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Review #1, by CashMoney Way Back

1st October 2014:
AH! I want this story to be completed! I couldn't put it down! It was very captivating! Please update soon, you're doing a great job!

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Review #2, by Sam Way Back

15th February 2014:
I think that this is a great story but you should update more frequently. Can't wait to see what happens next. :)

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Review #3, by Nicole Swift Romania

30th January 2014:
Charlie is such a Pr*ck. He steals one brother's girl just to show he can and sends a note to rub it in his face that they just had sex. He sleeps with his other brother's wife knocking her up while never seeing or talking to his wife and "son". Gets aggressive when his "son" rightly has no idea who he is. Then he ticked at his family for being there for his son and spending time with them. Hoping you don't try to make him more likable because I can't see having a good excuse for how he is acting. I feel just a little sorry that Hermione tricked him, but that has no bearing on most of how he is acting. If he know Titus is not his I might see him being unavailable. The rest is just horrible.

I am surprised that Hermione would agree to move to Romania with him. after he has ignored her and the baby, and with him sleeping with someone else.

Don't get me wrong and think I am hating the story, I am hooked. Just had to vent about how he is making me feel. Read up to 14, hoping for fast updates.

Author's Response: Just a warning: there will be good Hermione/Charlie scenes in the future, simply for the sake of laying a foundation for the present events. I am so glad you hate him though. That's what I'm going for. And I am certain that by the end you will hate him even more. *maniacal laughter*

As for Hermione agreeing to move to Romania, keep in mind that 80% of her decisions are solely based on keeping appearances and making her son's life as normal as possible.

I am hoping to get the next chapter up as soon as possible. Thank you for reviewing. I love the feedback. Make sure to read and review the next chapters.

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Review #4, by Nicole Swift Way Back

30th January 2014:
I really liked this chapter. You did a convincing job showing in the background of the book this could have happened. I like when George is sitting across from Fred and Ron, and he can see how they feel but they themselves don't know.

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Review #5, by The Ghost Of His Last Laugh Way Back

29th January 2014:
To be honest, this chapter just did not hold my attention. All the segues into different times were too much and it really didn't need to be in all italics, since you specifically said it was in the past at the beginning. I think you should try using transitions instead of the line breaks. Line breaks are ok every once in a while, but not every paragraph. I like the story, but this chapter just didn't do it for me.

Author's Response: I didn't transition the sections because they are not transitional events. The events are all independent of each other and take place throughout the third and fourth books, with JKR's canon work intended to be in between. The entire chapter is in italics because it is a memory. That is my style. That is how I separate the past from the present: italics, whether or not I mention the time frame in my AN. I like to keep my consistency. Not all readers actually read the author's note. I know I don't always read it on other stories. I'm sorry that this chapter didn't hold your attention. However it is extremely important to the story seeing as it is the foundation for the ENTIRE story. This is in fact the most important chapter thus far. Maybe this just isn't the story for you. Have a nice day. DahliasQuill

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Review #6, by The Ghost of His Last Laugh Fleur's Secret

29th January 2014:
Ah! I can't even handle this! You're even better at writing the mature scenes than the ordinary stuff. Great chapter, it is a lot better than the previous ones.

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #7, by Tris  Way Back

28th January 2014:
I love how you worked in real moments from the book, and moments that really could have, happened between scenes of the book. I can only hope you will do more moments like these! I am loving this story!

Author's Response: I can guarantee that there will be at least one more chapter like this. I am so glad you liked it. I am hoping to have a new chapter up sooner than this last time so make sure to keep reading and reviewing. Love Always, DahliasQuill

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Review #8, by The Ghost Of His Last Laugh Help

28th January 2014:
Hey, just letting you know, you're a little inconsistent with the spelling of 'Mione. Other than that, I think it's an okay story so far. :) The chapters are a little short, as well.

Author's Response: Keep reading.. The chapters get longer.

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Review #9, by Tris  Romania

27th January 2014:
I am loving this story. I am interested in the George/hermione/Charlie/fleur/bill dynamic. I am interested to see where it goes. I love the baby's name, and am enjoying a refreshing twist on the typical HPFF story. Write quickly because I cannot wait to see how all the drama ends up.

Author's Response: I am so glad you are enjoying my story:) and you're in luck! The next chapter is currently in the que. Make sure to leave a review and let me know what you think when you read it.
Love Always, DahliasQuill

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Review #10, by Voldy Needs a Hug Promises

13th August 2013:
It's Voldy Needs a Hug here with your (very late) review.

Coming from a creativity standpoint, this story is certainly original. You've certainly deviated from many of the cliches here on the archives, which helps to keep readers' attentions.

I have to admit, the Lethifold gave me goosebumps while I was reading. It seems like a rather gruesome creature. However, I would have liked to read more information about the Lethifold, having no previous background information on the creature. It also would have been helpful if a more detailed description was provided of Ginny's affliction and eventual cure. That portion of the chapter was a bit vague.

