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Review #1, by RavenClawGirl11 Rosy Regrets

12th January 2013:
Please, please, please do a sequel

Author's Response: Thank you for the reviews :) Um, here's the thing. I have actually written a few sequels to this, but because they contain a cousin pairing (I like Louis and Lily paired together -- I know, probably not your thing), I can't post them on HPFF. At MNFF, under the penname xxbabewithbrainsxx, you can find the stories, though. :) I'm not sure if you'd find it squicky, but if not, you might enjoy them ;)

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Review #2, by RavenclawGirl11 Healers' Handwriting

12th January 2013:
Oh My God, Cliffhanger...

Author's Response: Hehehehe. *ebil laugh*

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Review #3, by RavenclawGirl11 Let's Get This Straight

12th January 2013:
I love this story and the mystery that it holds,

Author's Response: Awww thank you! This is one of my oldest stories, so it means a lot that you enjoyed it :)

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Review #4, by LillyRoseanne Rosy Regrets

5th August 2012:
That was really good... I really liked that... May have to find those one shots... Keep writing :D

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Um, I've written one one-shot that's on here (Trust in Me) but it's really not very good. If you'd like to know more about Louis and Victoire's reactions to their sister's death, you can check out my Mugglenet Fanfiction author page, under the name xxbabewithbrainsxx -- I have three stories featuring Louis, in this order: Glass, The Highway of Regret and Broken Glass, so do check them out and leave a review if you like :)

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Review #5, by LillyRoseanne Healers' Handwriting

5th August 2012:
very suspicious ending I love it... as absorbed as I am I'd like to mention how mean I think you are for killing a three year old, not a criticism at all I love the story and I'm really gripped, just that I'm really hoping Rose didn't do it...

Author's Response: Yes, ha, killing a three-year-old is terrible. I'm glad you're liking it so far :)

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Review #6, by LillyRoseanne Let's Get This Straight

5th August 2012:
Hm very interesting... I'm assuming imperious curse or something, and what exactly is she trying to hide from everyone if she didn't do it? I'm intrigued :D

Author's Response: Hiya :) Thank you for the review. You've obviously seen what happens to Rose in the end, so I won't answer any of your questions just yet, lol :)

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Review #7, by KatnissMalfoy Prologue: Blood Related

20th December 2011:
Aww good so far! A bit of Dominique/Scorpius too! I like murder mysteries but dislike Scorose, but I'll keep reading.

Author's Response: Hiya! Thank you so much for your review. Quite a few people have a strange dislike for Scorose, lol. But one of my betas who is also a friend of mine despises Scorose and yet she still enjoyed the story, so I'm hoping you will also enjoy the rest. Please, do review again -- and I've still got a Scominique one-shot in my head that I hope to write one day :)


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Review #8, by KRedden Rosy Regrets

6th October 2011:
I really liked this story. I wish it could have been longer though. I'm a big fan of CSI and crime drama and your story kept me wanting to read more. I think you could have definitely stretched it out though and it woulda been just as awesome if not more so. It felt kind of like the ending was kind of rushed, considering that in the first 3 chapters there was no indication of anything between Rose and Scorpius.
But good job anyways :)

Author's Response: Hello. Thanks for the review.

To be honest, I wish it wasn't so rushed too. I didn't want it to end either. But it was written for a competition, and I needed to finish it by a certain date which is why it seemed a bit rushed and only four chapters.

Also, I did hint -- very subtly -- at the Scorosiness in it; maybe I was a bit too subtle, no? Well, I have got loads of other ideas and it's just a question of if I'm going to write them more than anything. I definitely have something else planned for Scorpius and Rose, but I don't know when it will be written. Hopefully, it'll be soon but I can't guarantee anything.

Thank you for reviewing, and if you want to read my longer work, Checkmate is a dark/angsty James/Lily and it's complete. Just head over to my author page, and if you have time, a review would be lovely!


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Review #9, by Sackvase Let's Get This Straight

8th September 2011:
I really love this story! I havn't seen one like this before. I searched for Rose/Scorpius, though, so I was wondering if they are a couple in this story at all, or if I just made a mistake. Thanks


Author's Response: Hi! Yes, this is Scorose. You'll have to read on to find out how they become a couple, though. :P

Thank you for your review.


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Review #10, by Tania Rosy Regrets

7th August 2011:
interesting read! Really drew me in! Couldn't stop reading

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I have another oneshot coming soon, about Dominique and Gabriella. I hope you enjoy that should you choose to read it.


