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Reading Reviews for The Wisdom of the Wood
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin The Wandmaker's Workshop

4th January 2014:

What a wonderful, light story!

I genuinely enjoy Albus' characterization! As an eleven-year-old boy, it's quite fitting. His kindness, enthusiasm, curiosity, and overall bright-eyed perceptive of the world makes me smile. If I ever have a child, I could only hope that their temperament and behavior is anywhere near Albus'. Children like him, however, are probably a rarity. It also is probably dependent on social/cultural changes through time. I'm sure children were a bit less... wild than they are today, back then. I can't compare, as I'm not *that* old. I don't think there are many people left (if anybody) who are quite as old as Albus would be...

Back on track, sorry about that.

The process of wand-making, given the different types of woods and cores, is an extremely interesting idea to think about. I'm positively enthralled that you went into some detail about it, as it is very intriguing.

Albus' desire for a phoenix is lovely. I think, given his personality, Dumbledore is the perfect candidate to have a phoenix as an animal companion.

I love this idea, “legilimency can be both a blessing and a burden". I would imagine it would be, because, sometimes, it's probably best not to know what others are thinking. While knowledge can be powerful, some knowledge can be troublesome.

The ending was also fantastic. Albus is harnessing his powers, and using them for the greater good.

This was fantastic!


Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much for this lovely response. I'm glad you enjoyed this little story, and appreciated some of the detail I put into it. I agree - I definitely think kids were expected to tow the line much more in Albus' day than they are nowadays. I think the attitude was much more spare the rod and spoil the child back then. But yet, kids are still kids. And I'm so touched that Albus in this story even made you think of future children of your own. Good luck with getting those children of your dreams when the time is right. And thanks for sharing that personal note. It was great.

Phoenixes - love them. I just wanted to foreshadow Fawkes a little bit in this story, because I thought it would be a nice touch, even though it doesn't fit my head canon. In my head canon, I don't think young Albus had any foreshadowing about a future Fawkes. I always imagined that Fawkes came as a complete surprise to him at whatever time of Albus' life he showed up. I always imagined it not until his adult years - just my own thoughts.

I'm so glad you liked the ending. Finding a good story ending is often one of the things I struggle most with because I always try to end a story on just the right note. The ending can leave either a bad or good taste about the whole story in a reader's mouth. Just look at all the people on the forums who can't stand the epilogue in the HP books! Yikes! Anyway, I'm glad it worked for you.

And thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm not one of those authors who gets hung up on how many reviews a story of mine gets. I don't mind a silent reader at all, and I'm often one myself. But it's just fun to hear from a reader for a little personal contact, which is always fun if the person is nice, which most are. It also allows me to thank a reader for reading. So thank you very much! And have a great day!

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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Late to Class

3rd January 2014:
Hello again!

It seems despite Albus' best attempt to be a proper student, his wonderful curiosity has landed him in a bit of trouble. Given the time period this must be set in, I'm sure the professors were extremely strict (even more so than in the 1990s). I think the reaction from the professor was very realistic for that reason.

Albus' fondness for caterpillars was lovely. Personally, I stray away from anything with more than four legs, but I found Albus' liking towards them infectious.

Given the fact that Albus became an extremely powerful wizard, I would expect him to be quite talented (at least in certain areas) while in school. So, when he was asked to transfigure the caterpillar, and did so flawlessly, I thought it was a very believable touch to the story. Then, again, when Albus shows signs of early legilimency.

I hope that 'tasting' them was merely licking them or the like. I'm assuming that's what happened...otherwise, poor transfigured caterpillars!

I'm happy to see that Albus' skills aren't going unnoticed by the Headmaster!

Fantastic chapter!


Author's Response:
Hi, thanks for reading chapter 2, and for sharing your thoughts.

In muggle schools corporal punishment was common in that era, so I hinted of it a little in this story as well. I wanted the teacher to be very strict, but I tried not to make him feel just like Snape.

I was really tickled that you found Albus' liking of caterpillars infectious. I wasn't trying to make it feel that way on purpose, but if that's the effect it had, I'm thrilled. Oh yes, he just licked them. No teeth on his little friends.

I'm glad you found his spell work believable. I took everything I knew about canon Albus and kids in general into consideration when I wrote the scene. Believability is why I put this story at the end of Albus' first year instead of at the beginning. So he'd have whole year of teaching and access to lessons already, and a whole year to practice with his wand both in class and on his own. We know he had rare genius as a wizard, which would have been evident even as kid. Kids who are shunned by peers and don't have many friends, often do turn to books as a pastime, and to animals for companions. Gifted kids are usually very strong self-learners, who happily study and experiment on their own. So I tried to put all of that into Albus' character, while also keeping him, in some ways, just a normal kid

Thank you so much for reading. Thanks for your lovely comments. And I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin The Wisdom of the Wood

2nd January 2014:

I'm here for the sixth task of 12 Days of Reviewing on the forums. This can also act as a symbol of appreciating for stopping by my story ;). For a little while there, I was beginning to believe that reviewers that weren't on the forums were nonexistent.

