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Review #1, by Owlpost68 A Night's Surprise

21st November 2011:
aww, that was so sweet! You integrated the song really well too, since their all seventeen lol :) Her and Lorcan are really cute together, so are Rose and Scorpius, great job!

Author's Response: Awww thank you so very much for your sweet review! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #2, by Lemonpeeps A Night's Surprise

6th September 2011:
Awww, really cute ending. I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to come around and read though my long list of stories. I've had a boatload of homework.

The flow went really well I really liked the change in the POV although I really didn't notice the first time you did that so I ended up very confused. I don't know if that was just me but yeah. Characterization was really good, I liked the quite Dom . I'm much more of a fan of 'quite Dom' as opposed to 'party Dom' or 'sex monkey Dom' so props to you! The lyrics went really well with the tone and emotion you were portraying! I like it a bunch!!

Happy Writing
Lemonpeeps ox

Author's Response: Thank you! That's okay :D Homework has to come first, I totally understand that one.

I'm glad that you thought the flow went well. I'm sorry that was confusing... I wasn't sure if to do it like that or to mark it and then thought that marking it would hurt the flow... so I figured that doing it this way was best?

She's always portrayed so differently. I like trying to find a different side of the Next Gen characters given so I'm glad that you liked her! Thank you for the wonderful review ^^

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Review #3, by leannemariesnape A Night's Surprise

6th August 2011:
This was a very cute pairing! I'd imagine that this was a hard ship to write, so well done for making it work so well! The backstory of Dom's last relationship was very interesting, and I think that it added a little depth into the story, making it seem more realistic. I thought that it was a really cute moment when they finally kissed, and even though I have only known the characters for a few minutes, I found myself thinking- Finally! As though this had been waiting to happen for a long time. I don't know whether or not it was intentional, but it was a good aspect of the story. I also liked the reference to Sco/Rose.
I noticed a few typo's like: " is here alone and I [i]know[/i] that you like him" and also the sentence: Her soft words however had him smile. I think smile is meant to be smiling.
You say at the begining that this is your first next gen? Well, it's a strong first next gen story.
Leanne (leannemariesnape, Hufflepuff) :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you thought that it worked well... I like to make sure that there's a reason for the characters I'm working on to do things. I'm glad that you thought that it was a cute moment and that it had been waiting to happen for a long time. Thank you for pointing out those typos. Yes, it's my first next gen. Thank you very much for saying that it's strong. ^^

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Review #4, by ilharrypotter A Night's Surprise

31st July 2011:
Very cute! I loved the song that you used, too - even though it was used for another challenge, it really fit well for Dominique and Lorcan. :) I loved it!

Thanks for entering my challenge (right before the deadline, too! Bravo on that) and I'll have the results up within the week.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love the song as well, glad that you thought it fit well with the pairing. Absolute pleasure... yeah the queue timing still throws me off slightly. Thank you for the good challenge ^^

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Review #5, by Blue Flame A Night's Surprise

30th June 2011: I've been meaning to review this! *shifts guiltily* but you know how scatterbrained I get! XD haha.

Another lovely piece, of course, with tidbits that made it unique and different from others. Such as having the two Weasleys be in Ravenclaw-- it's lovely to see someone straying away from the cliches! Lorcan was also a lovable character, and the ending was cute! Especially Rose snogging Scorpius...made my inner shipper for them squee! =P

There was only a tiny error, and that was formatting wise. 'and I [i]know[/i]' has to have instead of the brackets. RPing makes for a habit, doesn't it? =P

All in all, a well done story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you thought that the tidbits made it unique and different. I'm glad that you thought that the ending was cute. I'll definitely go and look at it formatting wise... that manages to confuse me! but yeah... definitely a bit of a habit.

Thank you again! ^^

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Review #6, by firefawn A Night's Surprise

21st June 2011:
Say it with me everyone! AW! Seriously this was a great one shot and it was absolutely awesome to read. It was written beautifully, the words flowed seemlessly, and even though I don't usually like song fics I really did like this one!!! (You know me and music though! lol) I like how you somehow, in just a short one shot, were able to let us know a little bit about each character (like how only two Weasleys are in Ravenclaw and how Lorcan was her best friend) so it makes us actually care about the characters to begin with, and then we enjoy reading it all the more!!! Great work and 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you dude! I'm glad that you thought it was awesome to read and that it flowed well. Also that you liked this one... sometimes I find songfics tedious so I was trying not to make it like that. I'm glad you liked that and thought that I managed to let the people get to know the characters and care about them. Thank you very much dearie! Means a lot ^^

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Review #7, by megan2u A Night's Surprise

18th June 2011:
Here's my 2nd promised review! Another cautionary warning, I normally am not a big fan of song fics, I think the lyrics generally break up the flow of the story, and sometimes just don't go with the story at all.
But, I liked this one. There were a couple spots where the lyrics even added to the story (particularly "And when you get the chance..."). It probably also helps that I'm a big ABBA fan and love NextGen stories.
I liked your different take on Dominique and Rose, who are normally staunch Gryffindors, and never the same age, and normally hate each other (at least in the ones I've read). So your fresh take was interesting and showed a different side to the two characters.
I don't think I've read a NextGen with Lorcan or Lysander featuring prominently in it (mostly because people tend to write them as male Lunas), so I liked that you had him thinking of Nargles, but not being a male clone of his mother.
Some things to watch out for: you used became friends and it should be become. Also I thought the last paragraph (There was Rose, snogging Scorpius...) was a bit awkwardly phrased and didn't do a great job summing up the story and its sentiments.
Overall I liked it though! Good job!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this one! It's wonderful to hear that you thought that sometimes the lyrics even added to the story.

Yeah, I don't know... I mean it's my first try at writing a next Gen story to begin with so I wanted to try and give them my spin. There are other houses apart from Gryffindor you know? I'm glad you thought the fresh take was interesting.

Thank you very much for your input and the review :)

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