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Review #1, by LilyEPotter Angel

1st March 2014:

This is a very sad and poignant story. I had to find more tissues. I could feel Tonks' confusion as to what was going on. Her not understanding why Teddy was calling Ginny 'mother' and Harry 'father'. Harry having to tell the story that hurts him so much again in what seems to be a nightly request, this time with Tonks listening and figuring out what had happened to Remus and her. I started to cry again when Tonks realized that Teddy did know them when he pulled the picture frame out to look at them and continued to cry when Teddy seemed to reply to her right before she left with Remus. Very, very sad ending but done very well.

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Author's Response: Hello!

Aww, I cried while writing it, especially the end. Tonks was just so confused and so upset and then she realized and it was both better and worse - she knew Teddy was being looked after, but she wasn't there like she wanted it be.

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review!


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Review #2, by BookDinosaur Angel

4th January 2014:
Hello! I"m here for the Ninth of the Twelve Days of Reviewing over at the forums. :)

Ah this was such a sad emotional piece, I'm having trouble not crying. :(

I really like the way you started off the story, with all the confusion and the disorientation from poor Tonks, who doesn't know where she is or what's happened to her and her husband and her son. I don't know whether most authors could have pulled all that confusion off right at the start, but you managed it really well, so kudos to you there.

And ahh, this is such a heartbreaking piece! When Teddy ran past Tonks, just ignoring her, I didn't know what to think, it's just too much. :( And then he went to Ginny and Harry and called them Mummy and Daddy, and I think that's the saddest thing of all, that he'll never know his parents. Much like Harry, actually. ;)

I really enjoyed that little bit where Harry told Teddy about him and Voldemort in a sort of kid-way, dumbing it down so that Teddy could understand it. It just seems like something he would do.

Ahh, Remus/Tonks feels! I wish they could really hug Teddy. :( But I think the end was really as happy as you can get, when it comes to this situation, and I think Teddy just brought a feeling of closure to it when he replied to his parents, even if he can't see or hear them.

All in all, this was a fantastic oneshot, I really enjoyed reading it and I'm glad I had the chance to. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I know, it's so sad. I cried while writing it, it took me a while. :(

It seemed the perfect place to start, right in the middle of everything, which would be a very confusing time. Particularly when you don't realize you're dead yet. Thank you!

I genuinely wanted Teddy to run back and hug Tonks instead, it was horrible to know that couldn't. He's very much like Harry, which is why I think he's perfect dad material for the little boy; he understands the situation and he's lived through the worst case scenario, so he knows what not to do.

Yeah, I agree. I think Harry would censor and dumb it down, but not lie about what happened.

The end was definitely the happiest I could get it, and I really wanted something happy. Which I don't say often, but this needed it. I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #3, by starryskies55 Angel

15th July 2013:
I think its because I'm super tired but this just made me cry.

It was such a heart-breaking story. Poor Tonks was so confused about what was happening and why, and of course we knew her and Remus were dead the whole time. Tonks' emotions were particularly heartbreaking- her anger and confusion and sorrow over her son not seeing or hearing- and when she thought that he didn't know her! It was awful.
I'm glad there was a moderately happy ending- at least Tonks knows that Teddy is safe and happy with Harry and Ginny, and that he's loved, even though her and Remus are both gone.

Additionally, your writing is superb, as ever, and this was a story idea I have seen a few times before, but you wrote it very powerfully and originally. Amazing!

Author's Response: Awww, I'm sorry for crying. It made me cry writing it. ;(

I know, I feel so sorry for Tonks in the beginning. It's just such a confusing time and it hurts to see her son walk away.

I'm glad you like the somewhat happy ending. There's a sense of closure, at least. I think. She knows he's okay and can leave. *hugs them all*

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne Angel

17th March 2013:
That was such a sad and beautiful one shot. It gave me goosebumps and gave me teary eyes :-(
I loved how you wrote this, how Tonks was confused about where she was, and what had happened. And her pain at hearing Harry and Ginny being called mum and dad. I'm glad that Tonk's got to see that he was being well looked after and that Teddy knew who she and Remus were.
That was seriously so sad and I felt like crying, you wrote that wonderfully and brilliantly. You're so talented!

Author's Response: *hugs*

It's something I imagined and just couldn't get rid of the idea. But it was so sad to write and to reds through. I had a few tears. ;(

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #5, by ginerva_molly_weasley Angel

5th May 2012:
Sam... Do you want to make me cry!

This is one of the more different pieces i've read of yours as I tend to read your darker things however this suits you just as well! I really like the way you introduce this piece with her being all disorientated.

Teddy is just the cutest thing ever and I felt so sorry for Tonks when she saw Teddy calling Harry daddy and Ginny mummy because i can just imagine how I would feel if I ever saw Lily do this to anyone.

Also the story that Harry told Teddy was super cute because it just showed how much he hadnt forgotten everyone and was just trying to do the right thing by Teddy. I love it Sam!

Author's Response: Summer... Yes, I do. Everyone must cry. :P

Teddy is just adorable and I love him. I know, that would just be terrible to hear. So sad. I loved writing Harry's story. It just felt like something he would do, he would never forget.

Thank you and I can't wait to listen to the podcast. :)

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Review #6, by princess052099 Angel

23rd October 2011:
This was a brilliant story. It was truley touching, and I still have tears in my eyes :) Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm gald you liked it. :)


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Review #7, by SeverusSnape15 Angel

7th September 2011:
Okay, I'm seriously bawling right now. This is such a sweet and wonderful idea. I like how you ended it with "the light faded." It gives it some sort of touch. And what Dora said to Teddy while he was sleeping hit the spot, it just made the tears start. Teddy is so much like Harry in the fact he never really knew his parents. I think that's why he was destined to be Teddy's Godfather.

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. :)

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Review #8, by ILiveHarryPotter1 Angel

6th June 2011:
Aww... I love this!! It's so sweet. I wrote one like this, it's called No More Black Roses. You should read it. From this, I think you would enjoy it. But you story was great!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I will! :)

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Review #9, by javct Angel

4th June 2011:
You succeeded in making me tear up :)
Truly beautiful story

Author's Response: Aww! :)

Thank you!

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Review #10, by Godrics_Helm Angel

3rd June 2011:
What a sad and sweet story!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #11, by Dark Whisper Angel

31st May 2011:

You have me all teary-eyed...

So good... so sad... and you know I just love reading/writing sad stories... such emotion packed into a one shot... A mum watching over her child... boo hoo.

So good, Heir... I loved it. And I especially love Harry's story about his brilliant friends.

Great job! So wonderfully touching and heart-tugging. Thanks so much for writing it!

And of course... the wonderful quote from Eminem... so awesome how you used it with Tonks and Teddy... Just beautiful!

Take a bow! 10/10.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark Whisper!

I wrote this story while I had a song called Lux Aeterna from Two Steps from Hell on - I cried while writing it. The song is so beautifully sad.

Thank you so much! I love your reviews!

*Bows* Thank you for the 10/10.


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