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Review #1, by Fairieserum Chapter 25: Declan

13th December 2017:
That was a good chapter! Please update!

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Review #2, by Hahahahahha Chapter 25: Declan

11th November 2017:
Please wright more
I will wait

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Review #3, by Anna Hurtful Bludgers

23rd September 2017:
Omg I absolutely love this story! I love your charatization of these two!!!

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Review #4, by Janie Chapter 25: Declan

24th July 2017:
I love it omg I hope it really is
getting continued. I started it 2
days ago tbh lol

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Review #5, by Angela Chapter 25: Declan

11th July 2017:
Well, i think im a new reader, at first I thought that this fanfic's already finished, since i saw this on a recommendation in another fanfic that i've read hehe and the recommendation was posted last year or maybe two years ago.
You know what? I really love this fanfic!! Hope u could make it done soon. I'll wait for it.

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Review #6, by fantastichufflepuff Muggle Studies

17th May 2017:
love it cant wait for an update!!!

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Review #7, by Mione_malfoy Chapter 25: Declan

11th May 2017:
Have you forgotten about the story? Am I to forget 6 years of reading this... I'm 18 now... it seems like so long ago I started reading this.

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Review #8, by Louise.D Chapter 25: Declan

18th April 2017:
Really looking forward to reading this again when there are new chapters can't wait to see where it's going, very good reading!

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Review #9, by just another fangirl Chapter 25: Declan

31st March 2017:
Omg this is the best fanfic ever!!! I love the way you developed the story gradually...I am not necessarily a fan of family stories but you made it look so cute and adorable! I have already read the story thrice and I can't wait for the next Chapter!❤

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Review #10, by ssdawning Chapter 25: Declan

19th February 2017:
This is the 2nd read through of your story and It's still one of my favorites. I hope you have the time and inspiration to get a new chapter out soon.

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Review #11, by Lozzyone  Chapter 25: Declan

15th January 2017:
Please write more im loving this story i have read a couple of times already hehe :)

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Review #12, by stgoody Chapter 25: Declan

12th January 2017:
I have to say I love this story very much and hope you finish it.

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Review #13, by Dramioneana Chapter 25: Declan

28th December 2016:
I read your story in one go with short breaks and i absolutely loved it. I love the fact that it is so detailed and intimate with their little cute moments. I love your character representation of both Draco & Hermione.I never knew i would like family kinda fanfic but this is so adorable. Honestly, i am kind of scared of family stuff but your story made it seem so beautiful.

If it was complete i would say it is best fanfic i ever read...but even incomplete i just love it. Please update soon.

Thank you for writing this beautiful fic. I can't wait to know what happens next. When will they go back to Hogwarts Past? or will they?.i would genuinely love to see them returning back to their 7th year. Anyways i would be waiting for ur next update desperately. Please complete it soon .

Loads of Love

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Review #14, by Harrypottaaa Chapter 25: Declan

26th December 2016:
I lovve this story! My fave forever❤️ I can't wait 'til Declan is born! This story is perfection! Upload soon😘

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Review #15, by Verane Chapter 25: Declan

12th December 2016:
Hello ! I've spent the last two night reading your fanfiction on my tablet and i loved it (didn't see the time goes by and so i had to go to sleep at 6am)! the pacing is perfect. Can't wait for them to go back in their own time with all the awkwardness and their relationship continuing with harry ron and the other being confused.
In a lot of your author note you say you are sorry and all but don't be. People reading your fanfiction read it because they love it so thank you a lot. I understand if sometime it takes time to do an other chapter. Writing is long, it takes time, and you have a life with lots of stuff that can happend and delay your work.
I just want to tell you thank you for your work ! I'll read it till the end. (Sorry for my bad english, i read in english but i'm not a good english speaker :p)

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Review #16, by GeekMom13 Chapter 25: Declan

1st December 2016:
I'm loving this story, but I hate thinking of them going back and not ending up here again...

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Review #17, by Evelyn Chapter 25: Declan

27th November 2016:
This is such an amazing story! I really hope you publish the next bit soon! This story just made my whole weekend, thank you!

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Review #18, by Charlies Gryffindor Chapter 25: Declan

16th November 2016:
Great as usual. I hope you update soon as this is one of my fav fics.

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Review #19, by songbird0345 Chapter 25: Declan

8th November 2016:
Happy you are still writing!! Keep going. I can easily get through the typos (since we all get them haha) I just can't wait for the rest of the story. Fantastic writer!

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Review #20, by Mione_Malfoy Chapter 25: Declan

26th October 2016:
it's me again, the guy reviewing under mione_Malfoy or so... great chapter as always, I enjoyed it but would still love a longer A.N that's just me though, keep up the good work.

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Review #21, by DaFossil Chapter 25: Declan

26th October 2016:
Love this story, so glad to see an update.

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Review #22, by a fan Chapter 25: Declan

25th October 2016:
as always it does not matter how long it takes to finish this story...I love it...I just cant wait to find out how you are going send them back to Hogwarts...good luck.

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Review #23, by lesti Surprise!

28th August 2016:
I love this story so much!! please update soon, its been six months! The characters are really developing and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Review #24, by Malfoy_Mione Surprise!

24th August 2016:
hey, you've probably read all of my reviews, I've been here from the start, yes... 2011 I started reading this story when I was just 13 years old, I'm now 18. I was just going to ask could you maybe tell us a bit about yourself and what you do, I know its probably weird to ask that but I feel like I know you, I have grow up with this story and I would just like to get to know who you are, idk I'm sentimental like that. I also want to say that I found this story on fanfictiondotnet and want to make sure that its you and not some poser, cause that ain't cool. Anyway if you need a proof reader or anything like that, (you don't but id like to be the first to read the chapters)my email is SeanHollandTV atgmaildotcom.
go raibh maith le haghaidh an scéal. ( irish for " thank you for your story")

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Review #25, by Lorr05 Surprise!

21st August 2016:
I absolutely love this story. I think I've read it about six or seven times now. The relationship between Hermione and Draco is just amazing. I know from writing my own fanfiction how hard it can be to find the time to write- real life had a habit of getting in the way, but please finish this story. It is amazing and so well written. Hopefully we'll have an update soon ; ) x

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