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Review #1, by Elanna Riddle Sirius and Peter

30th November 2004:
Good use of words. I absolutly loved the fact harry was in a Lion costume, very cute. It was very sad though, Sirius going to Azkaban, Harry to the Dursleys, and Lily and James dead. exelent short story though

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Review #2, by Lily Sirius and Peter

5th June 2004:
PLEASE update!!!!!!!!!

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Review #3, by nixiedark Sirius and Peter

9th April 2004:
nice. but quite short, if you update to that, perhaps you can make it longer. maybe write about padfoot in azkaban

Author's Response: yes that is a good idea...I think i may do that but the focus of this is that one night

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Review #4, by Peachy Sirius and Peter

6th April 2004:
Okay, that was something new.

Author's Response: Was it? I revised it!

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Review #5, by Danny Potter Hagrid and Sirius

30th March 2004:
Fuzzlebub...I don't really know what to say without being mean... Your story is too short, makes no sense, and you keep interrupting. In order to be a good writer, you can't interrupt the story the way you did. You also left out the part where Lily and James are actually skipped it by saying: *Insert my story 'Circle of Life' here, as it is the companion piece. Basically Voldy killed James and has come to kill Harry. He killed Lily first.* You also have no paragraphs. There is very little action from the characters, and most of it is dialogue. Fix this story up! You have so much potential!

Author's Response: Yeah okay you have a point. I was tired it was nearly midnight and I wanted to go to bed. I will fix it. I'm sorry I write screwwd-up stories at 11:45 p.m.

Author's Response: I fixed it Danny. Funny...I like a guy named Danny and he looks like Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter but isn't...that's odd.

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Review #6, by Peaches and Pie Hagrid and Sirius

29th March 2004:
Another 10. Good story but chapters are a bit short.

Author's Response: yeah, I'll work some more on it...

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