You have created a truly unique and original plot, here! While Albus Dumbledore is one of my favorite characters to read, I've never found a story from when he was young.

Dumbledore is difficult to characterize, but I believe that you have done a fantastic job. He's not identical to what we see in the books, which is fantastic given the significant age difference. However, you've still managed to maintain some key elements of the characterization that Rowling has given him in his older years.

I found the conversations between Albus and Ollivander truly adorable. I love Albus' wide-eyed, eager schoolboy reactions. I love the way you went into depth about the structure of the wands and why different woods and cores make them unique.

This was a fantastic first chapter, I will definitely be back for more!


Author's Response: Hi! Well, thank you for checking out one of my stories! How very nice of you. I'm glad you liked it. I originally wrote this first chapter as a one-shot, and it was a year later before I got the idea for the next two chapters. Writing Albus as a kid was an interesting undertaking, though I enjoyed doing it once I had a storyline in mind. I'm delighted that you noticed some of his adult characteristics in how I portrayed him as an 11-year-old. I was hoping readers would. Thanks for all the lovely comments and thanks for dropping by to check out a story.

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Review #4, by APerkins The Wandmaker's Workshop

20th August 2013:
Awww, I liked it. And the narrators 'voice' returned a little a little at the end when describing the jealous slytherins :) Just brought back the whole fairy tale, old-style classic tale feeling.

what a beautiful hint about Fawkes! And what a lovely thing to give Olivander a new want as he enters his more "senior" years (although surely it is another 50 or so years before we see him in HP. Ohhh. wait! Is that ollivanders Grandson we see? ahh, that makes more sense now.. I feel a little foolish. And it is probably closer to 70 odd years till we see him in HP my maths is out.
I really liked the way you spoke about the wood, and the creation of it, as well as the properties of wands and the different things that can affect them. I know there can be a lot of imagination that goes in to creating such seemingly minor details, but you did it really well!

I felt there was a little discontinuity between the last two lines, which was a shame because the concept behind your ending was beautiful.

First Albus's statement about it being "Just something I learned in passing," but the next sentence starts with a "Then".
Im not sure if it is a tense switch again, that means the two sentences do not link properly, but but I think it is more a question of what does the "then" refer to?

I think it is actually referring to the sentence before - where "the Slytherins never bullied him... then he and Elphias..." etc?

I actually wonder whether Albus' comment "Oh its just something I noticed in passing" was supposed to come directly after Elphias' "How did you do that?!" Maybe a copy paste error or something?

Anyway, such nitty gritty is not really the point. I really enjoyed seeing the old head on young shoulders - " Oh Im terribly sorry, I didnt realise we were in such a hurry" and then having the youthful ignorance over legilimency. That was beautiful.

Overall, have really really loved this story, thank you for writing it!

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for reading to the end, and leaving such great feedback on all the chapters and the writing details. You've given me good food for thought to keep in mind for future edits. Wording and sentence flow is something I endlessly obsess about, and always end up editing umpteen times down the road. I have to put a story away for quite a while and then come back to it with fresh eyes to see all the flaws. A reader's input definitely also helps me notice things I might not have caught on my own, so thanks so much for everything you've pointed out in all the chapters.

I've always been fascinated by Ollivanders' wand shop, and really enjoyed writing about what might go on in his workshop. I always hoped JKR would give us a glimpse into his workshop when I read the books, but that was one rich detail that's left for reader's to imagine for themselves.

Yes, this is the Ollivander of Albus' youth in the story, who would be a couple of generations removed from the present day Ollivander, even though I made him look pretty much the same, just to keep some familiarity to the character. I like to think that fuzzy white hair might run in the family, lol!

I enjoyed hinting at Fawkes in the story, even though Albus wouldn't have a clue yet about ever having such a magical companion down the road.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for reading all of it and leaving such lovely reviews for each chapter.

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Review #5, by APerkins Late to Class

20th August 2013:
Oh why did you use the name Gaylord? I am ashamed to admit I let it throw me for a few moments and couldnt quite concentrate on the story!
Anyway, I love the new characters. Thankyou for finally allowing me to meet Elphias Doge as a young lad scarred from dragon pox! I love the idea of him being green!
I really like the off-the-wall ideas that the headmaster has about looking after his charges - and the genuine concern he shows about his pupil. We all want a headmaster like that, dont we?

Maddox was a hard character to write in this chapter, I can see that. Traditional in his thoughts, frustrated with a student who was brilliant and yet really wasn't fitting into the mould he was supposed to fit into.
I think using the word marvelled to describe his astonishment may have turned him from irritable to awestruck one step too soon. Astonishment certainly, but perhaps with a more negative descriptive word in place of marvelled. I'm also not sure on the grammar of having a marvelled astonishment in the first place but I did understand the picture being drawn.

I am a little disappointed to have lost the narrator a little in this story, it is what I felt made the first chapter so other-wordly and charming. Comments like "as an 11 year old boy was want to do" - those little observations that were made by the narrator as he told his story - they are missing from this chapter.

