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Review #1, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee I Don't Want to Go

14th October 2011:
My, they really are a rather loud and rowdy bunch, aren't they? I feel for Rachel though, I do not think that I would want to hang around the marauders all school year and all summer. Especially with one who holds a freakish obsession with me. Just as well, why, exactly she plotting Sirius's death already?

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Review #2, by stag of light I Don't Want to Go

23rd June 2011:
ohhh dont abandon this story!!! its really good. i like it. im guessing the reasong you dont want to continue is because you dont have alot of reveiws?? well, i only have 9 reveiws for a 6 chapter story. its ok.

keep writing. if you like the story, then continue with it no matter what all those morons- err i mean people who dont review... nah their morons- think. writing is a way of expressing yourself and this is a really good story.

update another chapter if you want or try a different story. either way, dont give up being and author. :O wow that was the deepest thing i have ever said. holy shiz!!! someone write this date down! im dead serious!! ok welll... bye random- person- i- dont- even- know- and- reveiwed- for. yeahhh...

Author's Response: Thanks for the words of wisdom. I abandoned it because I didn't really like it that much... I might come back to it later, but I am really, really bad at finishing things. Not kidding. I have a story form 5 years ago that still isn't done, so yeah.

P.S. I read your reveiw when I close to tears (don't worry! it was something small and I'm over emotional!), and it made me smile

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