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Review #1, by firebolt_31 Tears and Fears

3rd December 2012:
Omg it is just getting juicier and juicier! COULD YOU PLEASE PUT THE NEXT FEW CHAPTERS UP!! PLEASE!!

Author's Response: this was the worst story i've ever written! I wrote it ages ago. It's pathetic :( lol. it's abandoned :) Thanks firebolt for reading it. I'm glad you somewhat enjoyed it :)


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Review #2, by Sarah Su Newbie... and Sirius :)

31st October 2011:
Hi again narvinder :) this chapter was really long but I liked it . You should do a dear diary thing like vampire diaries
Dear diary
I don't know what's wrong with me. Hermione keeps on looking at me in a weird way. I think I'm a vampire .

Whatdoya think ? Hahahahahhaha

Author's Response: I can't believe your pen name is Sarah Su:) It's cute. You should have choose a character like me:P
Thanks for your comment, i shall remind you that this story is a James and Lily not a Hermione and Harry :) But I'll take it in consideration. Thanks for reading :) Love you XOXO MY FRIEND XOXO

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Review #3, by Sarah Su Dim Witted Potter!

31st October 2011:
Hey narvinder ;) guess who I am ? Sarah Su ? Ding ding! Your right. I really like it so far :) never knew you wrote stuff :) you should do a harry potter cross vampire diaries thing . Like once upon a time Harry ment a beautiful girl called Elena but she was taken by Stefan the hot nice dude with the hot mean brother :)
Lots of love

Author's Response: Hey Sarah:) You know people aren't supposed to know my name.
Thanks for your lovely comment, I'll fill you in tomorrow about your FANTASTIC idea :)
And of course i shall write a vampire diaries cross harry potter :) XOXO You're a great friend, thanx again :)

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Review #4, by SiriusLilyJames6 Love Helping You <3

10th October 2011:
aaarrg! need more chapter!!

Author's Response: There will be one but it will have to wait towards the Christmas break. Thanks for the review SiriusLilyJames6 :)

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Review #5, by maddy Love Helping You <3

25th September 2011:
I Cant wait for the next chapters i love the james and lily love stories!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try to post the chapters faster :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Please stay in tune for more :)

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Review #6, by Fawkes_the_Pheonix Love Helping You <3

24th September 2011:
I like this story and I definetly think that you should post the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much Fawkes_the_Pheonix. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) There will be one posted soon. :)

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Review #7, by THAT FUNNY PEEVES Love Helping You <3

24th September 2011:
I compleltely and honestly think Lily got James a Broomstick!

Awsum story btw...

Author's Response: Well... I guess you'll just have to see! Thanks a lot THAT FUNNY PEEVES! It means a lot to me.

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Review #8, by AlexFan Discovering Lost Thoughts

19th September 2011:
When is Lily gonna get together with James that's what I want to know.

Author's Response: Well, to be honest it is going to be a while but there are going to be reasons why they aren't together when they obviously want each other :)

Thanks a lot Alexfan:)

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Review #9, by C Discovering Lost Thoughts

11th September 2011:
I really like this story =]
I did think that you should have elaborated on Lily's friends' and James' friends thoughts and experiences throughout James', depression? Not sure if that's the right word... You mentioned that Sirius was really bummed by James' uncharacteristically sad attitude and that he and Alisha (or was it Alora? I think it was Alisha...) were talking a lot and growing closer. But you just mentioned it. The same with Remus and Alora getting together. I know they're not the main vein of the story, but I think you should have included one of the friends' perspectives because it really adds to our understanding of James' condition and how it affects everyone. I'd like to see more of the friends' lives in the story and how James and Lily affect their lives. Also I'd like to see more how developments in the friends' lives affect James and Lily.
Also at some points the tone became a little weak and the focus fell on the actions too much and the emotions too little. I thought I'd mention this as a way of saying it's okay to overdramatize. In fact, I usually love it when authors do.
But overall it was a good chapter with lots of action =] I really like this story because of how well you display James and Lily's personalities.

Author's Response: I am delighted by your detailed comment :) I am going to take your advice and add more of Remus's and Siris's love life.
I think that will be a great idea but I'll probably do it in the holidays which is nearby. :)
Thanks C I am really grateful to you. You always read my stories and give me feed back. :) Thanks!