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Review #11, by taylorj828 Rosy Regrets

2nd August 2011:
Okay, this is the final review, since it turned out to be the final chapter. (o:

Wow, so she was kidnapped...

Oh wow, she killed the other girls Dominique had been with. Interesting. I never saw that coming.

Hm, the Killing curse from Bill, Oliver, and Scorpius? I think that's still illegal. Okay, they're avenging their children, sure, but...

And Bill was killed by the Killing curse, not Gabriella. See, kids? This is why you don't use the AK. Use anything but the AK!!!

Well, I'm glad that they can avoid telling Harry and it'll work out, but it still sits uneasy with me, that they all used the Killing curse. And Harry being confunded - well, it does happen sometimes; he shouldn't beat himself up too much. No one is perfect, after all.

The flashback to Hogwarts - EXCELLENT! I could have read chapters and chapters of that! But mostly what I want to say is - HOT kiss! Really well written!

I like how the next day in the library, they both use surnames as if nothing has happened. Perfectly in character, but I just love scenes like that. (o:

Aw, I always felt like those words were like a kind of curse! "Don't get to friendly with him..." *sigh*

And I like Scorpius talking about crying. How he used to always cry, and now when it really matters, he just can't. He's very open and honest here, too. I like that. I like how he's attracted to Rose's unladylike ways. And how it seems like he can really be his real self in front of her.

Aw, Ophelie in the foto saying goodbye... Very nice ending with Rose and Scorpius. And the photo. So sad...

Well, I have to confess that I thought the story as going to be much longer, and I hadn't realized it was completed with just 4 chapters. I think the story had potential to be long, but you handled it well for a short one. I do think the first half of the chapter might have felt a bit rushed, because suddenly it was all ending. But I'm not sure what can be done about that, really. I love the flashback especially, and how it fits so many pieces together and answers lots of questions. I just selfishly wish there could have been 10 more chapters in this world. I want to know what happens next with Rose and Scorpius. I want them to have a chance together. (o:

Well done with the murder mystery. And I am familiar with The Mentalist, and quite like that show. Though I've only seen the first season or two, I think. I'd be interested in reading more about Rose and Scorpius from this world, if you happen to write any more about them. If you do, please do drop me a note and I'll read and review, for sure. (o: Thanks for writing and sharing this gem with us!

Author's Response: You never saw it coming? Mission accomplished! I actually was worried it would be too obvious, but clearly not :)

It might be illegal, but they were avenging their kids’ deaths, after all. They have justification. But yes, attempted murder also has repercussions.

And you thought the flashback at Hogwarts was excellent? Wow wow. Thanks so much. Meh, the kiss was meant to be... well, I don't mind that if it was hot :P

Yes, Scorpius cried a lot as a child when it didn’t matter, but then when it did... That parallel was wholly unintentional, I swear. I hope the ending was okay :)

I couldn’t make the story too long. It was written for a challenge on MNFF, so I had a deadline, and I had exams too, so I couldn’t spend too long on it. I *might* write a sequel, but much, much later on in the year. Right now, it’s Ramadan and I'm fasting; I don't have much energy, to be honest, what with charity work and stuff. If I do write a sequel, I promise I'll drop you a note on the forums. In the meantime, if you like my style, you might want to read my longer chaptered fic, Checkmate. It’s James/Lily and therefore Marauder Era, but (I hope) it’s decent.

Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews, and I hope you review me again once I post my Dominique/Gabriella. I will let you know. Thank you!


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Review #12, by taylorj828 Healers' Handwriting

2nd August 2011:
Another review from me!

I really love your opening lines again! You've got a great way of opening a chapter. (o: And you really make us begin to feel for Scorpius, even as we're still discovering who he is. I like that.

Hm, copycat, not a bad theory, and they have to consider it at least... But very nice details about the MOs, and also the small differences in the cases/crimes... You've REALLY got great detail put into this story!

I love getting all the background info as they go over Rose's files and etc. It's a really clever way for you to fill us in!! I feel a little better having more background information about the family and things that have happened since we last saw them in the books, standing at platform 9 and 3/4. (o:

Poker straight, eh? Even if.? Don't think I missed that! Even if WHAT, Scorpius??? (o;

Ah, she was 3 years old. Thanks, I was waiting on that answer. So Ophelie was 3, but Scorpius had only had the last 9 months with her. Gosh there is so much more I want to know!

Oh, I love Hermione going to hug Harry. I've always adored their friendship. It's so perfectly fitting for her to immediately hug him in that moment.

Poor Bill. His wife, and now his daughter, son in law and grandchild... Poor Bill... I can understand him being so upset... But still... Harry's got a job to do...