It loses the flavour of age-old fairy tale, but the appeal has not been lost as now there is more of a story-line (and by that of course I mean conflict - what to do with a prodigy?) developing.

All in all, loving it, Thankyou!

Author's Response: Hi again, and thanks for continuing with the story. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Sorry about that name Gaylord, but I sort of liked the contrast of that name with all that might just into a reader's head at first, with the unpleasant strictness of that character.

I found it a very interesting task trying to depict Albus and Elphias as youngsters while trying to let their elder canon personalities come through. I also have to say that Elphias Doge's green skin wasn't my idea - that was actually from JK Rowling herself. I just included it in this story to be true to the details SHE gave about Doge.

Maddox was an interesting character to create, as I needed him to very strict in the class, yet be reasonable in his assessment of Albus with the headmaster. As for the headmaster, Albus turned out so well as an adult wizard, that I imagine he had a great headmaster to guide him in his years at Hogwarts, whose example he could follow when HE got to be headmaster himself in later years.

I see what you mean about losing the fairy tale narrator's voice after the first chapter. As I mentioned in my last chapter reply, I originally intended that first chapter to just be a one-shot. By the time I got the idea for the next two chapters, so much time had gone by, that I'd sort of lost the mood and writing style of the first. But I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of the story anyway.

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Review #6, by APerkins The Wisdom of the Wood

20th August 2013:
oh, this just felt like an old fashioned fairy tale! I loved it. I could hear the narrators voice right the way through it, the way you can in all good fairy stories! You have set the tone through this story just beautifully!

There is enough whimsy and fancy, and hints of things to come to make this an enchanting tale. You have actually done something really magical here too, because you can leave the snapshot jut like that.
I can see that you have two more chapters to go though, and although there is no hanging cliff of suspense, I am looking forward to reading and reviewing them just for the pure pleasure of it!

Constructiveness wise:
Grammar. I am by no means good at grammar, and so strongly suggest double checking what I am about to say, but I think the line

"Oh yes indeed, Sir!" said Albus eagerly with an excited nod, and wiping his hands clean of several clinging fairy eggs on the sleeves of his robe .

changes tenses.

I think it should either be "...and wiped his hands" - to match tense with "said"

or "...while wiping his hands" if that is closer to your original meaning.

I think a beta might tidy it up, there is a lonely set of quotation marks after the word gobstones, but none of those details are actually significant in terms of the writing style and the beautiful images you have created!

Author's Response: Hi, and thank you for such lovely chapter reviews of this story. I was delighted to find all 3 of them this morning. I really appreciated everything you pointed out in each review. You gave me a lot of good feedback about the feel of the story as well as the writing details. I'll certainly keep it all in mind whenever I get around to doing further edits, as well as for anything new I write. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for taking the time to leave such well-thought out reviews for each chapter.

When I wrote the first chapter, I intended it to be a one-shot, even though it didn't feel quite right to stop the story at that point. But I didn't get the idea for the other two chapters until nearly a year later. Sometimes your muse just isn't there when you'd like to be! Thanks again for reading and for all your helpful comments!

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Review #7, by Sam The Wisdom of the Wood

30th September 2011:
I liked this a lot. It's an interesting angle. We all know Dumbledore developed a wealth of knowledge over his life and was an unbelievably odd character; as geniuses often are. So the accumulation of that knowledge is an interesting story to tell. Maybe you could do a series of novellas leading to the climax being his duel with Grindlewald?! I'd read that. I'm a big fan brother well done. Also thanks for reminding me about the Phoenix wand! It'd be good to see this edited again as there are a couple of bits that don't flow properly as a result of it not being done yet. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks for checking out this little story and taking the time to comment. It's really just a short scene I wrote, not knowing if anything further would ever come of it. I've dabbled with two more short chapters since then, so maybe it will develop a bit further. Gee, I don't know if I'll ever feel ambitious enough to try writing the complete story of Albus' young life, but thanks for trying to plant a seed of inspiration! I'm just concentrating on trying to write my Harry story right now, most of which is still unwritten, so I've got a real challenge ahead of me just trying to accomplish that. Yeah, I know what you mean about some of the phrases not flowing as smoothly as they could in this piece. Whenever I put a piece of writing aside for a while and then come back to it, I always notice things I'd like to rephrase. You mentioned being a writer, so I'm sure you know how that goes. I'll get around to doing another edit eventually. In the meantime, thanks for reading, thanks for leaving such nice comments and words of encouragement on both stories I've got posted, and thanks for your helpful suggestions.

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Review #8, by magicmuggle01 The Wisdom of the Wood

8th July 2011:
A wonderful insight into the early life of young Albus. I feel you could have gone further with this. Maybe you could do a follow up story to this one? 10/10.

Author's Response: Glad to hear you enjoyed this little story. I agree with you that it certainly could be developed further, and maybe one day I'll feel like doing that. For now, I'm concentrating on writing the novel-length story I have posted here. Thanks for your nice comments on both stories so far.

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