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Review #1, by JustOneOftheWeasleys I pondered the sky

24th August 2011:
This is the best written fan-fiction that I have ever read and I also really like the poem as well (I was unsure whether you wrote that or not). Either way they were both fantastically written and though it's hard for me to really get into poetry, but this was really engaging (whether you wrote or chose it it was done well).

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Review #2, by ravenclaw_princess I pondered the sky

18th June 2011:
Your writing is like poetry, it's breath taking. Everything just flowed together so well and there was some very deep thought and amazing imagery brought into the story from the very first chapter.

I like Lily's thoughts and how much she reflects on the past and her present and how she comes to realise what her true feelings are. You can see her hesitation towards James and the beginning, and also her fear that he will hurt her, but then slowly it all melts away.

The dialogue between the two of them was really nice and also powerful. You said alot with little actual spoken dialogue but it conveyed their emotions well.

Well done on a a very well written and moving piece.

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you so much! My true love is writing--and readingreadingreading--poetry, so that's wonderful encouragement ;).
Also, it's music to my ears to be told that Lily's "transformation", so to speak, was delivered how I hoped it would.
Oh, and "saying alot with little" says quite alot haha to a writer. It's the little things, the seemingly insignificant moments that truly make someone who they are, and that goes for a story, as well.
Thank you so much for your words--they mean the world to this writer's-block writer here *points to self*. Thanks, also, for reviewing!

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Review #3, by megan2u I pondered the sky

13th June 2011:
Wow. Just wow. I really liked how well you got into Lily's head (and brought the reader in with you!). Too many awesome descriptions you used for me to go through all of them, but I really liked the line on changing our pasts and the flying without a broom. *swoon*
Their bantering definitely lived up to expectations. I also really liked the tidbit of James being scared of public speaking and Lily commenting on his lovely voice.
I think you did a good job showing Lily transitioning from "hating" James to seeing how good they could be together.
One little nitpicky comment: you used "of" instead of "off" in the line "Now kindly fall of a cliff"
If this wasn't for the Romantic Situation Challenge, it might be a bit sappy for me, but since being sappy was pretty much the brief I love it!
Thanks again for participating in my challenge! The winners will be announced shortly!

Author's Response: Hi, megan2u--thanks for reviewing!
As you may've experienced, getting a "wow" in response to your writing is the epitome of fabulousness for a writer ;). Thanks for being specific about what you liked (and didn't haha)--I was afraid that it had been too sappy, and I'm glad it was suited for the challenge...otherwise, I would now go back and rewrite the entire thing. Although I'm glad you brought attention to that, because from now on, I can make sure to "keep the sap on tap", if you will :P. It's always wonderful to hear a "great story! loved it!", but it's muchmuch better to have the specifics, so one knows what she did right and wrong.
Thanks, again, for the challenge!

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Review #4, by girly1393 I pondered the sky

7th June 2011:
That was really quite tremedendous. Your way with words in entrancing.

We're never really done with fanfiction, are we? There's something out here, for all of us, and we will never truly leave.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Thanks, tenfold! :D Really encouraging to hear. You're so right (or "write", rather) about fanfiction...same goes for the HP world, altogether. Thanks for giving a word!

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Review #5, by emerald_princess I pondered the sky

5th June 2011:
Wow. Your writing is stunning. Currently very jealous of your complete and utter amazingness. I'm in awe of this story, it is so beautifully written and simply captivating and... I'm rambling. I also loved the poem at the start. You're very talented :)

Author's Response: Thanks a million! Also, for the poem--I've only heard what someone thought of it once before, and it was in german, instead, as I wrote it for my german teacher...which was probably a grammatical nightmare haha. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by cnewk I pondered the sky

3rd June 2011:
I have to say that while I liked this story it had me confused at times though that may just be that it is almost three in the morning here so my mind is not functioning well, but at times it seemed hard to follow what was in the present and what was the past.

Author's Response: The story is technically in present tense, only Lily keeps reflecting on the night before [past tense]. However, since it was confusing, it doesn't matter if I did it on purpose or not, if the reader is distracted from the meaning by the tense changes. I'll try to fix it a bit, where I can. Thanks for this! :)

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Review #7, by blue_splash I pondered the sky

2nd June 2011:
Wow, just wow.
I thought this was really good, no lie.
The details were so deep an powerful and I was very captivated by your writing style. It was emotional and good.
You're a good writer and I hope you keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! "Wow" is the writer's dream-word. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the review! :)

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