Oh, and Harry calls Ron and Hermione into the office with him. I love even the mere idea of Harry, Ron, and Hermione together again. (o:

Wow, Ron's reaction. wow... And now my heart plummets, wondering if you mean for this to tear the three apart. )o: I could see it happening, and yet I selfishly hope it doesn't.

I love Harry in this. He can trust her, but the Ministry can't. It's very Harry. He was always so big on trust. But he works for the Ministry, and we all seem to know how far the Ministry can be from trust. And anyway, you can't really govern a society like that... A tough lot for Rose... This is really going to put this family to the test.

Wouldn't it be easier for Rose to do the veritaserum without her mum and dad right there? Oh, dear...

Aaaah, interesting how the plot thickens. Changing the baby's name, but it wasn't even Matt's. And three years of cheating with a girl... oh my... I feel like my head is so crammed full of information, I just can't process it all!

Wow, so many of the people they went to school with have died. Sad. )o: Well, maybe not SO many, but still.. Fleur and Zabini... It's kind of sad to think about...

Indeed, why would anyone want to kill a little girl? That's so very sad. Something makes me think it's connected to the girl's parent. But the question is, to which parent? Which parent is the reason someone wanted to kill the child? Matt, Dominique, or Scorpius...?

HA, I love that Malfoy tried to look surprised, but Harry caught it anyway. Not too old yet, Harry, my boy!

She's an EX??? SCORPIUS MALFOY! Exactly how many girls have you been with? ALL of them???

Nice catch Sorpius, about Blaise's lactose death. And Gabriella's mum's death. Connected, I'm sure. But how? I' definitely at a loss!

HA! My first instinct was that something was fishy about that Healer, and it's got Scorpius thinking so too! So... does that mean I'm able to track with Scorpius now? hehe. (o;

I'm sorry if this review is a bit more reactive and shorter, but your story is quite good and it definitely makes a reader react and respond, and think, and try to figure out what's going on. And those are some of the things I really enjoy most in a good story. Well done! Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my opening lines again. And you think I have great detail in this story? Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. :)

And obviously I made up all that background information, LOL. Haha, Scorpius is infuriating at the best of times. Hermione hugging Harry is a natural reaction to what happened. So it’s good you noticed that. Yes, poor Bill indeed! I think I was a bit merciless to him, to be honest — I killed off his wife and his daughter and son-in-law and his granddaughter... I was horrible, yes.

I haven’t decided how Ron, Hermione and Harry react to it, not really. But I don't think it’d tear them apart, not really. And I'm really glad you thought I got Harry right.

LOL... Scorpius wasn’t with that many girls, trust me. Just Rose, Dominique, Gabriella... okay, a few. And yes, Scorpius is an intelligent man, even at the worst of times.

Don’t worry about the review being shorter — I really appreciate it! Thank you so, so much. *runs to the next chapter*


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Review #13, by taylorj828 Let's Get This Straight

1st August 2011:
Wow. Again. I'm favoriting your story after this chapter - and my list of favorites is a rather short one. (o: I think I should be thanking you, for asking me to review. It's the best fanfic I've read in ages!

So, starting from the beginning of the chapter...

It occurs to me to wonder how old the daughter is...? Scorpius said 9 months of knowing her, right? But I don't think I've seen any other indication of age, just that she was 'tiny.'

I love how Scorpius points out to Harry about the conflict of Interest. And a large part of me hopes that Scorpius can talk to Harry so candidly because they have some kind of understanding (or close?) relationship, where Scorpius is like another son, and not a Malfoy brat as his employee. Otherwise that would color Scorpius differently for me. But I like thinking of a world where Harry and Scorpius are close and friendly. Familial. (o:

Neville's an Auror! I love you!!! (But wait, was it Neville??)

A missing ring, hmmm. I see a clue here.. but what does it lead to?

Even in the shower she wears her ring? Color me curious as the details of Scorpius and Dominique's relationship seep out. I do wonder about Harry's opinion on their past relationship was/is though...

Frank Longbottom II? So was the first mention of Longbottom Neville or Frank? Do father and son work together, or does Neville have a different job somewhere else?

By the way, it occurs to me here that the name Ophelie seems to fit perfectly in the Malfoy line of names. Nice touch.

Hmm does the idea of Lesbianism go out the window now, as the connecting factor between victims? And didn't the attacker go after 7 women? So why a family of 3 now? (Let me say here, that I'm not asking these questions so you will answer them. These are just the questions coming to my mind as I read, and I think in a mystery, it's necessary to raise questions to the reader. So I want you to be able to see what questions are arising, so you can see if you're leading the reader in the right directions, where you want them to go. If there are things you can or want to answer, like about Ophelie's age, that's great. But if there are things related to the plot, I don't expect answers, cos I know they should come eventually.)

