Harry, you have like many other authors been unfair on Ginny. Canon Ginny seemed to understand Harry better than anyone else, at least that's what JKR hinted, so to say she'd rather snog him than listen to him, while Luna is all ears, its obvious you want make Ginny the bad guy! Even if it means writing her as selfish hag.

Canon Ginny was actually nicer to Luna than Harry was, she was more comfortable with her 'looninness' and most of all Ginny was far more understanding with Harry, than any girl her age would be. She let him go without throwing a tantrum, fought for him and gave him the hope she needed with the silver lining kiss.

Finally, if you had made this an AU secnario the story might have been more believable, by the end of DH, it was quite clear how strongly Harry felt for Ginny. You don't see a person's image as the last thing before dying, unless you love them very deeply. Honestly, Harry calling Luna, Lu was kind funny!!!

I wouldn't call it a well written story or even good characterization. You like several other authors who prefer non-canon ships have taken the cliched route of making Ginny OOC only to make their favorite girl the nice sweet person whom Harry should fall in love with!

Author's Response: I've not made any claims regarding the canon, nor would I presume to do so. And you've quite misunderstood my intentions regarding Ginny. I had no intention of making her the 'bad guy' or a selfish hag. I actually hate stories that turn Ginny into a two dimensional monster. I always quite liked Ginny as a character, I just didn't think she suited Harry. I tried to make it clear through Luna that, regarding her relationship with Harry here, because of her time away with the Harpies she feels afraid that she and Harry aren't as close as they used to be so when she comes back she is trying to be physical as a way of bringing them closer. This is just a snippet of a larger story in my mind, which would hopefully make that clear if I ever wrote it.

As I said, I've always liked Ginny as a character. And I never implied she was anything but nice to Luna. But I have to disagree with you as to who was more understanding with Harry. I always felt Harry had far deeper conversations with Luna, and there was more evidence of a connection between them than there was with Harry and Ginny. I felt Harry and Ginny's relationship came out of nowhere, and seemed somewhat superficial. But, that's only my opinion.

This story is set four years after DH. Yes, at DH Harry felt strongly for Ginny and that's why they're still together in my story. But feelings sometimes fade and relationships are complicated. And very very few people find their soulmate at 17 or 18.

I never intended to make Ginny OOC and I apologise if I managed to offend you with my writing. But if you really thought the story was badly written, I'd have preferred constructive criticism as to how you think I might improve rather than just telling me I'm wrong.

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Review #15, by Pacific Wizard Words of Advice

28th June 2011:
Golden Fool: Marvelous story. You're one of the few who really did capture a special relationship between Harry and Luna and made it seem believable. The dialogue was spot on character and flowed well. You balanced their emotions perfectly and didn't go over the top. The ending had the right touch of sweetness and sadness. You created an inspired moment between two friends whom under different circumstances could have been much more. Moreover, you made this story a sweet insight into Luna's unique relationship with Harry that hasn't been written about much but we have all wondered about from time to time. It's rather evident in OOTP. Well done.PW

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the kind review. A couple of reviews have said I had them OOC, so this really cheered me up. The potential for a relationship between Harry and Luna has always intrigued me, and I just wanted to explore how it might develop post DH. I'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #16, by DailyProphetPhotographer Words of Advice

27th June 2011:
I liked it. You have a beautiful writing style, and the story was really sweet. I especially loved the ending. :) Keep up the good work.


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