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Review #1, by Ydnas Odell Butterflies

5th January 2015:
Short. But a good fic. I thought you captured both characters well.

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Review #2, by LizMalfoy Butterflies

19th March 2014:
I like it. You captured Malfoy perfectly

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Review #3, by Livi_777 Butterflies

6th November 2011:
Wow! That's really good, I'm afraid you haven't changed my opinion on Dramione but I think it's a really good story, considering that you've never written a one shot before and it is incredibly hard to wrap up a story in one chapter. Just a few observations
“Did you ever care? You never tell me you love me! Now tell me Draco, did you ever care about me? Did it hurt you when you saw me getting tortured by your Precious Aunt Bella?” This line returned mixed feelings! At first, I didn't think it sounded very much like the Hermione I know, but the last sentence is very in character! The reason that I don't like Dramione is that I am obsessive about canon and I don't think it is humanly possible to write Draco in character while he is in a relationship with Hermione, since that in itself doesn't fit in with his personality and at first I thought that you might actually have had him, until he started to talk in metaphor about Hermione's torturing, which I don't think is very much like him at all, I'd say that was more Cedric's genre!
However, I did like the flashback. I think you got Bellatrix and Ron very well, which pleases me because I'm one of the biggest Ron-lovers you'll ever meet and a huge Romione shipper, and I think that moment was really well written. So, overall, a great story! (Do excuse the mahusive review!)

Author's Response: Darnit, ah well, to each her own. I don't mind canon, i mean i respect it but i always think it sounds really boring because you know how the story is going to end (happily ever after) at least with AU you can do anything. but i am terrible about keeping people in character so sorry about that.
Thanks for reading :D

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Review #4, by deathlyhallowsmaster24 Butterflies

2nd November 2011:
love it though its too short!!!
9/10 and added to favs!

Author's Response: Thank you i'm glad you like it :) and I know it's short but it was my first one-shot ever and I only had a certain time period to write it in but thank you!

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Review #5, by Illuminate Butterflies

26th August 2011:
Hi! Sorry for taking so long to review!

This is a very sweet story. I'm keen on Dramione's if they're done well. I think you should expand on their relationship, as this is just a short moment in their relationship- how did they get together? How long have they been together? What's happened to Ron? You could expand. I think if you do this then it could help the flow of the story :)

Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! And thanks, I'll take it into consideration when I re-edit it :)

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Review #6, by DracoFerret11 Butterflies

10th August 2011:
That was so sweet!

I really like these types of stories--when Hermione and Draco reconsile things that happened between them, especially her being tortured by his aunt. Your story was really touching.

I loved how you characterized Draco and Hermione. I can see her being that sweet to him and him loving her, but not knowing how to say it. It was awesome.

Well done! Great job!

--Emily (DarkRose, Ravenclaw)

P.S.- The forum name and house above are for the House Cup competition on the forums, don't worry about them. :]

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :) Thanks for reading and reviewing x

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Review #7, by confusedlover Butterflies

25th July 2011:
very lovely.

i enjoyed this story very much. it was short and cute, but the ending was particularly sweet. the fact that he was haunted by the memories of Hermione being tortured added a necessary and wonderful effect to this story. you are a great writer. keep up the awesome work! (:

Author's Response: aw thanks :) Glad you liked it :)

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Review #8, by Dark Whisper Butterflies

20th June 2011:
Awe... he finally said it!

And I must say... I HATED this scene in the movie... I mean... he did nothing! I mean... couldn't he have said... 'stop... she's giving me a headache.' Or something like that?! Gah!

I have a fanfic about this very thing... a work that I haven't posted yet... but it's coming!

Thank you so much for this... because he should apologize forever for not doing a thing that day. :D

I'm so glad he finally said it... and that she stayed, of course!

Good job!
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thanks :) and I didn't mind it, I mean the look on his face in the movie said a thousands words. And I hope to read your fan fic when its ready. X

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Review #9, by scorpius_rose Butterflies

20th June 2011:
Aww.. I love it. i love the way you made him draco still, but a better version of draco. gonna fave it, 10/10 ;)

Author's Response: aww thanks :) x

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Review #10, by luvlunageorgefred Butterflies

20th June 2011:
LOVVE *tears* love love love

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing :) x

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