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Review #1, by fatima Oblivious

20th October 2012:

Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #2, by CC Done

28th March 2012:
Please update more!!!

Author's Response: I know its been a while, but Chapter 9 is now finally up if you'd like to check it out :)

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Review #3, by WhatEverHappenedToReality Done

14th December 2011:

Author's Response: Im glad you like it so much!! :) I will be submitting Chapter 9 into the queue tonight so hopefully it will be up soon!

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Review #4, by Kas Done

19th September 2011:
Yay and new chapter, thanks for updating.
It was awesome, can't wait for more

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Review #5, by Kas Done

19th September 2011:
Yay and new chapter, thanks for updating.
It was awesome, can't wait for more

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Review #6, by Kas Done

19th September 2011:
Yay and new chapter, thanks for updating.
It was awesome, can't wait for more

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks ;)

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Review #7, by academica Done

17th September 2011:
Hi! So glad you updated :)

I like this chapter. The moment with Snape watching Lily sleep was really adorable. It's like he can't resist touching her. I also liked the little argument they had about James, as it shows how conflicted Lily feels right now. Again, I really hope the antidote works, and I have a feeling that the story will get very interesting once Lily has been cured!

The one thing I wasn't so crazy about was the pace of the argument. I feel like it was a lot to have in one chapter, the confession that they missed each other and then the argument about James that ultimately resulted in Lily breaking ties with Severus again. Hopefully it's not permanent! :)

Nice job! Looking forward to the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the awesome review, as always! And I wasnt too crazy about the argument either...I had a bit of trouble with this chapter but hopefully the upcoming ones will be better :)

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Review #8, by WhatEverHappenedToReality Unexpected Outcomes

26th August 2011:
Hey I'm back!
yeah so I REALLY enjoyed the chapter.
and yes, I got who the 'him' was.HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed itt! :) chapter 8 will be up soon!

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Review #9, by loveismagic Unexpected Outcomes

15th August 2011:
I am loving this story so far!! I think you are doing such a good job at portraying the characters accurately. I am also enjoying hearing things from both Lily and Snape's POVs! Can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: im glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks so much!

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Review #10, by Kas Unexpected Outcomes

14th August 2011:
Hehe this was lovely. Can not wait to read more

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Review #11, by Jessica Unexpected Outcomes

11th August 2011:
This is so good i loved it please write more :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #12, by Kas Unexpected Outcomes

10th August 2011:
Wasn't expectign that XD that was awesome though, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #13, by WhatEverHappenedToReality Unexpected Outcomes

8th August 2011:
Oh god no Sev! You did not do what I think you did.
If feel a chane in the Force.
Despair is coming.

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Review #14, by academica Unexpected Outcomes

8th August 2011:
Hi :)

This was a really great chapter. Poor, poor Sev and Lily. Neither of them can catch a break. I wonder how bad the fallout will be if they do indeed get together and then go public with it? :(

There were a couple of teensy things that I think could use improvement. It seems like you might have written and posted this in a hurry, because several times I noticed punctuation missing at the end of sentences. Also, I thought the "yes"/"no" conversation between Lily and Sev might have gone on a couple replies too long; I got the point earlier on and it was tempting for me to skip ahead to the next paragraph. Anyway, these are very little things, so please don't stress about them. Your story is amazing :)

I loved the conversation between Avery and Sev; I think it could very well have happened in canon (and yes, I got the "him"). I'm worried for Sev if Lily does find out about that. Oh, and any chance the Marauders are going to make a bigger appearance in the next few chapters? I'd love to see their reactions to the events that have been going on and also to see what they make of the antidote, provided it works.

Nice job! Just as interesting as all the previous chapters :)

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Your always the first to review my chapters :) and im glad you think my story could have happened in canon because im doing my best to make it as realistic as possible.The marauders are going to be showing up soon! They play an even bigger part though around chapters 13 and 14 (im currently working on that now). Thanks for another amazing review!!!

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Review #15, by Rose To Trust

5th August 2011:
I really like your story. :) I can't wait until you write more.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!! :))

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Review #16, by Kas To Trust

4th August 2011:
:O I have two complaints, firstly this chapter was too short, you can't do that too me - I want more! And why no Snape and Lily kiss X( hopes up for nothing

I still loved the chapter, and can't wait to read more 10/10

Author's Response: hahah , patience! It will all come in good time :) and thanks!

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Review #17, by WhatEverHappenedToReality To Trust

3rd August 2011:
Awww darn it! Got my hopes up for nothing.
Anyways, still a good chapter. Though why must the both of them be in so much denial of one another? (I do understand, I'm just asking anyway)
Snapes POV eh? Curious...

Author's Response: hahah, thanks :) and yes the next chapter is one of my favorites!

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Review #18, by Tahlia To Trust

2nd August 2011:
So so so glad you wrote another chapter. :D
Continue writing!!
I'm so excited! Hahah! :D

Author's Response: your excitement excites me :D

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Review #19, by academica To Trust

1st August 2011:
Hey there! Another wonderful chapter. It's very entertaining to watch Sev and Lily interact -- Lily is clearly very cautious around him, as she should be, but she also readily softens when she sees that he's acting in her best interest. Sev seems just as devoted as he was in canon. So great job on the characterization :) I certainly hope poor Lily gets rid of that spot come breakfast time. I'm very excited to see how things play out from Sev's point of view. Please update soon!


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Review #20, by WhatEverHappenedToReality To Trust, or Not to Trust?

31st July 2011:
Oh please make something good happen! Please!!!
I don't normally beg, but this is an exception.
I cannot wait!

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Review #21, by sunshine To Trust, or Not to Trust?

27th July 2011:
Ahh are you kidding me? Update soon, I'm going mad I need to know what happens next! Seriously, please update soon.
I love your style of writing by the way, it flows so well and is easy to read without it sounding like it was done by a five year old. I especially love your characterisation of James, he's exactly how I imagined him to be. Well done you :)

Author's Response: Aww thank youu! :)

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Review #22, by Leah Velikonja To Trust, or Not to Trust?

25th July 2011:
AH wat an amazing story, r u just gonna leave it there?
(pls don't)

Author's Response: I'm just waiting for my chapter 6 to get validated , it should be up soon! :)

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Review #23, by Kas To Trust, or Not to Trust?

25th July 2011:
I just read the 5 chapters in one quick read, it was amazing, truely amazing, keep up the great work, I look forward to regular updates (: 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :)

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Review #24, by Melissa To Trust, or Not to Trust?

24th July 2011:
Ahh I need to know what kappens next!

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Review #25, by academica To Trust, or Not to Trust?

24th July 2011:
Great chapter! I thought you did a great job with description -- I feel so, so bad for poor Lily with that spot. The comparison between her interactions with James and Sev is interesting; she is cautious with both of them, but in slightly different ways. I can't wait to see what happens with the possibility of a kiss (although I expect that something else will occur instead) and I hope she can get rid of that spot in less time than a month. Great work - I do love a good cliffhanger :)

Author's Response: These reviews mean a lot to me! Thank youu :)

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