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Review #1, by Mystery Phoenix Cupboard Love...

5th July 2012:
i really liked it. it was a great story and written awesomely.

Author's Response: Aww thank you :) And thank you so much for the review!! :D

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 Cupboard Love...

17th May 2012:
That was so cute 9/10 : )

Author's Response: THANK YOU :) (3

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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Cupboard Love...

20th April 2012:
I. Absolutely. ADORE. this! It's so cute and funny and well-written! Definitely one of my favorites! The flow is wonderful as well and I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors, either! Well done! 10/10 and going in my favorites!

Author's Response: N'aww, thank you!! *blushes* *squeals* *tries to calm down* *can't*


Emily x x

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Review #4, by JessiesGirl Cupboard Love...

13th April 2012:
Hey there! JessiesGirl from the forums here with your review!

Well, where to start? I simply adored this! I will admit that I've never been a massive marauders fan; Lily and James have been so overused that it gets boring reading so many similar versions of their love life. This little one-shot that you've got here however ticked all the right boxes for me. It was original and fluffy but not too cliche.

There are however a particular few points I would like to address. Firstly, the part where James tells Lily to 'piss off' seems a little bit out of character for him. I wouldn't find it unusual if he said this to anybody else; I just struggle to envision him saying that to Lily. The use of taboo lexis makes the statement sound slightly too aggressive and inappropriate for the given situation; perhaps 'sod off' might work better. It's just a suggestion though so feel free to ignore it if you wish. Also, I have a quick question because I'm confused. If they were able to summon a house elf for food, then couldn't they have asked the house-elf to notify somebody that they were locked in a cupboard? I'm sorry if you answered this already in the story and I missed it, it's just left me a bit baffled.

I absolutely love the fact that it was Lily who asked James out and not the other way round. It makes for such a refreshing change! I also found it really sweet that James chose to tell Lily about his mother before he told Siirius; not only does it show how much he loves her but it also suggests that he's got her figured out and he knows he can trust her which personally I think is so romantic.

I really enjoyed reading this!

x - JessiesGirl - x

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Review #5, by Elenia Cupboard Love...

9th April 2012:

Aww, this was such a cute story! I enjoyed reading it very much.

You're a good writer and I think you did a good job with describing Lily's and James's feelings! Especially the part where James talks about his mother felt very real and emotional. Well done.

I liked their characters as well. I think you portrayed them both well, and I like the fact that you mentioned Lily not hating James but only thinking that he was annoying. Because that's how I think it went, but still many writers make her hate him.

Only thing I'd like to point out was the part where Lily asked James about why they all look so shattered once a month and so on. I think that if she had noticed all those things, she would've made the connection of Remus being a werewolf already. She's a clever witch after all. So maybe drop a few of them and make it sound a bit less obvious?

Other than that, I really liked other things in this. Especially the fact that you used James's mum's sickness to make him so vulnerable so Lily maybe took it a bit easier on him and noticed that he wasn't that bad after all. That was a nice idea!

Good job and thanks for the swap again (:

Take care!


Author's Response: Thank you! ^^

Oh thank you :D I still feel a little awkward about it - I don't think it's quite right. Somehow I don't think it's quite how someone would react, but hey :D

Yeah, Lily never HATED James in my head, just found him too immature to get along with :P

I wasn't sure how to make her feel about Remus - I thought it might be a little too cliche for her to know, but then really cliche for her to work it out in his presence, so I kinda... Put in lots and hoped for the best ;)

Thank youuu ^^ You are honestly too kind (3

Emily x x

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Review #6, by SolemnlySwear Cupboard Love...

28th March 2012:
I liked it a lot, it made James seem less like an asshole.

Author's Response: Umm... Thanks :)

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Review #7, by natalie Cupboard Love...

14th March 2012:
i really enjoyed reading your story it was really well written a couple of lines were a bit cheesy but i think it worked :)

Author's Response: Thank you!! ^^ Super happy today :D
I knew they were cheesy, but it's J/L, of course it's going to be cheesy xD
Emily x x

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Review #8, by Sickcows Cupboard Love...

