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Review #1, by bottle The Marauders Wreak Havoc

23rd December 2005:
I really like the story so far and the way it's written. But I think you should be careful not to make Lily too much like Hermione and James and Sirius too much like Harry and Ron. But otherwise, well done and please keep the story going.

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Review #2, by ivoryangel The Marauders Wreak Havoc

11th October 2005:
great job, why did you stop ?

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Review #3, by HJP_is_awesome The Marauders Wreak Havoc

23rd August 2005:
it's funny, i really think that you should continue it.

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Review #4, by pyronic The Marauders Wreak Havoc

27th May 2005:
this is really good! i liked it alot!

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Review #5, by Mandy The Marauders Wreak Havoc

16th December 2004:
It was great!!! Make more! Make more!!!!

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Review #6, by mor10sen_luv The Marauders Wreak Havoc

9th December 2004:
I loved it! I liked how they all met, it was funny! but one thing, where's Remus? I think you should make him like having a full moon or something! Happy writing!

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Review #7, by anonymous The Marauders Wreak Havoc

9th November 2003:
this was very funny please update exept i dont like the fact that lily and peter are friends i like it better wen he doesnt like and also please update your otyher fanfic with the maraudes and the sourcerer's stone

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Review #8, by Elaine The Marauders Wreak Havoc

15th August 2003:
Thats very funny,But wheres Rumus?***Puts on sad puppy dog face***

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Review #9, by amanda The Marauders Wreak Havoc

13th August 2003:
That was so coooooooolll. Why haven\'t they met Remus yet.

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Review #10, by forsakenphoenix The Marauders Wreak Havoc

9th August 2003:
Excellent story. I love all stories about the Marauders anyways\'s still excellent. check out my story if you\'d like, pages yet to be written.

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Review #11, by insane werewolf luva The Marauders Wreak Havoc

9th August 2003:
That was very nice...but where the heck is Remus???!!!! *hyperventilates* Sorry, crazed obsession...otherwise, very good

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