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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn Staring

9th April 2017:
Hello! I really must, one of these days, find myself a friend who doesn't like jail quite as much as Paula here...

..but the benefit of it, I suppose, is I get to review another one of your beautifully-written stories. Yay!

Second-person narrative really works so well for this story. It begins with a slightly creepy start - "he's staring at you again" - and I wonder, where is this story going to go? Is this going to be a dark, or funny or light-hearted fluffy tale? I'm guessing the latter, despite the intensity of the gaze increasing and the protagonist intoning that this is a bit disturbing.

Ahhh! It must be a James-Lily story! James Potter is staring at someone, and we all know he only had eyes for one person, a certain Lily Evans. Unsurprisingly, his staring leads to a bit of an exchange between himself and Lily, with the latter getting a little heated. I'm not surprised; James Potter's attitude in this to begin with would earn him a slap from many!

Freckles in the oddest places?! I must admit, when I first read that I did wonder what on earth he meant and how he knew *extinguishes creepy thoughts* but then it's made clear he means odd places on her face. Which is quite a cute thing to notice.

Ahhh, she's perfect with her clothes on?! I think I know where these two are going to be heading eventually...

What an adorable, fluffy one-shot! Thanks so much for the lovely read :)

Brax X

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Staring

9th April 2017:
HELLO LOVELY! Iím here for CTF at HPFT. Obviously the Claws have to win. ;) You know how these things go.

I always love second perspective stories because I hardly ever see them and when I do theyíre always done really well.

I feel very confident that the fact that his stare is so unnerving is that her newfound feelings are amplifying everything he does. Oh to be young and in love.

Lol bless his soul for at least having the decency to blush a bit. Despite his words. and also she's adorable with the whole mushed up words as she has to say that it's a bit too much for her and that he's thinking...unholy things as you put it.

Well at least he tries not to. That's the best anyone can hope for. Although it is funny when later on she tries to rationalize it. Like maybe itís not the worst thing that could happen. Although his explanation for why he doesnít is also next level cuteness.

Sweet baby James is literally the most romantic creature on earth. What with his description of her. It'd turn anyone as red as her hair.

Although to be fair intense looks always creep me out. I donít think Iím made for this kind of love. Iíd probably poke his eye to prevent that kind of meaningful look.

I like the end where itís definitely a play on the traditional James/Lily cat and mouse game thatís always the cutest.


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Review #3, by Your Purple Pygmy Puff Staring

21st August 2016:
Hello, my sweet owner!
Happy birthday!!! :D

Ah, there are still a few one shots I haven't reviewed yet! That makes me happy! (Sorry I've been away from here for so long...)

So cute! (And here I am, repeating myself again... not my fault if everything you write is so adorable! Just like you, dear Katie! *hug* *wub*)

Loved James! He's the most adorable boy ever! Lily is just so lucky, even if she doesn't know it yet...

And Lily's uneasiness at being stared at is so adorable too! It's clear that she's starting to have feelings for him... and well, James' answers to her accusations are just so wonderful. I could totally picture the whole scene. You have their characters so perfectly!

You cut him off, "Did you admire my ears too?"
"No," he smiles, "I did that yesterday."

Had to pull this one out because it made me laugh so hard! :P

And aww, that kiss on the cheek... so cute!!! I know, I get emotional on nothing... but that's what Pygmy Puffs do, can you really blame me?

Everything about this was just so cute and sweet and adorable! It was so lovely to read! I definitely need to read more of your stuff, I've been such a horrible pet recently... :(

Happy, happy birthday again, love! Hope you had/are having a wonderful day!

Guess I'll go take a quick nap on your pillow now... ;)

All the Pygmy Puff's cuddles, as always!
Chiara aka Your Purple Pygmy Puff

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Review #4, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Staring

19th July 2015:
Hey again!

House Cup Review 2015 - Gryffindor

Yeah I came back for more of your Lily and James goodness.

So a bit different here, this is before they're together. Lily is clearly falling for him though which is why she finds him staring so intensely so bothering. James was funny, I think I believe him about the staring, some of the time. The details he noticed about her are so sweet. Right down to her freckles. He's definitely right that noone looks at her as much as he must do.

