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Review #1, by JenniTheSquib I gave you all

7th December 2011:
I had to read this because I LOVE Mumford & Sons (and this song is one of my favorites - along with all their other songs) and I liked this story, too! It's interesting how Rose is using him like that, and it fits with the lyrics perfectly. Well done! Very good one-shot songfic :)

Author's Response: Oh I know, they're just amazing aren't they? Love them. I'm really glad you liked the story too, thanks for the review! :)

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Review #2, by ChaosWalking. I gave you all

6th June 2011:
Okay. Erm. Wow. WOW!

I haven't been on this site for a while ( I haven't been obsessively checking your stories ) mostly because life has gotten really busy all of a sudden. But then I come on today and see this and can't help but review.

This was amazing - and I'm not just saying that.

Although I loved "Delicate" by erm... I've forgotten , I'm not a massive fan of Rose/Scorpius. I think its mostly because I really, really don't like Rose. Don't ask why, because I have no idea. ( I do love Scorp though, along with the majority of the Malfoys) But seeing as *you* wrote this how could I not have given it a go.

This is exactly how I would think Rose and Scorpius would come about. Not because they were madly in love or from a one night stand or anything outrageous like that but simply because they wanted to rebel against something. Namely her parents.

However that is something that confused me about this piece. I get the fact that Rose wanted to go against something, change something, but all you said about it was "She wants the oppressed to rise, the tables to be turned, society to shudder and shake." which seems a bit vague. Maybe you could add a little more detail to that? Or maybe you wanted it to be that way all mysterious and what not.

I loved your characterisations. Especially Scorp. I felt so bad for him and just wanted to get in there and give him a hug and a massive pep talk. This is a huge thing by the way-- I'm not a hug person. And although you made me hate Rose and wish she would die a horrible painful death she was a solid character. I always imagined Rose this way-manipulative, deranged, spoilt, always gets what she wants, control freak, cold, distant... The list goes on with some not so nice vocabulary. She seems like the type of person to always have a back up plan. Nott was just that wasn't he, a back ip plan incase Scorpius got to out of control.

In a way I think that Rose knew how it would end but hoped for the best anyways. She laid down the laws and boundaries and gave him a taste of what he always wanted and told him he can't have it (this is where I would usually come up with a clever analogy or metaphor but I'm feeling far too lazy) while I hate Rose, I *really* don't want to so I'm going to delude myself and think that she did have some sort of feelings for Scorpius not the ones for a brother, friend or pet -- as he so eloquently put it, although she sure does treat him like a pet -- but proper love like what Scorpius feels for her just to a lesser degree. Rose is just very good at hiding her feeling. She reserved the voice, the laugh, the thoughts just for him and she was obviously a lot less happy with Nott. First Rose/Nott story I've ever see by the way.

This was very well written as usual but I do have a couple of comments that are really just me nitpicking:the term "silky lie" didn't
sit right with me it doesn't go with the flow with the rest of the piece maybe you could use another adjective something like silken would sound better or maybe you could use delicate, tender, exquisite, delicious or something to that affect.
I also didn't like "fragile, false and frigid" I would suggest switching fragile and frigid around, it, again, just sound better.

Overall though this was pretty good. I might venture out into the world of ScoRose just for other stories like this. Any recommendations?

- ChaosWalking.

P.S: I've just looked back at it and this a monster of an review. I've just rambled on a bit haven't I? Oh well, I'll post it anyway

Author's Response: You know I actually love you, right? In a reviewer-y sense, obviously, nothing dodgy xD Honestly though, when I saw your name next to this review, without even having read the review itself, I was just like squeee! And aww for the busy life, I hope it was busy in a good way not a stressful way :)

Ahh well I half agree, half disagree with you there. Delicate (which is by padfoot4ever, by the way) is definitely one of my favourite stories on the site, and I've read quite a bit of Scorose because it was my first favourite ship. I'm not so into it now, because yes, Rose can be VERY annoying, but I love Scorp more than is probably appropriate. My obsession is getting worrying...

Yay I'm really glad you liked the idea! I just wanted to try and approach it from a different angle. Ah, well -is embarrassed- that's one of the bits I wrote rather hastily xP I wanted a clever, poetic-ish way to say that Rose doesn't like how the descendants of Death Eaters are treated (Scorpius, Nott et al), and wanted to make a statement against it. I'll work on that bit, never fear.

Ohh I'm really glad you liked Scorpius! I often write him a bit like this - I very, very rarely write nasty Scorpiuses (Scorpii?), I love him too much. Sweet, well-meaning, misunderstood Scorpiuses are more my thing. Awww go right ahead and hug him, he really needs one, poor guy :( I rather like to imagine Rose that way too, rather than as little miss perfect, and here yes, Nott pretty much was her backup plan. What matters most to her is the bigger picture, the point she's trying to make, and if Scorpius isn't willing to go along with it any longer then he is less important to her than her aims.

I think that both of them should have realised nothing good could come of it but neither of them did - Scorpius because he just wanted to be with Rose more than anything, and Rose because she was so determined, and also because she deluded herself into thinking she and Scorpius were on the same page, that they both still felt it was a pretence and not a real relationship.

Haha I'm not sure where Rose/Nott really came from. Jacob Nott is a random OC (Theodore Nott's son, obviously) who I usually throw in there to make up numbers in next gen stories, but here I thought I'd give him a semi-starring role x) As for how happy they are... Scorpius obviously assumes Rose and Nott are happy because they're going to get married, something he knows Rose would never have considered with him, and as it's his POV, that's the impression I've given. But... meh, I don't really know what I think about it - oh, um, I mean, I left it intentionally ambiguous as a stylistic decision in order to allow the reader the form their own conclusions. Or something like that.

Oh don't worry I love your suggestions - I almost always agree with them! I've replaced 'silky' with 'tender' and 'fragile' and 'frigid' have been swapped. Thanks!

Oooh I have plenty, I'll try not to get carried away. The sequel to 'Delicate', 'Still Delicate', is just as brilliant and hilarious as the first one; for angsty Scorose and amazing writing, try 'Star Light, Star Bright' by shenanigan; and for a clever take on cliches and a very exciting and enjoyable read, go for 'Broken' by MajiKat. Honestly, they should pay me for this free advertising they're getting! xD

Wow, no need to apologise, monster reviews are the best kind! This is quite a monster of a reply actually, probably the longest one I've ever written. As always, I really, really appreciate the review - your reviews are pretty much TheBestThingEver, you know that? Thanks again, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! :)

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Review #3, by charlie_padfoot I gave you all

6th June 2011:
Brilliant song, brilliant writing, just brilliant all in all :)

Author's Response: Yay, thanks so much! You clearly have an excellent taste in music as well, Mumford & Sons = love. Thanks for reading!

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