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Review #1, by Anya Pink.

28th October 2011:
You are an amazing author. This made me cry, its so sad! But it was really beautifully written. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon! :)

Author's Response: Awwh thanks so much! Really!

I cannot believe it made you cry, I'm so happy right now (not in a sadistical way or anything haha- I'm just so happy somebody was touched by the story)!

Thank you for your compliments and I definitely will :)


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Review #2, by Kin Broken.

29th July 2011:
Wonderfully written! it kinda broke my heart when she talked about how she had gone against her family and and in the end it didn't even matter. It made me sad!! i can't believe that Dominique would do that to her though, I always imagined the Weasley/Potter cousins to be extremely close. That made me sad, that her cousin would do that to her! Can't wait to see what you're gonna add to this!

Author's Response: Ah thank you, thank you, thank you for reviewing! God, you have made my day :D
Thanks so much. Oh don't worry, I was kind of sad while writing it too ;)
I don't imagine the Weasley/Potter cousins NOT close, but it's just for the sake of the story! Don't worry haha ;)
The next chapter's in the queue!

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Review #3, by SweetMemories Broken.

4th July 2011:
I really loved this. I would hope that you would continue this though! I thought it was very well written and kept me reading! Great job and can't wait to read more of your work!

Author's Response: Thanks! Maybe I will continue it (one day), but I originally wrote it as a one-shot, so I wouldn't know how. But thank you, it really makes my day when people tell me they like my writing :)
Thanks again!

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Review #4, by padfoot88 Broken.

3rd July 2011:
arrghh so bittersweet but i loved it! i didn't want it to end that way without a happy ending but i loved it even more for the fact you didn't give in to the cliche!

Author's Response: Yeah, it is pretty bittersweet. Thank you, though! :)
I'm so happy you liked it (I do sometimes hate cliches too)!

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Review #5, by fineanddandy Broken.

3rd July 2011:
This is great. It really is an interesting little one-shot! :)

Author's Response: Haha thanks a lot! :)

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Review #6, by sassyKinz Broken.

1st July 2011:
there should TOTALLY be a sequel where she like, confronts the two of them or something. That would be freaking steller.

Author's Response: Haha, that would be pretty cool! :)
I've actually thought about doing one, but I just don't have the insipiration right now.
Maybe I'll still make a sequel one day :)
Thanks for the review!

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