They'll tell Rose in the morning??? But where is Rose now?!! Why delay, if it's about her cousin?

I do love lots of the little bits you put in here and there, like about Ron dreading a visit to his parent's house, about his voice never so scared in 30 years, since Malfoy manor, etc. Very nice touches, and I do notice them. (o:

Rose's wand!! AH WHAT? And how does Scorpius recognize it? I really want to know how these characters all fit together now!! There are so many of them and I'm trying to keep them all straight in my mind, and yet I just want to know why Scorpius knows all these people so well! Tell me! haa! How are they connected?!!! Heh. (Yes, I just spazzed out a little!)

And how many other Rose Weasleys do I know, anyway? Scorpius wanted to say.

Love this, love that he thought it, and love that he didn't say it. Humor in the midst of darkness! Good to lighten up heavy stuff in a story...

"Be nice, OK? Since she's my niece and all." Potter almost sounded like he was pleading, and it surprised both Adam and Scorpius when he barked sharply, "And if either of you f* around with her, especially if she's fully cooperating, you'll be on prison duty for the rest of the year. Understand?"

I love all of this! It shows Harry's softer and harder sides, it's lovely. (And in case you can't tell, I adore Harry, so I will always be catching little things about him. Hopefully it won't get annoying, hehe.)

Wow, I'm in awe at the depth your writing has, in portraying all these character. Harry's sticking up for Scorpius having just lost his child and taking it out on Rose, and relating to his feelings in considering how Harry would feel about losing Lily. And then also understanding about Rose still being young and not having children yet. It's so...intricate and complicated. I adore it all!

Dominique got an award eh? I wonder what for... I think this could be another clue..? And also Rose not knowing that Ophelie was Malfoy's child... clues, maybe?

Oh dear. Dominique cheating. And Matt found out. Yikes. This might lead someone to think that Matt had been involved, angry and bitter, attacking his wife? But I wonder if it's all a red-herring?

And who was the lover? Ah was it a girl? Is it the lesbian thing again? (o:

Good at drawing hm? Maybe Rose was framed. Why WOULD she kill her own cousins? Ah, was Rose Dominique's lover??

Oh Lord, this is SO complicated! Matt Wood is an ex of Rose's? Holy cow, I think my head might explode!!

Also, random, but I really like the swear word of "Godric." Hehe, nice!

Ha, I like Harry's temper getting the best of him. (o:

And now I am ridiculously eager to learn more about these people and this world you've got going! And will Rose eventually take the Vertiaserum? Will we find out the truth? (o: Great, amazing story! If you want me to focus more on something besides just general story responses, feel free to drop me a note in the forums and I'll do my best to accommodate.

Author's Response: I should be thanking you, not the other way round! Wow, what a thorough review!

Ophelie is three. Although her age isn't that important. ;)

Scorpius and Harry aren't that close. They are like employer and employee, although they're not enemies either. Harry won't admit that he likes Scorpius and thinks he's a good Auror. :)

The Auror wasn't Neville; he was Neville's son! He's called Frank, after Neville's dad. Neville still works at Hogwarts, remember?

Scorpius and Dominique had a one-night stand, so Scorpius knows little details of Dominique's life that *most* other outsiders wouldn't.

I chose the name Ophelie because Dominique is half-French and Ophelie's a French name. Scorpius didn't find out Ophelie was his daughter until Ophelie was 2 years and 3 months old, so he didn't have any input with names. But it's interesting that you thought it went well with the other Malfoys' names.

I'm glad you liked all those little touches. I hope they weren't too mundane or anything ;) And the humour in the middle of the darkness... well, it wasn't really humour, more sarcasm than anything, but I'm glad it made you laugh.

I don't like Harry very much, to be honest, but I'm glad you noticed Harry's softer and harder sides, LOL. Yes, he would stick up for Scorpius, and Rose wouldn't be arguing if she had a kid herself.

LOL... Rose wasn't Dominique's lover, no. Although that is the most interesting theory I've ever heard! I suppose it is possible, but I'm wondering if HPFF allows cousin!love.

Godric isn't an original swear word -- on MNFF, we use it a lot. Haha. I'm glad you liked it, and I'm very grateful for the substantial write-up of the chapter. Ta and see you on the next chapter!


