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Review #1, by Rajvi Chapter 4: Longing The Warmth

4th June 2012:
The fact that something said by Luna hurt Draco depicts so much...

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Review #2, by Jass Chapter 4: Longing The Warmth

13th January 2012:
It is really good!
Will there be more?

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Review #3, by Denise Chapter 4: Longing The Warmth

10th December 2011:
Wow really good!!Please keep writing i want a love triangle between luna,harry and draco!!:D

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Review #4, by sleepyseverus Chapter 4: Longing The Warmth

17th November 2011:
oooh you tell him luna :L

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Review #5, by Charmedcat Chapter 1: The Encounter

4th November 2011:
Aww, I love how you portray Luna and her emotions! =) Just a small note: be sure to stay in the same tense (past, present, etc). Some words are switching back and forth, but otherwise, great job!

Author's Response: Thank you for that note! I'll check on that and keep that in mind. :) Thank you! :))

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Review #6, by Dramionedrunadrinny Chapter 4: Longing The Warmth

24th October 2011:
Woah. that was really good. please update soon, i want it to get to the Druna parts.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review :). The Druna part is almost there :)

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Review #7, by Anonymous Chapter 2: Sorries May Seem Hard to Accept

24th September 2011:
This chapter, was well... okay.

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Review #8, by SleepySeverus Chapter 3: Planning the Perfect Sorry

19th September 2011:
awww thats sweeet :)

Author's Response: Thank you SleepySeverus! :D

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Review #9, by SleepySeverus Chapter 1: The Encounter

19th September 2011:
you know when you just start a new fanfiction and your not quite commited to it yet, but then something happens and you get yourself comfy cos you gonna be reading a while :L yes that story has that certain pizaz as they say :)

Author's Response: Thank you SleepySeverus for this! You're inspiring me to do my best. Thank you! :D

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Review #10, by Person Chapter 3: Planning the Perfect Sorry

17th September 2011:
Lovely. Lovely. Looney. Looney. Clever way to apologize, please show Draco/Luna soon! Here have some Kudos!

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Review #11, by Person Chapter 2: Sorries May Seem Hard to Accept

10th September 2011:
Hm. I liked your other chapter better, but still, very well written and believable! Keep writing!

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Review #12, by LooneyLuna Chapter 2: Sorries May Seem Hard to Accept

7th September 2011:
keep going!! i want to know what happens between draco and luna!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Just read the next chapters I'll soon be posting to know more. :))

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Review #13, by Person Chapter 1: The Encounter

18th August 2011:
Aw! This was realy well written. I think I should say somthing else but I don't have anything to say exept I feel a tear coming on.
P.S. Please don't make Luna some crazy crying LUNAtic please.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. Don't worry, I won't make Luna a Lunatic. :D Please tune in on the next chapter I'll be posting.

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Review #14, by Jille Chapter 1: The Encounter

17th August 2011:
Really liked it. It was fun seeing Luna int a different light, not being calm, for once.

Author's Response: Thank you Jille for the review! :D

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Review #15, by Briana Chapter 1: The Encounter

17th August 2011:
Poor Luna..I think my heart broke..I hope her and Draco will have a better "meeting"..awe.. saddest things I believe something like this could be going on with Luna. Your a talented author. ^.^ I like this a lot. I kinda hope you lean toward Draco and Luna because there my favorite non-cannon ship but either way I think I'm going to be loving this story.

Author's Response: Thank you Briana for this wonderful review. You just have to read the next chapters of the story to know more. :)

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