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Review #1, by lightningninja A New Year: Breath

27th October 2011:
not a bad story. you've fallen into some very generic patterns which every next generation one seems to have... but i'm guilty of it too. just make sure that you do stuff to distinguish yourself.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your feed back! your like the first person to give me any reviews and it helps alot. I hope you enjoyed it enough to keep reading. I feel that as i kept writing i tried to get more creative with my story telling so let me know what you think.
-thanks again

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Review #2, by I await a protector  What the Hell Did I Eat Last Night?

14th July 2011:
Very nice, and my name's Abby XD :D Yay for having the same name as one of your characters! (** By the way, the reason my username is I await a protector, is because that's what Excpecto Patronum means,. idk what else to say so, yay! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and commenting :-) lol and yay for spelling Abby the same way cause there are like 10 billion ways to spell it haha.

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