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Review #1, by padfoot88 Where I Get Attacked by a Weasel

21st August 2011:
Hahaa loved it! :) can't wait to see where it goes

Author's Response: Thankya thankya THANKYAA!!
:) Weeelll there might be some trouble for our dear mental patient named Caroline.*evil grin* :)

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Review #2, by Crescent Moon  Where I Get Attacked by a Weasel

20th August 2011:
Great chapter XD
Very funny!!
I can't wait to see what's going to happen next, please update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: AW.
Why thank ya,ma' dearie!! X3
I will TRYTRYTRY to update but with school starting again it might be awhile...

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Review #3, by loonylove Where I Get Attacked by a Weasel

19th August 2011:
xDDD This story made me laugh. SO. DANG. HARD. Seriously, it's amazingly funny. My dog kept giving me weird looks all throughout the chapter. It was probably because I broke out into fits of laughter every minute, but whatever.

I love it how Caroline thinks- it's just pure hilarity. She's just so strange, weird, crazy... you bring that across PERFECTLY. Heh, my favourite part is definitely Draco's outburst with the brick wall. Pure genius, I tell you.

Now, I have something that I must tell you... PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF MERLIN'S CLEAN UNDIES UPDATE SOON! Okay, okay, I realise that this story only just got put up on the site, but I shall destroy every single brick wall that I see until a new chapter comes up on this site. So... yeah. UPDATE SOON, MUNCHKIN!!!

Author's Response: WOAH. When I saw all those capital letters I just HAD to respond to this!! ;)
Wow,just, thank you SO MUCH. You don't know how much this means to me to have such a great review! I honestly didn't think I'd get any let alone any VIEWS to the story!!

Heh heh, the thing about yer dog staring at you oddly made me CRACK UP!! My parents had to keep looking in my room to make sure I didn't have a spazz attack or somethin by the way I was laughing so hard when just WRITING the story...

Yesss Caroline actually is a bit of a combination between myself,my best friend and Fred Weasley,oddly enough. The way she thinks is how I picture someone who was raised by the freakin MALFOYS, Draco no less, would think...I'm guessing it would make ya a BIT craaazy :)

YESH. DUNDUNDUN. THE BRICK WALL. I don't know where this came from actually,haha!! I just had this really bad mental image stuck in my head involving Draco,an exploding wall, and some poor little midget kid getting yelled at!! So. Of course. I had to write it down.

And I promise I'll update as SOON as my mental mind will allow me!! DARN YOU SCHOOL!! Ha haa :)
Thanxies sososososososo so much!

A Phsyco Slytherin

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