18th February 2012:
Thaaat was too cute, I loved it!

Author's Response: THANK YOU :D I haven't got any new reviews recently, so UBER happy to see a higher number ;)

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Review #9, by ariellem Cupboard Love...

9th December 2011:
Hello! it's ariellem from the forums, I'm not currently logged in right now, but I liked this story. It was sweet and it was a good idea. The emotions between James and Lily felt real, the only thing I didn't get was how did they find firewhisky, but I'm sure it's just me. :)

Author's Response: Lily keeps the firewhiskey there for her 'little adventures'. >:) *Insert mega-evil laugh here*. Thanks for reveiwing!! Childy x x

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Review #10, by MJ Cupboard Love...

28th November 2011:
Super cute. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Aww thanks :) I quite like this, but I really need'a edit it :/ Can I be bothered? Probably in the holidays when I have nothing better to do :P
x x

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Review #11, by Cleopatraa Cupboard Love...

9th November 2011:
Well here I am with your review! Sorry I took so long I sorta forget. Well I’m not much of a James/Lily but I really thought this was fricking cute and sweet. Aww how adorable! I thought the part about his mother was a very great idea to do. It showed a vulnerable side of James which doesn’t happen much in stories ( most of the time he is a care free boy who is in love with Lily Evans who hates his guts) So kudos for you on that! Actually I think this one of the most non clichéd fics I read about the pair most of the time the only thing Lily can do is yell at him.
Such a lovely one-shot!


Author's Response: It's absolutely fine, honestly! I love reviews, no matter when, or where. Aww!! Am really hyped now, because of all the good feedback I'm getting :)

I really didn't want James to be the nieve little kid that knows nothing about life, because I really don't think of him like that. I know the whole cancer part was kinda rushed, but I wasn't sure whether he would want to dwell on it, or not.

I don't like the really clichéd ones, they make my skin crawl. I just don't see them like that, so I'm touched that you think that, even if it wasn't supposed to be positive, so thank you!

N'aww, I'm actually jumping up and down now :D

x x

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Review #12, by Yorkgal Cupboard Love...

7th November 2011:
First off i'd like to say i love your story! At the begining, you said you'd copied the idea off of Dream_BIG, having read that fic myself i honestly dont think they're all to similar so you have nothing to worry about there, you're original storyline and basic information are the same but in writing/character personality content they're quite different.

Part of me wishes that you'd taken more time to add in the little descriptions that give the reader an picture to imagine from because otherwise i struggled to see what you were trying to do. I also felt like there were a few too many long chunks of dialouge with i found myself getting slightly lost in. Maybe you could have Lily explain to james about her boyfriend cheating because otherswise he doesnt know and in his mind Lily's kissing him while she still has a boyfriend. You could have also could given Lily a bigger reaction to James' confession about his mum.

On the good side, despite his speech about his mum being slightly rushed, i actually found it really sweet, his protective and vunerable nature when it came to his mum was a interesting side of James which is rarely shown to any one but Lily so i found it great that it was his mum this time. The characterisation was also amazing, you conveyed Lily's hate without the yelling etc and it wasnt like every other cliche broom closet fic.

Overall, you've got a very good one shot :)


Author's Response: Thank you :D You certainly left a very long review, with lot's of points which I shall try to cover...

I wasn't sure whether it was just the idea that I had copied off Dream_Big, or the way it was set out, but thank you for clearing that up for me, because I wasn't sure whether to change it or not.

If you think it'll be best, I shall try and go back to add in more detail about who's speaking, what it is they're doing, and the whole 'Lily dumps Roger' thing. Although I find it makes sense, it's probably just because I lived in Lily's head for a while before I wrote this ;) I can also try and add in a little less dialoge, and maybe break it up a little, if that makes it easier?

I found that quite a few people thought that the 'cancer' part was rushed. Currently thinking of the things that could make it a little less rushed, and maybe when I could go back and edit it, as I'm currently working on NaNo(Sigh...), and cannot edit it until at least December.

