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Review #1, by Vopi A Revolution

11th July 2017:
It is awesome to read your story. I love it:)

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Review #2, by throd555 Albus Dumbledore

21st April 2015:
More please! It's a good read.

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Review #3, by Brandon Albus Dumbledore

14th April 2014:
Please keep writing. I read this story in the past and I loved every bit of it and I cant wait for the next update

Author's Response: I am still writing! I am just rewriting the whole of what I already have and then adding on. Patience, please!

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Review #4, by Kyle Albus Dumbledore

9th January 2014:
Don't give up! This is a good story!! You're a good writer, with a good premise. Keep it up; be encouraged!

Author's Response: Never fear, I have not given up, nor have I abandoned the story! I am in the process of rewriting.

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Review #5, by DUMBELDAVE Albus Dumbledore

18th August 2013:
Wow never heard harry talk like this about DD as much ,
i like it !!

Great story so far

Author's Response: I felt like there was a lot of uncovered ground with Dumbledore. If he had messed with my life as much as he messed with Harry's, I would be pretty mad. So it was pretty hard for me to believe that Harry could just let it go. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Renee The Queen's Law

31st July 2013:
... This is probably one of the best fanfics I've read. All the characters and there portrayals of them are perfect

Author's Response: I'm so flattered to hear you say so! Wow, what a compliment. Thanks for reading.

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Review #7, by DUMBELDAVE A Revolution

4th June 2013:
Loved this chapter PLEASE update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. It is so gratifying to see that my work is well received. Thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #8, by DUMBELDAVE The Queen's Law

4th June 2013:
Ummm i sure hope so . . .

Author's Response: Sounds like you aren't too sure about the Muggle government taking control. It sure is a big change. Thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by KFox A Revolution

3rd June 2013:
When's the next chapter?
Looking forward to it!

Author's Response: Should be up soon! (Hopefully. But you know, school and life gets in the way...) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by HPManiacs A Revolution

26th May 2013:
Good story! Please update soon!

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Review #11, by KFox A Revolution

24th May 2013:
Hey, so I have really enjoyed this story so far. I've read since the beginning. I keep it as one of my bookmarks and check back quite often to see if you've written another chapter! By the way, don't get too down on yourself for getting busy and not being able to write a chapter for a while. Or for not getting reviews sometimes. This is a really good story and I think we (readers) just don't want you to pull an AWOL and leave the story completely. As long as you always come back to it when you DO have free time, and finish it at some point, I personally would be completely satisfied.

Anyway; I've been searching for post-Series stories for a long time, because I find it really interesting to see other people's takes on what would happen to Harry & co. after the end of the books, and especially in the "Nineteen Years" that are untold until the Epilogue. And yours is one of the best I've seen!! For anyone looking for post-Series stories, I also really enjoyed Cambangst's "Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood" and Sophie Hatter's "Evolution", so go check those out if you get a chance!

As for this particular chapter: I like how Umbridge's trial was told in some amount of good detail. I like that it was long and not too-quickly done. What I like about your story as a whole is that it covers "all bases". Meaning, chapter by chapter, it handles all left-over and hinted-at storylines from the original books. I like that! I would suggest, humbly, that maybe you should write up Harry, Ron, and Hermione as getting ANGRY in future trials. I think that would be powerful and give them a chance to really express the weight of what they endured in the past few years against the Death Eaters on trial. One other thing: please keep making a big effort to keep the characters real & accurate! If there's anything I love about a story, especially Harry Potter, it's when characters are believable, consistent, and REAL!

Thanks. Hope you appreciated this uber-long review! With thanks, Kyle.

Author's Response: Thanks for such a long review! It is so wonderful to hear what my readers think.

I am so flattered that you like my story enough to go back and check on it every so often. And I'm glad that you understand how life gets in the way - so many other readers don't seem to get it.

You certainly have an interesting idea of Ron, Hermione, and Harry getting angry in future trials. I think the idea has some merit, and my beta and I will certainly explore it.

