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Review #1, by Lily Phelps IV

13th June 2016:
Um you seem to be okay on the slang front, although I cant remember the last time anyone over fifteen and below thirty said bugger, and the only thing is calling the train thing the subway. Its the underground or the tube in the uk.

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Review #2, by Nike12 IV

25th August 2014:
I've been looking for a good James II/muggle story and when I finally find one it's not completed :( I really hope you update it so I can find out what happens next!

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Review #3, by chocolateteacups IV

25th February 2013:
Oh gosh, I'm actually in love with this story. Please update. You're excellent at conveying character and asdfghjkl this is all just wonderful. It's sort of crazy how much I ship it, and we're only 4 chapters in.

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Review #4, by Ashley IV

16th February 2013:
Brill chapter :) you're doing well with slang using bugger an so on. Just one thing you used subway in ur previous chapter and we call it the tube here in England!

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Review #5, by Kristina1990 III

16th January 2013:
"Freshman English class. We got along great because we both hated writing."

I know I'm European, so perhaps I don't understand this - but why would be take an English class when you hate writing? ^^

James on a phone is priceless. I wonder how long it took him to figure out how to type in the number and make the call. I often wonder why the Wizarding World doesn't use some of the useful Muggle inventions. There are plenty of them that could make your life easier!

Author's Response: I'm not sure how it is in Europe or other nations, but most Universities in America require basic English courses to fulfill the graduation requirements. I guess to make sure that everyone in their college knows how to read and write. :)

I agree completely. I'm thinking of magic-ing up some "muggle" technology. After all, this is around 2028. The wizarding world has got to have updated their systems.

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Review #6, by Ginevraa III

2nd January 2013:
Really great so far! Please hurry and write the next chapter, I'm hooked!! Xx

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it!

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Review #7, by Ashley III

2nd January 2013:
Yay you've updated finally!
Good chapter. I do like Ellie and James's relationship so far!

Author's Response: I know, after a year! But I am back! I'm happy you like where this is going so far, as well.

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Review #8, by oillerac1 III

2nd January 2013:
I like this story!
please post the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! Will do!

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Review #9, by Loving_Sirius_4eva III

29th December 2012:
Amazing story! I love it. I like the plot and the whole concept of him "slowly" liking a muggle. Please update soon :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you are happy with the pace of their relationship thus far. Will do!

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Review #10, by shinichi II

27th December 2012:
ur banner is a fab! i just luved ur story as well as ur banner.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like the banner and the story!

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Review #11, by shinichi III

26th December 2012:
I REALLY AM LOVIN UR STORY ALOT... this is the first time im readin a "next generation" story ...and i just loved ur story alott.plz update soon.i just cant wait for the coming chpters.

u writ osom! 10/10
i would luv it if u would check out mah stories too :P

shinichi :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy your first "next generation" story was made and that I made a good impression for you. I hope you continue to like this one as well as many others. I find that this genre gives fanfiction writers more freedom than others do. Thanks again and I will check them out!

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Review #12, by Mills III

25th December 2012:
Hi, I love your story. It's really good.
And what you call subway in America is what we call tube here :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I couldn't find anything online but I will change that when I get the chance!

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Review #13, by Sweets-Caandy III

25th December 2012:
I like it, how the two of them get to know each other better, it seems really natural.
But I hope that James won't hurt her!
Maybe he'll realise that her sort of life is not so bad, like Dominique says.
I am hoping for an update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like the way I'm portraying their relationship. Calling it "natural" is possibly the best compliment you could have given me. But we will have to see, won't we.

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Review #14, by Sweets-Caandy I

25th December 2012:
This first chapter is REALLY great!
I hope the whole story will be like that!
I really like how different the two parts ( the James POV and hers) are. It really gives the impression to be in the mind of different persons.
I really like Ellie too, but I think this is your intention with her being the main character beside James :P
And that she lives with Dominique...I really had to laugh as Ellie told her what he was called :)
Well, I think that's it for this chapter and I'll move right in to the next!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're are enjoying the first chapter and the switches in perspective as well as the characters and their unique personalities and situations. I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #15, by KiraHarriet II

4th September 2011:
First of all, this isnt a bad thing, but you do write like an American! I know that means you probably are, but its quite weird when your talking about london, and the characters are supposed to be english! But anyway, i absolutely LOVE this story, it is amazing! i am obsessed with the next generation stuff, and i love this to bits! Keep writing, and i will definitely keep reading!

Author's Response: You are right. I am completely American and have never been to London but am attempting to make my characters sounds English. As long as you LOVE it though. That's all that really matters. :D

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Review #16, by NymphadoraLupin II

3rd September 2011:
Wow! This story is awesome. Hurry up and update, I want to read more!!

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Review #17, by butweareallmadhere II

12th August 2011:
I love this story so much, also, I was wondering how you managed to make it look like you updated the story without actually adding a chapter; I'm trying to do that with mine.
Anyway, this is really good and I can't wait until you update again :)
- Veronika

Author's Response: Thank you! I know late response but I post the next chapter with enough words and then delete it ASAP.

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Review #18, by mollytaylor II

8th August 2011:
I'm pleasantly surprised with this story. I had seen it up before, but never really had the desire to read it until tonight. and I'm glad I did! I absolutely adore James & Ellie; they are just to cute for words. I don't know what else to say; I just hope this makes the next chapter come sooner!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it and gave it chance!

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Review #19, by Kenfarin II

7th August 2011:
Nice so far, i love the fact that shes a muggle.

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Review #20, by TweetyByrd II

2nd August 2011:
*headdesks* He lacks so much tact...

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Review #21, by TweetyByrd I

2nd August 2011:
Rawr. Shouldn't Dom (I have awful spelling, so abbreviations and spell check are my ver good friends) have told her about magic if they're roomies? It's kinda boggling to me... And it adds some dramatic irony.

Author's Response: Doesn't it. It's a mystery as to why Dom would give up her abilities to live with a muggle.

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Review #22, by frenchliam II

31st July 2011:
The ending had me giggling, silly James. As a fellow American, I have looked over your slight mistakes since I have as much knowledge on the UK as a, well, American. (;

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Review #23, by frenchliam I

31st July 2011:
Dominique is amazing, as always. I wonder why she's rooming with Ellie though? Has she decided to take a different route?

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Review #24, by pandoralauramalfoy II

31st July 2011:

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Review #25, by Zora Weasley II

30th July 2011:
I think i reviewed your story before it was deleted, I remember reading it and I think it is very interesting and a good story. I hope you continue with it.

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