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Review #1, by Cal Of epilogues and endings

4th October 2012:
Bravo. You have a real talent. Keep writing.

Hope to see your own creations one day on the shelves.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, as do I :P My girlfriend turned LP1 into a book for me, which was amazing :D

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Review #2, by Amy Roantree Of red-heads and Elizabeth

3rd September 2012:
This book is amazing.
I wish there was a little more special couple moments between james and hayley though, i mean we didnt even hear about there first kiss..
I also have been wondering where Lucy is? I love having Amy and all the Hunts in the story i was just wondering if Lucy and tom were going to be in it at all.
Loved the last bit about al and scorp.
Great story, can't wait to keep reading.
Amy x

Author's Response: Thanks :) Yeah I couldn't quite fit as much in as maybe I'd like and Lucy and Tom should probably be in it more, but I ended up focusing on the next gen for this one and kind of ignored the elders a little.

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Review #3, by Taraiel Of epilogues and endings

1st September 2012:
Thank you for writing this story. It has kept me entertained and I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed it :P

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Review #4, by Taraiel Of hostility and heart-to-hearts

31st August 2012:
Dear HPL,
I am really enjoying your tale so far. I'm also very impressed with both the quality of the writing as well as the plot. Well done! Keep writing, won't you?

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I've taken a fairly long hiatus from writing, it's been over half a year since I wrote anything of real quality, but I'll work on something soon :)

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Review #5, by Derex Of almost moments and big reveals (The Banquet Part 1)

16th June 2012:
I can almost see you in slytherin colors... EVIL!!!

Author's Response: Why thank you ;)

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Review #6, by Derex Of home and away

16th June 2012:
James is an idiot, and Teds an even bigger idiot for listening to him! But it was written quite well.

Author's Response: Thank you!! :)

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Review #7, by Derex Of expulsion and expression

16th June 2012:
Shocker! I didn't see that ending coming.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a good'un! :P

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Review #8, by Derex Of control and retribution

15th June 2012:
I predict Molly finding out about The baby. Then holding the information over his head or something.

Author's Response: Oooh evil xD I like it :P

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Review #9, by Erynn!!!! Of epilogues and endings

11th June 2012:

Author's Response: Who knows ;)

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Review #10, by TeamPadfoot Of friends and enemies

29th May 2012:
I like your pun in the last sentence of the authors note. :) ~Ashton

Author's Response: Ahh thats an awful pun but thanks :) HP

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Review #11, by TeamPadfoot Of troubles and horizons

28th May 2012:
I love this chapter, just 'cause Kassie finally let go. GO HAYLEY! :D ~Ashton

Author's Response: You ent seen nothing yet ;)

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Review #12, by TeamPadfoot Of blunders and heroes of the night

27th May 2012:
This is my favorite chapter! At first, after Lost Potters 1, I was having a hard time getting into the other stories. But you..You're an incredible writer. If you made these into an actual book I'd buy them. These are completely fantastic, although my favorites are still the originals. You capture exactly what I think they would all be like, except I think Al should be in Slytherin. Thank you so much for the completely incredible stories! :) I hope I made your day! -Ashton(:

Author's Response: Awww thank you :) I'm the same, until I started writing book 4, I didn't think that I'd match the first one, but I very much enjoyed writing it. Thank you SO much for all your positive comments, you DEFINITELY made my day.

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Review #13, by I<3Padfoot Of epilogues and endings

3rd April 2012:
I don't know what I expected but it wasn't that! :D x

Author's Response: Thanks, I like to keep an audience on their toes :)

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Review #14, by I<3Padfoot Of red-heads and Elizabeth

3rd April 2012:
Before this chapter, I honestly thought Al and Scorpius were together, like, as a couple, no word of a lie :L x

Author's Response: Yeah, I get that a lot xD But I really didn't like the idea of putting slash in so... :')

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Review #15, by I<3Padfoot Of wise words and true love

3rd April 2012:
I love Fred, I don't know why coz he's such a dickhead half the time, I just love him, you portray him exactly how I imagined him to be! Keep up the good work, buddy! :)

Author's Response: Trust me! You won't sooner or later :')

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Review #16, by Rocky Of epilogues and endings

30th March 2012:
Hahaha, I love the ending. It might be the best I've ever read by an unpublished author. Not for that, you beat many of the published ones as well... ;)

I've read a few stories in here now, and I think many of the writers burns themselves on too sentimental endings. It's okay with happy endings, but there is a line! :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) i really appreciate that :P It's amazing how some people can boost your confidence with kind words :)

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Review #17, by Rachel Of necklaces and Filch

26th January 2012:
Aren't hayley and James related? Then why does hayley like James?

Author's Response: Sort of complicated, keep reading to learn all :P

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Review #18, by Shay_Gryff Of epilogues and endings

9th December 2011:
I hope she also said yes!!

I love your stuff, keep writing and updating the next one!!

Also, i'd appreciate a one-shot of their marriage.

Author's Response: thank you :) i will

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Review #19, by Shay_Gryff Of survival and solace

8th December 2011:
thanks for not letting me down! no more dead people!! i mean it this time!!! if you kill another character i swear i will never read your fanfics again! (unless they die in battle or they are a bad person)

Author's Response: I don't believe you ;)

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Review #20, by Shay_Gryff Of ploys and partners

8th December 2011:
I thought I told you not to kill anymore people!!!

Love it so far, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Who did I kill? Oh wait, that... xD

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Review #21, by That random kid Of necklaces and Filch

7th December 2011:
Oh Gosh i hope they never have more than a platonic relationship for 2 reasons. 1. The original James and Hayley were siblings and thats kinda gross. And 2. James and Hayley are like 2nd cousins.

Author's Response: Trust me, it gets good, just try not to compare them too much to the original James and Hayley, then things just get complicated xD

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Review #22, by lovepeaceanya Of epilogues and endings

23rd November 2011:
I read this entire story in one day, I loved it so much.
All I want to know is if Hayley says yes or no after she punches James.
PLEASE tell!

Author's Response: The sequel is up ;)

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Review #23, by RonnLoveerr Of epilogues and endings

18th November 2011:
What!! OMG i want to find out what happens!! You are such an amazing writer! keep writing! I love the series!! first time reading them and i love it!!! Was it a happy punch or angry one?!?!?! ahh im soo obsessed!!

Author's Response: I don't know? Was it a happy punch? Can you happily punch someone in the face? xD I'm glad you're enjoying the series so far and the next chapter should be up over the weekend :) HP

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Review #24, by Elizabeth Of epilogues and endings

17th November 2011:
PLEASE post the next story soon! I love your books, it is really cool to think about the next generation!
Maybe post a family tree with the next one, I'm not sure I can handle another generation!:)

Author's Response: The next one is on its way :) Not sure about how i'd post a family tree though :/

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Review #25, by Shadowgirl Of epilogues and endings

16th November 2011:
***spoilers alerts*** do not read this review if younever read the book it contain spoilers:P.(just thought i might ad that becuz lost of the stories ive read on this site have been ruined by me reading the reviews:P.)

Heey!:) great story:D i love this series ! I'm suspecting that the 5th book will be about James and Hayley??? Yes or No? I find it amazing how alike the couples Teddy and Victoria and James and Hayley are!:P do you see the ressemblance? I hope you post the new story asap! Cannot wait to read what comes next in the Lost Potters series:).

Author's Response: The next story will contain James and Hayley but they won't be the main characters :)

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