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Review #14, by simplelullaby Prologue: Blood Related

1st August 2011:
Hey! It's me again. I've been meaning to get to this for so long - Rose and Scorpius are my favourite pairing and I was so excited when it popped up in my feed, but it's taken me so long to find the time to read and leave a decent review as well.

This is nothing short of brilliant, I tell you. Never has such a short chapter, an introduction, has ever made me cry. And you made me cry with that last line. I never saw it coming - but then, that's what mysteries are all about. I really, really want to read the next part, and soon!

Anyway, I'll start at the beginning, shall I? You introduced Scorpius really well, I thought. It was a strong first paragraph filled with both meaningless and meaningful information. The way you seemed to interject those facts about him so effortlessly is quite a skill, I congratulate you!

Course, I knew Rose is going to be suspected from the summary - she might even be guilty for all I know, but somehow I don't think this could be a Scrose if she killed his daughter. Blood and Roses - such a brilliant title. Where do you come up with this stuff?

I like this character Adam, he really seemed to come alive - to jump out of the page and make me laugh a little, and it created such a brilliant opportunity to add whether this was prejudiced Malfoys or not. Well done there.

I have to admit I thought Scorpius was thinking about Dominique, not the little girl. His anxiety was so alive, so real, I could feel myself searching with him. You are quite brilliant, you know that?

Now, the ending. As I said it made me cry. You are brilliant. Well done.

I'll get to Checkmate as soon as I can, I promise. Just in the mood for a little Scrose, but I'll get around to it.



Author's Response: Hi, Aimee!

Oh no, I made you cry? Oh, it wasn't that bad, was it? I will admit I had something in my eye when writing the last chapter -- but I'll let you read that before I spoil things for you, LOL.

I won't tell you if you're right or wrong re Rose. That would spoil things too. And I'm glad you thought I introduced Scorpius well -- he's one difficult character, Scorpius. As for the title... originally, it was Wands and Roses, a play on words with Guns and Roses, and that was my working title until I got sick of it and Blood and Roses fitted better. I have no idea where I got the idea from, if that makes any sense.

Adam's a minor character, so it's good to know that you liked him. And yes, I did intentionally mislead everyone in thinking Scorpius was concerned for Dominique, LOL. I'm glad you thought his anxiety was real, and no, I am NOT brilliant.

No rush on Checkmate -- it's Ramadan, and I'm not getting as much computer time as I initially anticipated, so I won't be able to respond to your review immediately. Thank you for the lovely review, though, and I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #15, by taylorj828 Prologue: Blood Related

1st August 2011:
WOW! Sor far, this is one of the best stories I've read on HPFF, and this is just the prologue! Bravo!!

So, yeah, this is taylorj828 from the forums, coming to do some reviews for you. (o: And I totally dig your story already!

First of all, I really like how you set up the story in the opening lines. A short sentence followed by a long one. However just a small note about the second line - it *is* very long and also contains a lot of info. I had to scan it a second time to be sure that I'd understood it. It might be good to review that line to see if there's any clearer way to get all that information out there. But in the end, I did understand after a second scan, so it's not the end of the world, and I do like the juxtaposition of short and long lines. Plus you come in, in the middle of Scorpius' good mood, which gets readers immediately on the page with you. Nice intro!

Also, I have never read a NextGen story (or even read ABOUT a NextGen Story) that started after their Hogwarts years, so I like that you've got something unique, at least for me. Also, I want to add that you've done a good job on your characterization, starting much later in the kids' lives than we often normally see. In a 1000-word Prologue, I already have a decent idea of who Scorpius might be, also how he's connected to the Potters (and Weasleys), and some info about his father and how Scorpius was raised. Well done!

And excellent work at getting the readers interested and pulling us into what feels like the beginning of a detective novel or murder mystery. You've done it very smoothly and flawlessly. (o:

Hm, blood extracted, and then made into a rose. It feels like you're laying down some clues, but that we may not recognize them until much later? Something tells me that I should be thinking of Rose Weasley - but maybe I got that from reading a summary? Or maybe I'm inventing that, but it REALLY doubles my intrigue, if it does indeed connect to Rose Weasley.

Lesbians...! HA, I love it! Great line! Great transition from thoughts/background/narration and then into dialogue and current action. You've got a really nice, polished style, make sit very easy to read, too. (One note of caution, I used to be a Validoter some time ago and I had to consult with current Validators last year about the issues of sexuality/minority slurs in fanfic, because I was unclear on their limitations. Some Validators are stricter than others. I personally don't see any problem in your fic, but I only want to caution you, because I was advised to remove a sexuality slur from one of my stories due to HPFF's rules. Maybe just for future reference.)

