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Review #1, by charlottetrips Swallow Your Screams

18th September 2011:
Oooh, Iím excited to read some horror. To tell you the truth, I had some aversion to this genre until I decided to do TMWTTIís horror/dark challenge as well! And now that Iíve gotten myself to write one, I find that I can be brave enough to read some :)

Wow. Your imagery is so vivid to me here, just allowing the 2nd person POV wash over brings me into the moment and Iím tensed and waiting in anticipation of what I will read next. The horror that the words contain communicates and the ďdialogueĒ that isnít actually there makes the story fraught with a villain that isnít even really present.

Itís quite chilling to see how someone as awful as V is can mess with your mind to the point where you donít know if itís his voice anymore or your own.


Author's Response: Oh, goodness. Thank you so much, that's exactly what I was going for. Agh. I'm so glad you liked it! :)

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Review #2, by searching4neverland Swallow Your Screams

29th June 2011:
The first thing that mad me curious about this piece was teh banner. it had me blinking a couple of times. And then i read the story and didnt wonder at the choice of cover. At first i thought this was about Ginny's posession. I liked the first part and her strength to fight back at him was what made me think of Ginny in teh first place. There's a coldness about the way you tell this, which is of course very apropriate and I like the way you have this moment unfold. Using the second person creates enough distance for the pov to be creepy.

The only thing i fuond myself wishin when i was done reading this was that the tale was longer, that i could see more of her and of her interaction with Voldemort. Im curious about them. What's his age in this? Because Im not sure that the way you have him referrin to her as mommy is impactful enough for Voldemort when he's all grown - the 'mommy' part seems much too informal for him, at least to me. If you have him torturin her as a kid though, that would be a whole new level of scary. Anyway this was interesting and definitely never read anything like it in this site before.

Author's Response: Hmm, all right. I did have this set when he was younger, and I'm glad you thought that was scary? I'll go back and make that more clear, I think.

I'm glad! Thank you so much for reviewing. (:

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