[Quickly reads through next point in the review and tries not to jump up and down]

Thank you!! I thought that James should have someone that he could idolise, before he met Lily, and his Mum was obviously the perfect one. I'm very hyped that you think my characterisation was 'also amazing' and I hope that it was different in a good way?

:D So pleased I am actually trying to stop myself squealing. Most people don't take the time to leave lovely long reviews like that, even if they are requested.

Thank you so much!

x x

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Review #13, by ms4aisa Cupboard Love...

23rd October 2011:
aww that was so sweet! :) loved it! (L)

Author's Response: Aaaw thank you! : ) What do you think of a kick-ass chapter? :@) x

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Review #14, by Fawks5 Cupboard Love...

14th October 2011:
I thought that was so good! I loved the end, when Sirius and Remes bolted from the door. They were smart to run.

I hope there's more soon!!!

Author's Response: I was thinking of writing the Kick-Ass chapter when I've updated my Dramione fic : ) I hope you tune in for the next chapter, and thanks for reviewing! It's made my weekend...honestly x

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Review #15, by 'efoxdjvnosrz Cupboard Love...

14th October 2011:
really good lem lem! :D XXX

Author's Response: Thanks Tilly : ) even though you didn't EXACTLY read it all the way through? ; ) Thanks for reviewing!!x

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Review #16, by Its Obvious Cupboard Love...

12th October 2011:
Pleeease do a sequel!

Author's Response: I will try! ...Maybe... ; ) x

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Review #17, by Its Obvious Cupboard Love...

2nd October 2011:
aww thats reallysweet u should do a spinoff or a sequel or somthin!

Author's Response: N'aww thank you : ) Hope you get your new one-shot up soon! I want to put another one-shot where they kick Remus and Sirius' arses so that might be up soon... But I kind of can't be arsed. ; ) L o l x

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Review #18, by lupe Cupboard Love...

21st August 2011:
that was really cute :) ah

Author's Response: Thank you :) OxO

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Review #19, by HollyBerry Cupboard Love...

15th August 2011:
I liked it a lot, but I thought the cancer part was a little bit rushed and out of the blue, and Lily didn't really respond to it. But when she kissed him I melted a little. :p Cute one-shot!

Author's Response: Thank you :) Sorry if it was rushed, but i needed something to make Lily see James proprly and thats all i could think of that could do the job properly...OxO

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Review #20, by LilyGinnyBella Cupboard Love...

15th August 2011:
funny SO FUNNY lol lol lol

Author's Response: Thank you :) OxO

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Review #21, by catkid25 Cupboard Love...

5th August 2011:
Aww! It's so adorable but one question, Why couldn't the house elf just apparate James and Lily out of the broom closet?

Author's Response: Oh Shush :) I didn't think the elves could side-apparate people... I don't know. My brain is far too complicated to understand. :) Thanks for reviewing!! OxO

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Review #22, by Howler mymiddlename Cupboard Love...

3rd August 2011:
It was AWSOME I loved it it was do cute and I LOVED. It so much

Author's Response: Haa :) Thank you for reviewing and for your sweet comments :) OxO

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Review #23, by Hannah Cupboard Love...

26th July 2011:
Beautiful, just beautiful...

Author's Response: Thank you :) I really appriciate it that you reviewed... xXx

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Review #24, by jameslily1313 who can't sign in for some reason Cupboard Love...

18th July 2011:
yeah, so I'm kind of in love with this story. I've got Pandora going in the background, and I normally check it with every song, but I completely forgot about it while I was reading this. It was really cute! I like that it was a little awkward at moments, but altogether they got along well. And Lily didn't have a stick up her ass the whole time :) I almost cried when James was talking about his mom - and I really don't cry much. Anyway, AMAZING! 10/10!!! I would fave it if I could sign in...

Author's Response: Haa :) thank you!! I'm glad the 'James' mum' thingy went down well as I cannot write emotional stuff :@) I would appreciate very muchly if you would sign in now and favourite...? Haa ;) kidding. I'm not. But I am, really. Thanks for reviewing! :@) xXx

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Review #25, by georgesbetch Cupboard Love...

16th July 2011:
Loved itt, very cute(:


Author's Response: Thank you :) xXx

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