I LOVE that Draco has taught Scorpius to respect all kinds of people. Even if Scorpius shouldn't be friends with or date them. Hahaha. It's a good step for the Malfoys. And you really made me smile in that section. (o:

I wonder what kind of connection Scorpius and Dominique have, if he's this concerned, running into the house to see if she's alright...? It's an intriguing way to show, without telling us anything just yet.

HIS dead daughter?! OMG! Haha, you got me! Brilliant! Five stars, really! I can be very picky with fanfic, but this one it really amazing! Your prologue does exactly what it should do. Sets a scene, gets readers attention immediate and demands us to read more. Really well done!

Author's Response: Hiya, sorry for taking so long to respond. And wow, what amazing reviews you've left me! Okay, point by point:

I'm glad you liked the opening line. I know what you mean about the second sentence, but frankly, I'm a lazy slob and I can't be bothered to change it :) I will bear this in mind in future stories, though. Thank you for that.

I've read only one other Next Gen story post-Hogwarts years, and I wholly recommend it -- it's not on HPFF, but it is on MNFF. It's called The Vindication of James Potter and it's amazing, far, far better than mine. It is, however, rather long, so only read it if you have bucketfuls of time. :P

I'm glad you thought they were characterised okay, and you thought it read like a murder mystery? Wow. Thank you so much.

You already know the answers to your queries, so I won't comment on those -- although they are interesting. Oh, and it's good to know that you liked that line :) and that my writing style is polished! Wow again.

To be perfectly honest with you, the validators on here are rather picky. Thankfully, there haven't been any issues re sexuality, and I've made it pretty clear I don't have any problem with lesbianism or anything. But thank you for the warning.

You're one of the many reviewers who have commented on Draco's characterisation even though he's not actually present throughout. Mission accomplished!

Thank you very much for the thorough review. I shall move on to the next one now :)


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Review #16, by Junior Rosy Regrets

28th July 2011:
This was amazing! I liked each and every chapter, and it really wasn't like the other Next Gen fictions that are around. It kept me guessing the entire time, and I think this (at least to me) was almost like a Criminal Minds of the Harry Potter world. I'm looking forward to more stories from you, particularly the Dominique/Gabriella one!

The only thing that I'd say you need to work on is making it clear what's going on. I understood the vast majority of what was happening, but there were some places were I had to re-read the sentence a couple of times.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm really into crime/law shows like Criminal Minds, Law and Order, The Mentalist, etc., so it's good to know :) The Dominique/Gabriella story is giving me the most grief, but I will submit it when I get a moment spare.

Yes, I know at times it was a bit confusing. Sorry about that :) Thanks again for reviewing.


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Review #17, by psychee Rosy Regrets

26th July 2011:

My goodness, I don't even know how to begin apologizing. I am so so sorry. I've got such a bad internet connection and my laptop died a few days ago so I had no means to reply to your PM. I tried reviewing but it seems as if the review got lost - my bad internet connection is to blame - and I didn't notice until you mentioned it. I am so glad you PM-d me and I hope you understand. :(

This was such a wonderful story and I'm sad to see that it's completed, even though I'm looking forward to your future projects. I would have wanted to have a little more insight into Scorpius's relationship with Rose, maybe a little build-up, sexual tension or something similar. I am, however, very satisfied with your ending and I'm sure that I'm not the only one that was blown off with the identity of the killer - I would have never thought of Gabriella, I was sure that the killer was male. It was an amazing surprise and I'm glad that I didn't have the ending all figured out.

You did an amazing job with this story and I firmly believe that you should write a Romance sequel that follows the journey of Rose and Scorpius's relationship as they try to pick up the pieces, as they try to go on with their lives after this huge shock and loss. I refuse to believe that everything is over between them. I also would like to read about different next generation characters from your perspective. You have such a unique way of seeing things and characters - it's a joy to read your work.

I've got nothing more to add, except to offer, once again, my apologies and to congratulate you on the ending of this story. I wish you luck with your future stories and hope to see more of your work soon.



Author's Response: Don't worry about it! Seriously, I feel bad pestering you :)

I actually felt like closing my fanfiction accounts today, and your review really made my day. Thank you so much. I'm not really into the whole sexual tension thing, at least, not writing it, since I believe less is more, and I'd probably write it badly anyway, LOL. And you didn't guess who the killer was? That's good -- I was worried I made it too obvious.