Thanks for such a fantastic review!


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Review #12, by casey A Revolution

17th May 2013:
im really liking your story so far and looking forward to the following chapters.

Author's Response: Thanks for saying so! I really appreciate it.

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Review #13, by Katie A House Transformed

19th April 2013:
Don't worry I love decorating to but the mirror in kreaturs room is a little strange

Author's Response: Why is it strange? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Katie Mrs. Weasley

19th April 2013:
Mrs Weasly bit was good so don't worry the story so at is good just wanna see what happens next

So just few typos and r u British or American because some of the tenses and expression are confusing but that might be translation ( if you get what I mean )

Keep on with the story please and don't take what I'm saying as mean it was supposed to be constructive :)

Author's Response: I am American. I will look it over and see if I can change a few things. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Richelle The Hooded Man in Black

12th March 2013:
This is probably my favorite HP fan-fiction. You're a good writer! The story line fallows the original very well. I cant wait to read the rest! :)
Oh and this sentence is kind of confusing. It's a run on and you use a moment way to much. "A moment later his trunk was shoved up beside him and in the next moment later his trunk was shoved up beside him and in the next moment the Aurors slammed the door shut."

Author's Response: I will change that. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

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Review #16, by Apeksha Voldemort's Sendoff

12th March 2013:
Amazing !! truly great. You r doing a fantastic job continuing the story were it was left in the original novel... Wow..

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the huge compliment!

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Review #17, by tubicans A House Transformed

12th February 2013:
I LOVED the decorating. i always do in any book, it might just be me.

but my only concern is what happened to all the stuff? just curiosity asking what happened to it?

Author's Response: I mentioned that everything that wasn't magical or dark was donated to a muggle second hand store. Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #18, by tubicans It's Not Over

12th February 2013:
you need a humorous relief. the books had fred and goerge or Ron. you need someone able to make a joke about getting an ear blown off! and what happened to goerge? he was bigger in the books and now he's almost gone. i do like this chapter though. not all perfect which is perfect, if that makes sense. THANKS FOR WRITING!!!

Author's Response: That is really something I had not considered, and I will definitely look into it. Thanks for the comments, and I am in the process of rewriting the first half of my story and will keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks for the comment!

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Review #19, by tubicans Padfoot

12th February 2013:
i always thought molly would ask harry to call her mom and dad, not molly and Arthur.

anyways, these are awesome and entertaining and awesome!

i always imagine harry getting a dog like snuffles!

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Review #20, by tubicans Gringotts

12th February 2013:
it says on lily's letter "your mother's jewels" wouldnt it just say "my jewels"?

i know thats barely anything

and also, in the first book i thought he inherited the family fortune?

and just curiosity, what happens to the lestranges money and other death-eaters money?

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Review #21, by tubicans Goodbye for the Last Time

12th February 2013:
harry's speech to Goerge: it jusst doesnt sound natural, if that makes sense. Harry usually deals with things like this by getting shouting if u look at the books. he doesnt do with the calm speech sorta thing. but goerge pnching him, that i think would have happened.

but it really good! PLEASE KEEP WRITING!

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Review #22, by tubicans Mrs. Weasley

12th February 2013:
I thought you did a very good job with Ms. Weasly, however the 5th book is skipped out of that part. Also, you might want to mention how she thinks Harry saved half the family (Arthur, Ron, Ginny) and is grateful.

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Review #23, by mugglemama Mrs. Weasley

11th February 2013:
You're doing great.love it

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Review #24, by Amy Goodbye for the Last Time

29th January 2013:
Your writing is amazing. The last paragraph honestly brought me to tears

Author's Response: I'm glad to here that I am reaching out to people. Thanks!

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Review #25, by NewForever The Hooded Man in Black

27th January 2013:
Great story! I like the length of the chapters and can't wait for a new chapter. :D Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thanks for saying so, and responding!

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