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Review #1, by peace2lovepotter My Last Thoughts

1st September 2011:
Hi! Here I am with my review! This appealed to me, like you said, so I decided to try it!

Bellatrix seems like a very difficult character to write a POV from, and this is a very good attempt at it.

I loved the detail in it, how the few extra words made her seem so much more believable, for example 'mudblood' and 'snarling.'

My favourite part had to be the last when Bellatrix wishes she had been a better older sister. 'My last thought was that of how sorry I was for being a terrible older sister and wishing that Andromeda were here.' For once I actually felt sorry for the women who caused so much pain to so many people, Bellatrix Lestrange.

Overall, I really liked this! This was a really good one shot. Love Livvy x :)

Author's Response: I haven't written very many first person stories and I have decided I like first person so much more. You can add more detail and make it more in depth. I'm glad I did a good job with Bellatrix and the detail!

Whoah, that makes me happy! That was one of my goals when writing this one-shot. I have always felt some sympathy for her because quite frankly, her life sucked.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Its Obvious My Last Thoughts

29th June 2011:
I really liked it, it was so cool, never thought of it that way before!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D

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Review #3, by TheGoldenKneazle My Last Thoughts

27th June 2011:
Hi there! I have to say... WOAH. Just...woah. The way you did this, Bellatrix's last moments are so fast and so charged with energy. I love how you showed her crazy ups and downs through the events leading up to her death, and her perspective on it all. Her little hints (eg. with Rodolphus) are really great, interesting details too that add loads to this richly-woven character. Her last moments were so frenzied, and it really gave us a shot of exactly what Bellatrix was like. I loved her very last thought too, because it was so honest and pure, very unlike Bella normally... but in this context it just seemed so right.

The winners will be announced for this at a later date, once they're all in and read :)

Author's Response: I just want to thank you for putting up this challenge! It really got me to think about Bellatrix and what really went through her mind. She's my fav character to write and I'm pleased you think I did a good job!

I'm waiting with bated breath!

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Review #4, by xSiennaLovegoodx My Last Thoughts

22nd June 2011:
This is a GREAT idea.. I like the remorse at the end ;) haha, nice fic, 10/10. x

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #5, by v0ldiemort My Last Thoughts

19th June 2011:
It was a bit out of character for Bellatrix canon. But the writing was convincing enough to let me believe that maybe these things actually happened. I enjoyed it :)

Author's Response: Whoah. That's awesome! I feel so accomplished!

Thank you! :D

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Review #6, by Levana My Last Thoughts

19th June 2011:
Wow i just loved this! :)

Author's Response: First review!!

Thank you!

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