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Review #1, by shapeshifter98 Friend's?

20th December 2011:
Oh dear. another 641 words of disaster. You must stop with the excessive apostrophes, awful grammar, and the atrocious amount of misplaced punctuation marks.

"5 witch's shared" enough with the apostrophe usage.

"I hurt my hip excessively bad" What a horrendous sounding sentence.

"Part of me wanted to slap the hand away and spit at her or do something vile." Why, Hermione didn't do anything wrong. Quit being so dramatic over something so trivial.

"Your Veronica...correct?" Her Veronica? What is this 'Veronica' and who does it belong to? Can you buy a 'Veronica' at a mall?

"The short,black,shiny hair and the huge,bright, green eyes were facing me." ENOUGH WITH THE COMMAS.

"Well i'm glad your joining us" ...There are SO MANY things wrong with this sentence.
Well should have a comma after it, the one comma you managed to miss. i'm should have a capital 'I'. thought anyone would know that.
her 'joining us'? Again, what is this 'joining us'? Can they be found in the same place as a 'Veronica'?
Also, you forgot to add a period after us.

I repeat myself when saying that this story is halfway to 'My Immortal' and I seriously cannot understand how any of these chapters were validated. The failing grammar and spelling DID give me quite a laugh, though. Other than the disastrous grammar, your story lacks a plot, a grabber, or a good OC. Veronica is a Mary-Sue and a whiny, judgemental brat who is high-browed towards the three greatest Hogwarts students of all time.

If I haven't made myself clear, QUIT WRITING OR LEARN HOW TO.

/end rant

Oh yeah, 1/10

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Review #2, by fanta The Worst Reason Ever.

7th July 2011:
Good !!
You did it very WELL, I like you story.

Please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks,your the first nice review I've ever got and,honestly,because of you,I'm gonna keep writing :)

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Review #3, by shapeshifter98 Do we have a problem?

3rd July 2011:
whoa. learn how to spell Hogwarts and Dumbledore. also, this is like a bratty Mary-Sue version of 'My Immortal' by Tara Gilesbie. 3/10

consider this a flame


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