Your characterization was good, although a few of the characters seemed a bit flat, especially Ron, Harry, and Luna. Despite appearances from all three characters in the Harry Potter series, it is still necessary to gradually introduce their traits and personality quirks. This allows readers to connect with these characters. Perhaps these characters will continue to develop in later chapters.

You certainly left readers in suspense, choosing to keep Titus' father a secret. You did an excellent job of hinting that his father was a Weasley without revealing his true identity.

In your request, you mentioned that you were concerned about foreshadowing. It's a bit challenging to comment on that at the moment because this chapter was on the shorter side. Additionally, having not read the upcoming chapters, I cannot identify sentences that hint of the events to come.

Overall, I enjoyed this chapter and hope to continue reading at some point. Wonderful job!

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Review #11, by M.Ruth Romania

28th July 2013:
Very interested to see where this is going! Not my usual type of fanfic, but I'm enjoying it. I like when authors use pliable characters (like Charlie) who were flat in the series, so easy to mold into what you need for your own story.

Author's Response: Thank you. This generally isn't my kind of read either but I am enjoying writing it. A new chapter shall be up fairly soon. Please continue to read and let me know what you think. Thank you, DahliasQuill

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Review #12, by Bridget Slater Romania

26th July 2013:
Hi I am really enjoying your piece. You are certainly getting better as you go along. Just one thing, they wouldn't have been asked for ID in the UK or if they would have been they wouldn't have needed fake ones, because they would have been over 18 in the UK.

Author's Response: Try do need fake IDs not because they are underage but because they are wizards and not British Citizens in the muggle world. And seeing as this is not based in current day they would have been asked for IDs in the 1999's according to my research.

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Review #13, by Mrs Felton Romania

25th July 2013:
I hear angels sing when I saw this new chapter was up :) can't wait for the next chapter ...which is coming soon;) ? Haha can't wait to see Charlie's reaction and the others on her decision to move!
I'm actually curious if Hermione will bring up her frustrations with Charlie more too..I was also surprised that she agreed so quickly too

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed this chapter! Keep in mind that she had been drinking when she made the snap decision to go. Wait and see for all the reactions. I am hoping to have the next chapter finished soon but we will see what happens with life and all. I don't think you'll be expecting what is in this next chapter but I'm hoping you enjoy it nonetheless.
Thank you for being such a loyal reader and reviewer. I absolutely love reading your feedback.
Love Always, DahliasQuill

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Review #14, by Mrs Felton Seal the Deal

19th July 2013:
I'm waiting anxiously for the next chapter!! Is it coming soon?

Author's Response: It is currently waiting to be validated. Yay!! I'm so gla you're following my story! I hope you enjoy the next chapter:)

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Review #15, by Mrs Felton Seal the Deal

27th June 2013:
New chapter coming soon? Please?:)

Author's Response: I will post the next chapter in the next few days. I promise!

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Review #16, by ... Seal the Deal

20th May 2013:
Ppplllease update :)

Author's Response: An update is right around the corner! yay!

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Review #17, by LuthienCelebrindal Seal the Deal

27th April 2013:
Love love love this story! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: It is coming very very soon. I promise!

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Review #18, by Dilynn Lupin Seal the Deal

20th April 2013:
UPDATE! Please?! Your story is amazing but I hate the fact that you killed off Fred, and Charlie is such a dick! I hope Hermione and Fleur can patch things up, I liked their friendship, I really do luv your story so PLEASE update!!!

Author's Response: Technically I didn't kill off Fred, JKR did. My story is cannon and will end cannon.

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Review #19, by mrs felton Seal the Deal

9th April 2013:
Please continue!! Cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: An update is coming very very soon!

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Review #20, by Ashley Seal the Deal

4th March 2013:
well what happens now

Author's Response: An update with your answer is coming very very soon.

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Review #21, by Mad4Gred Seal the Deal

26th February 2013:
is it weird i want her with George?

Author's Response: Not at all. It would be weird however if I put her with George. That would be 4/6 of the Weasley brothers and that is a little too much philandering for little Hermione.

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Review #22, by dracomons3ter10 Seal the Deal

13th February 2013:
plz update =] i love this story

Author's Response: An update is coming very very soon. I promise

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Review #23, by SadlyDisappointed Seal the Deal

8th February 2013:
Quite disappointed. You are a great writer, but perhaps you could write something more positive? While I was reading the story I only got sad and depressed. So much hurt, lies, and deceit. -.-

Author's Response: Sadly, positive is not my style. I you want a happy story with a happy ending this is not the story for you, because it is neither. I am sorry you do not understand the true value of tragedies, but I am not sorry you do not enjoy my story. Good day to you.

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Review #24, by Julia Connections

8th February 2013:
completely obsessed with this!!! love the drama.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it. Feel free to read on!

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Review #25, by Enebhdud Seal the Deal

6th February 2013:
Haha so was that rabbit or duck piece suppose to be a himym reference or do I just think of everything in relation to himym :)

Author's Response: It actually wasn't but it could be. It relates.

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