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Review #10, by marauders forever xx My Decisions, My Choice

26th August 2011:
poor james :'(

he shouldn't have listened to the idiot slytherin

Author's Response: I know but that's what makes the story interesting :) Thanks for reading marauders_forever_xx

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Review #11, by marauders forever xx Newbie... and Sirius :)

26th August 2011:
i really like your story so far. but you keep spelling slytherin wrong. you spelt it 'slytherine' and its kinda annoying. but great story :)

Author's Response: I know :( Sorry I realized that after my friend told me. Don't worry, I'll change it :) Thank you for reading my story marauders%20forever%20xx

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Review #12, by C My Decisions, My Choice

17th August 2011:
This was great!!
I definitely didn't see that coming. I can tell this story is going to be amazing =] and I bet Lily is going to have some sympathy for James when she finds out...
Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot C! I am extremely happy that you enjoyed this chapter. I am about to post the next one, so it should be out in a weeks time :) Stay tuned for more :)


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Review #13, by I_Seriously_Am_Sirius My Decisions, My Choice

12th August 2011:
WoW! This is getting really interesting. I like how you showed different points of views.

I also liked the way you wrote James's feelings. This is a really good story and i really hope to read more real soon. :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much I_Am_Loving_Sirius :) I am glad you liked it and i do hope for you to read more.

I am comfortable with writing from different points of view (Mainly the main two characters which is James and Lily), so thank you very much. :)

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Review #14, by AlexFan My Decisions, My Choice

10th August 2011:
Can you please just stick to one POV because, I don't really like it when authors tell things from other POV's because if you're going to do that then you might as well write in third person form.

Author's Response: Umm... I'll try but i can't promise. I've never tried writing from 3rd person. :|

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Review #15, by Miss_Lestrange Dim Witted Potter!

5th August 2011:
This is really good:-)))x

Author's Response: Thank you Miss_Lestrange. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Stay in tuned and hopefully there will be more :)

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Review #16, by I_Seriously_Am_Sirius New Potions Partners

31st July 2011:
I'm sorry i didn't review chapter 2 but i really had to read this chapter. It is getting really interesting. I'm waiting for all the drama to come. Please update soon. I can't wait any longer :) Jks. Take your time. I hope to read more :)

Author's Response: I am very flattered. I'm glad that you are enjoying my novel. I do hope to write more.

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Review #17, by I_Seriously_Am_Sirius Dim Witted Potter!

31st July 2011:
OMG! I really love this chapter, please keep going and update more. I really enjoyed reading this. The way you started was very pleasing and calm. I'm going to read the next chapter now :D I'm glad you are writing this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much I_Seriously_Am_Sirius. I am glad you liked it. Please keep in tuned and follow my story.


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Review #18, by DracoLovingLoonyLuna  New Potions Partners

31st July 2011:
I like the idea of passing notes during class! Hope to read more soon. :)

Author's Response: I am planning on posting the next one soon. So hang on and it will be posted. Thanks DracoLovingLoonyLuna for all the support. :)

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Review #19, by DracoLovingLoonyLuna  Newbie... and Sirius :)

31st July 2011:
OMG! I loved this chapter it was well planned out. One thing i really liked was how James envied Remus. I think that is something James could possibly feel. Keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the very flattering response. I do hope you continue to read more.

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Review #20, by DracoLovingLoonyLuna  Dim Witted Potter!

31st July 2011:
I love the way you showed James's character. It is a great way to start and I do look forward to see more in the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you very much DracoLovingLoonyLuna. I do wish to write more for you. I hope you enjoy the other chapters.

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Review #21, by AlexFan New Potions Partners

30th July 2011:
oh this is getting quite interesting!

Author's Response: Thanks AlexFan i appreciate the comment and hope to keep you interested. Please Keep following :)

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Review #22, by AlexFan Dim Witted Potter!

30th July 2011:
I'm convinced Lily is insane and you realize that Twilight woulnd't have been published at that time, it could've been like The Hobbit, or Little Women and why would Lily read Twilight anyway?

Author's Response: Thanks I might change the book story now. I'm glad you're telling me how you feel about this story. I hope to hear more from you. Thanks AlexFan. :)

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Review #23, by C Newbie... and Sirius :)

20th July 2011:
This chapter was great too!
I like how you developed Sirius more here and that he's so wonderfully loyal to James =]
I feel like Remus hasn't been involved much so far though.
But it's only the second chapter. And it seems you've set the story up really well with everyone's basic personality explained and little romances ready for each of the characters.
Really looking forward to more!!
Please update soon =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much C.
This is my first story so it means a lot.
I'm glad you liked it and look forward in writing more.

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Review #24, by C Dim Witted Potter!

20th July 2011:
This is a great start =]
I like how James' train of thoughts gets slightly delusional when he thinks about Lily--it's really funny!
Be careful you don't make Sirius a flat character though!
Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you once again C.
I will be careful about Sirius, thank you for that.
And there will be more very soon.

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