I don't know about a sequel. I'm going through writer's block, but perhaps after Ramadan, I might give it a shot. Maybe. I'll have to see. I also do have a femmeslash fic written, finally, but I'll have to wait until I'm done posting the final chapters of Checkmate, my James/Lily chaptered fic, before I post that one.

I'm so, so happy you liked it, and that kind of praise makes me blush :S Thanks so much for the heartfelt review and really, don't worry about not reviewing sooner. It should be me who's apologising, for pestering you! I just really wanted to know what you made of the ending. Hugs for such a wonderful review.


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Review #18, by NimJ Rosy Regrets

24th July 2011:
Wow! Rose and Scorpius, I love it. That kiss under the mistletoe was very hot, beautifully written. And Rose trying to make peace with Scorpius and him finally mourning his daughter was very touching.

Bill... that was very sad, poor Louis and Victoire, poor family.

I'm wondering, why did Scorpius keep Gabriella/Dominique secret, even when it was clearly relevant to the case?

I enjoyed the story very much, well written!

Author's Response: Yes, I love Scorose :D And the kiss was hot? Hot??? LOL.

And I didn't want to kill Bill, but I had to. It just had to happen.

Well, Scorpius didn't want to tell anyone about Gabby/Dominique because he didn't think she was a suspect in the case, and he didn't want to talk about Dominique's infidelity at any point, since that would be dishonouring the dead, etc.

Thanks for reviewing and I'm very glad you enjoyed it.


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Review #19, by NimJ Healers' Handwriting

24th July 2011:
Here it goes again!

The interrogation with veritaserum was brilliant, I liked Bills reaction, he's part werewolf after all, it's sad how affected by tragic his family has become though. Nice twist about Gabriella Zabini and her father, figures all the Slytherins would be involved with this.

So what I'm thinking now: Blaise faked his death, after murdering his wife, to play murderer, or help Pansy's daughter to be that. Because you're right, doctor writing is mostly illegible. (I'd know, my dad is a doctor.) She's now going to help framing Rose with the psych review.

Well done on the twists and turns, you keep the story interesting!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked Bill's reaction -- and Gabby's giving me a lot of grief, to be honest, so it's good to know that you liked that twist.

It's interesting to read your theories after you've already finished reading the entire story. LOL. Thanks for reviewing again :)


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Review #20, by NimJ Let's Get This Straight

24th July 2011:
Hi again!

Ooh, intrigue, Rose doesn't want anyone to know her secrets, they must be bad. And why doesn't she remember what she did? I'm assuming she doesn't remember, because she must be in a bad place if she doesn't want to tell.

You described everyone's reaction to the deaths well. I was sligthly dissapointed at Scorpius reaction, until he went of about wanting to investigate. It was moving how Ron dreaded telling his parents, and the bit about it being Rose's wand was very good, with Harry's protective side coming out.

Grammar and flow was good, the only thing I see is that you keep missing spaces after you put a word in italics.

Loved it again!

Author's Response: I can't answer any of your questions re the plot, but they will be answered if you read on! (I hope you do.)

I'm glad you thought their reactions were plausible -- Scorpius, in particular, is more badly hurt than you might think, shall I say.

I'm sorry for missing out those spaces! If I remember, I will try and correct those, but since RL has been such a b!tch lately, I'm not sure I'll be able to. Sorry about that. Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #21, by NimJ Prologue: Blood Related

24th July 2011:

NimJ from the forum with your review.

I've never really read mystery before but this first chapter is promising. It gives you the feel that while you as a reader don't know what's going on, the writer has thought everything out very well.

The moment Scorpius thought stepfather about the other guy I thought, he couldn't be... and then you confirmed he was the father. Which tied in nicely with his concern for Dominique, or was that concern more for his daughter?

The bit about respecting everyone but not associating with them was so Draco :)

I find the blood rose on the backs on the victims kinda morbid but very poetic.

Grammar and punctuation wise I don't see any big mistakes, and the story reads fluently.

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm glad you liked it. This is my first ever mystery, written in a rush for a challenge, so I'm really happy it's been so well-received on here.

Scorpius, while being moderately concerned for Dominique, is far, far more worried about his daughter, purely because Dominique and him had a one-night stand which resulted in the birth of Ophelie, so Scorpius and Dominique don't really... love each other, shall we say.

I'm glad you thought the Draco bit was good -- I've never written him before, so it's great that he seems in character :) And you thought it was poetic? Hehe. Thanks. By the way, I have had three betas for this story, which is the reason there aren't any glaring punctuation/spelling errors. Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #22, by Deltaris Rosy Regrets

13th July 2011:
I feel like Scorpius crying is a fitting end of this story. I don't know why; it just seems perfect. Like the man who's always had it all together is finally real.