I'm glad you let Lily give him a little bit of hope at the end. It definitely made me happy to see the beginnings of them possibly getting together. James is James though he won't give up. I have faith.

Another awesome one shot!


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Review #5, by randomwriter Staring

19th July 2015:
Gryffindor for House Cup 2015!

Hey Katie, toldya I'd be back son!

This was a bit fluffier than everything of your I've read so far, not that I'm complaining, of course! But I do prefer the other ones, I think. Maybe it's my mood. Those were a bit more lighthearted. That being said, I'm falling deeper in love with your characters. One thing I've noticed is that you tend to centre the focus of your story on just the primary characters, and I think that works extremely well for you. Your characterisation is one of your stronger suites, and so when you focus on just a couple of people, it completely shines through.

Your descriptions in this are fantastic. I could feel Lily's anger, her blushing, her feeling won over... and those lines. I would have fallen for then even if I didn't know James! But we all know how much he loves Lily, so it's okay :p But yes, the stuff he says to her are really sweet and intense. You've won both dialogue and description here!

I think this is my favourite in terms of writing. It really showcases how you can balance a multitude of writing styles really well. It's very easy to read despite how strong the emotions are, and that's something I always fail at so, erm. TEACH ME YOUR SKILLS WILL YOU?

All the gushing aside, I really enjoyed this fic. And I've changed my mind about preferring your other stories to it. It's all the same. Lovely work! :)

Author's Response: Yay! I like having you around :)

Thank you for pointing out that bit about using a few characters. It's definitely something I've noticed in my writing, but I always thought it was a bit more of a weakness than anything. I'm glad it works here, at least!

Ahh! And thank you for the compliment about my writing!

This whole review is making me smile so hard. I'm blushing a little.

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Review #6, by LastMinuteLuna Staring

5th June 2015:
Hello! Hello!

I'm LastMinuteLuna and I'm dropping by to leave you a review for the Pass It Along Challenge! I know. I know, I'm already late, but they don't call me LastMinuteLuna for nothing!

But enough about me. Let's talk about your fabulous story!

I thought this was a really sweet little story and shows us why Lily might've fallen for James. In cannon we only ever see the jerk side of him so it's nice to see a tender moment here. I could really tell how sincere he was being even if Lily couldn't!

The way James described her was so lovely. I think I might melt into a puddle myself if a man described me like that. It even seems to take a bit of edge off of her dislike of him. You did a very good job with that.

This was short, but I thought you did a good job of conveying a lot. I imagine that Lily gave into James' charm shortly after this.

Uh oh! Times up. I have to run. I've got a few more reviews to leave and I'm already late! Thanks for such a sweet story!


Author's Response: Ah, thank you thank you!

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Review #7, by wolfgirl17 Staring

22nd March 2015:

I'm here from the Puff review thread and let me just say that this fic is positively delightful. I love this depiction of the moment when Lily begins to see that maybe it's not such a bad thing to have James fancying her. The way you describe the entire scene is very realistic, and I especially like that you did so via 2nd person. You did it in such a way that even using 2nd person you managed to make it utterly flawless and not at all awkward, a very rare feat indeed.

Keep up the excellent work! You're writing is absolutely wonderful. I couldn't stop grinning through this whole piece!

xx-Ellie (wolfgirl)

Author's Response: Hi Ellie!

Thank you so much for stopping by! 2nd person is my absolute favorite perspective, I love to play around with it! I'm glad it came out well! Always a risk with 2nd person :)

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Review #8, by xtinjsc Staring

9th August 2011:
Too cute! :) I think the second person point of view added a whole new twist and dimension to this fic. I enjoyed James Potter's freakish attention to detail. That bit about him noticing Lily's freckles was slightly unusual, but I did see how it could be sweet and cute. Teehee.

I liked how the banter and the little flirting was written. I though Lily and James both know how to rile each other up and that was really cute and fluffy in so many levels. Overall, this was a quick, fun and enjoyable read for me! :)

xtinjsc (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by dancechik15 Staring

22nd June 2011:
Aww that was cute :) I like the second person view- very different! I always pictured james/lily a lot like ron/hermiione and I think you really got that in this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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