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Review #1, by Guest Think of Me Naked

11th September 2013:
I actually have no time for writing this review, because I'm eager to read the sequel. So I have just two words for you:


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Review #2, by harronhermy Think of Me Naked

13th January 2013:
I loved this! It was absolutely adorable and so well written. I'll be checking out your other work. :D

Author's Response: ohmygod i'm so glad you loved it! let me know what you think of everything else! i always love hearing feedback!

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Review #3, by Serendipity1234 Think of Me Naked

31st October 2012:
This was cute ❤ the title was so funny I had to read it haha ;)

Author's Response: thanks so much! glad you enjoyed it! don't forget to look at the sequal 'rose petal kisses!'

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Review #4, by Serendipity1234 Think of Me Naked

31st October 2012:
This was cute ❤ the title was so funny I had to read it haha ;)

Author's Response: thanks so much! glad you enjoyed it! don't forget to look at the sequal 'rose petal kisses!'

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Review #5, by xMsFiggx Think of Me Naked

23rd February 2012:
So sweet and cute! Perfect as a one shot. Great job!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #6, by purplepotter77 Think of Me Naked

6th November 2011:
This story was so cute and humorous. I loved it; it was so very funny :) And I think that Fred would be the kind of person to ask something like that. Overall, wonderful story!

Author's Response: thanks so much

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Review #7, by PygmyPuffLover Think of Me Naked

25th September 2011:
Genius. Sheer genius, I tell you.
'Nuff said.

Author's Response: oh i am so glad you think i'm a genius because i don't sometimes, lol. thanks so much for the reviews, they really made my day/night!

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Review #8, by _disenchanted Think of Me Naked

22nd September 2011:
lol last line. best one shot ever.

Author's Response: thanks so much! there's a sequel called 'rose petal kisses' that you should totally check out (:

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Review #9, by chickirockx101 Think of Me Naked

31st August 2011:
This story was so sweet, funny, (sort of) realistic and relatable. Fred would totally ask if she imagines him naked! I really liked this one shot! Nice and sweet, and I love how they are perfect for each other!

Author's Response: aw thank you so much! i've never written a fred story before this, but i am so glad that you enjoyed it! thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #10, by Sakurasou Think of Me Naked

4th August 2011:
This was such a cute oneshot! The banter between Fred and Scarlett had me giggling the whole way through. I really like how you included their history and the way he pushed her into the lake and how she gave him a scar. It was the beginning of a dysfunctional relationship indeed! I loved how Scarlett didn't want to admit that she liked Fred until she say 'him' kissing Katie.

The last line was definitely my favourite though. It was just so cheeky!

Great job! :D


Author's Response: i'm glad you enjoyed it! i enjoyed writing it and have even gone back and edited it before. and the history between them is only too fascinating to ignore, so i couldn't leave the readers without the knowledge of them before the kiss. i almost think of these two as a quieter lily and james, but that's just my humble opinion.

and their dysfunctional relationship was just so much fun to write. i actually enjoy writing the banter between the two of them, because it was so lively. but thanks for the awesome review, and look out for the sequel...if i write one of course (;

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Review #11, by hogwarts4ever547 Think of Me Naked

1st August 2011:
this story is just so adorable! i love it to bits! fred is just the weirdest kid ever, but in all honesty, he kind of handsome ;)
The is just the most amazing one - shot that i have ever read! and i love the other one, i think it was saving haven with albus?
anyhoo. this was an amazing one shot and i love how you describe the scenes like the kiss and the way their conversations go on and such!
so in something short and sweet:
this was amazing, super adorable, damn right hilarious and just a pleasurable read.
have a awesome time writing out more fanfictions ;)

Author's Response: -dies- this is one of the best reviews i have ever read and i keep re-reading it because it keeps making me happy! like literally, you must know what to say because this made me so happy!

i'm so glad you think the one shot is cute and adorable! i really do. thanks so much for the awesome review!

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Review #12, by Lunnah Think of Me Naked

31st July 2011:
Hey! I just randomly found this and I absolutely loved it!! Its such a cute one shot and it was so fun to read! I adore Fred and you captured that side of him really well. This could have been a big cliche but your dialogue is so smart and the narration is very witty! The way she immediately changed her attitude about Katie was hilarious :-) I think I saw a few tiny grammatical errors but nothing major. Loved it! You're really talented! I saw in some of the comments that you're thinking about a sequel. I would love to read more!


Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you found this then! I really and honestly enjoyed writing this, so I am so glad you enjoyed reading it. And thanks! I'm always self conscious about my writing, but thank you for the awesome and amazing compliment! And yeah, I've been thinking about writing a short story about these two, but I think I'm going to wait a couple of weeks so that I have a couple of chapters written and nonsense. Keep an eye out though!

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Review #13, by MyMyMiss Think of Me Naked

31st July 2011:
Hello there, I am here to judge your entry!!

Please be aware that it is a very close contest as all seven entries that I had where brilliantly constructed.

You have no idea how much I love this piece! I think it is just magnificant. I'm glad you cleared a few of the flow lines up before I got here, because it didn't run all that smoothly the first three hundred times I read this :P But now it's just awesome-atic.

Now she remembered he was a conceded prat that got everything he wanted. “I was looking at the drool pouring out of your mouth, Weasel.”
- Ouch much., he had a right to feel hurt :P/

“No, you would just threaten my boyfriend,”
- Idiot, did he really think he could win her heart by being over-protective? *Instert lecture too fred Here*

“Because I love you and you love me. We’re the perfect dysfunctional match. And we’ll always be that way.”
- I swooned. :D I thought this part was just so cute.. >.<

Okay, onwards.

The overall piece of writing I think hit my funny bones, emotions and general feelings. It was incredible to read. You had me crying from Dry and blunt humour, then sarcasm, then you had me mad with Fred and then all batting eyelids. You can really grab a person attention.

It was funny, quirky, and I love it! I have read this story so many times since you entered it, I thought My computer was going to break down from an oner haul Of Fred Weasley :P

Thank you for writing such a humourous piece. I am glad you took the oppurtunity to take part in my challenge. I hope too see you again in further ones I hold. Please look out for a blog soon confirming the winners of the 10 things I hate Challenge.

~Karni. x

Author's Response: WHOOT. JUDGING.

it means so much to me that you've read this so many times since I posted the original on in June. I was re-reading the entry a couple of weeks ago after someone reviewed and said it sounded a little choppy, and I agreed. So this is the new and improved one!

I am so glad that you enjoyed reading Fred, because it was a challenge since he is a loved character and I wanted to do him justice.

And I shall be on the lookout for the blog about who has won the contest (:

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Review #14, by CayleeJean14 Think of Me Naked

30th July 2011:
This was AMAZING! You really have talent! Use could get you somewhere good in the future...if it already hasn't!

Author's Response: omg thanks so much! that means so much to me! your review was awesome! (:

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Review #15, by Bookworm045 Think of Me Naked

25th July 2011:
I am so glad that I found this little one-shot on your author's page. It. Was. Adorable. I have this dumb grin on my face because Scarlett is so oblivious and Fred is so cute and they really are quite thr dysfunctional pairing.

No complaints, I've got none.

My favorite bit was when Fred told her that George was on a date with Katie and she was all 'oh, they're cute!' and the she realized and was like 'oh'. That just made me crack up. And it was just such a weird concept, the whole 'thinking of him naked' thing that was unstable funny and cute from the summary of the story to the very last line.

Author's Response: well thanks, love! i'm actually making a short story with scarlett and fred and moments in their relationship. so hopefully, you'll keep your eye out and be like 'oh lookey here!' lol

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Review #16, by Emandem Think of Me Naked

20th July 2011:
This was just too cute. Kind of like a Lily/James plus a twin, you know? I like how you added that 10 Things I Hate About You quote. I just think you could've made it longer; maybe not continue it but more like... explain more what you already have. Like the Shrieking House thing, which seems pretty big but is just only mentioned in passing.

Author's Response: i was thinking about editing it because when i was re-reading the story, i realized i could expand so much more. thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Weasley Twins Luva Think of Me Naked

16th July 2011:
Pretty Good! I liked it!
The only thing is that I think it should be longer, ya know?

Author's Response: i'm glad (: i was actually thinking about making it a short story, like a ton of one shots...but i haven't decided yet. thanks for the review though!

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Review #18, by MsAnnaPotter Think of Me Naked

24th June 2011:
HAHA!! Loved the Katie Bell bit. Cute one-shot :D

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #19, by erezzz Think of Me Naked

3rd June 2011:
this was just too cute!
plus i love the way you incorporated quotes from 10 Things I Hate About You! one of my fave movies

Author's Response: thanks so much! it was interesting to write, too, because i've never actually written a harry potter fan fiction with fred in it. i really enjoyed it though (: who knows, maybe one day i'll continue it aye? thanks so much for the review though!

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