This went quite fast. I feel like it could've been developed into a longer story. I just want more, you know? It almost feels as if you wrapped it up in a hurry. It's good despite that, and I enjoyed reading it.

Good job!

Author's Response: Yes, that's what I intended for Scorpius! He was meant to be the guy who always keeps his cool, even when his own daughter is murdered, and then finally breaks down.

Okay. I know, it went fast, this chapter, and that was when I tried to cut it down. The truth is, I didn't want the chapter to be too long in comparison to the others, especially if it dragged or anything. As well as that, this was written for a challenge, and there was a deadline I had to adhere to, which has been extended twice since, admittedly, but I like keeping on top of things, so the entire thing was submitted to MNFF by the deadline. Yeah. So I didn't have too much time to edit it, because I had to get it back from my betas.

As sort of compensation, as promised in the end notes, there will be some follow-up oneshots, including a Dominique/Gabriella story (or stories) and Bill/Fleur, Teddy/Victoire, erm... yeah, that's all I can think of. I also have a longer chaptered Scorose in the works, in my head, but I kind of doubt that it'll make its way onto the computer screen. I'm going through major writer's block at the moment, so I don't know when I'll be able to start writing again.

Thanks for all your wonderful and encouraging reviews so far. I'm very, very grateful for them, and extremely glad that I requested reviews from you, because they are in-depth and friendly and above all, it's a joy reading them. When I first came on HPFF, my stories didn't get as many reviews, and it was only after I started requesting reviews that they began to appear more frequently.


Yeah, I meant to just say thanks. Thank you thank you thank you! And I hope you enjoy the rest of Checkmate, if and when you read it!


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Review #23, by Deltaris Healers' Handwriting

13th July 2011:
Wow, there really isn't much for me to say. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading this. It's well written, flows between scenes easily and it intriguing. There are so many things going on right now, it's so hard to figure things out. Which is what you're going for, I suppose? Of course it is, haha.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. This was fun to write, I'll admit, but the most fun stories to write aren't necessarily the most fun to read. I'm glad you liked it, and I intended for it to have a billion things going on at once. :P


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Review #24, by Deltaris Let's Get This Straight

13th July 2011:
I love how you're tying everyone together from the Hogwarts era and next-gen.

One question: How did Rose hex Scorpius if she didn't have her wand?

The flow of this story is wonderful. The descriptions give all the details that the readers need to know and make everything seem that much more real.

Rose. I have no clue what to think about her right now. I want to believe she didn't do it, but I just don't know. You've certainly nailed the mystery part on the head.

Author's Response: Thank you muchly :)

Rose hexing Scorpius. Aaaah. You caught me. Erm. Well, how's this? Rose is so, so intelligent she can do wandless magic, especially in times of stress or passion. Yeah.

I'm glad you liked the flow and descriptions, as always. And I've seen you've read and reviewed the rest, so I know you know Rose wasn't the killer. However, I am very, very surprised to hear that you think I nailed the mystery part! Blood and Roses was written in haste for an MNFF challenge, so I was more interested in the romance and angst elements than the mystery. I'm glad you liked it.


*runs to next review*

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Review #25, by Deltaris Prologue: Blood Related

13th July 2011:
Dead daughter? Ophelie isn't Wood's kid?

You are a very dark writer, and you handle it well. In all honesty, I'm not much for next-gen stories, but you've gotten me interested. (You're very good at doing that, it seems.)

I enjoy your characterization of Scorpius. His thoughts on his father are rather fitting, as well. Darling Draco; somehow I don't think he'll ever learn his lesson.

Most Auror stories I read have something to do with Death Eaters, somehow it never fails. So I'm glad that this (at least, so far) doesn't. There's also something oddly beautiful about the murder descriptions.

Author's Response: Nope, Ophelie's Scorpius's daughter. They have a whole backstory, but I haven't explored it thoroughly in this story.

I didn't realise I was such a dark writer! You should see some of my earlier works; it's all fluff. And I love next generation -- ever since reading The Vindication of James Potter, which I wholly recommend (the author is lovely as well :D) and you can find it on MNFF if you're interested.

But I digress -- back to MY story. Haha. Yes, Draco will always remain the same, in my canon anyway. It's Scorpius who will be different.

This story isn't about Death Eaters, don't worry :) And you think my murder descriptions are beautiful? Wow. That's certainly one comment I've never heard before. With my fluff, I got "It was cute", so I'm glad this stuff isn't. Thanks for a lovely review!


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