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Review #1, by Werewolfs Rule Catching Fred Weasley in an Interesting Situation

12th July 2012:
Who is in the Lucy photo that is almost exactly how I imagined Lucy for my story.
Please tell me.

Now the chapter, it was awesome, can't wait to read more.


Author's Response: Her name is Kaya Scodelario. I just love her and she is so perfect for how I always imagine Lucy myself! Thanks very much for the review and I'm so happy you like it. More is on the way, I promise!

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Review #2, by AlwaysSev Catching Fred Weasley in an Interesting Situation

12th July 2012:
Ahh! This is just growing on me so much. I love Cori, she is hilarious, and her obsessions with cheesecake, guitars, and photography might be the best obsessions I have ever read. I like your cliff hanger, I really want to read know what Fred was doing…hmmm… suspicious. I love how you have written all the Weasleys, they are all very distinct and they don't all blend into one person. I can't wait to read more about Lucy and Rose, though! Their fight was hilarious :) Anyways, I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: You really think it was funny? Yay! haha I never know if something that I think is funny will be funny to anyone else :) Don't worry, there will be much more Fred very soon! I hope you keep reading and reviewing, they encourage me so much! Once again, thanks for the reviews!

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Review #3, by AlwaysSev Coriander Saffron Fitzgerald, Photographer Extraordinaire

12th July 2012:
Hi there! I love this story! I love how into photography she is, because it makes it really interesting to read. The way she sees thing is like a piece of art. I think that she is a really interesting OC, because she is actually passionate about something. Awesome job so far! I cant wait to continue onto the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy your comments make me :) I think photography is really amazing and impressive and I wanted to have that reflected in a character.

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Review #4, by padfoot88 Catching Fred Weasley in an Interesting Situation

10th March 2012:
An exciting update! I do love Coriander, she's so odd but in a wonderful way, and i can't wait to see her character develop. You really have me hooked with the plot, i think your portrayal of the next generation kids are interesting, especially Fred. Haha i can't wait for this to get going, looking forward to more! :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're liking my characterization! I've been a bit nervous about writing a character who is so strange, unique, and all around quirky. The plot is just getting started and will take some twists and turns in the upcoming chapters, so watch out ;) haha thanks so very much for the review!

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Review #5, by sarahshinny Catching Fred Weasley in an Interesting Situation

8th March 2012:
great story so far! can't wait for more xx

Author's Response: thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you like it :) more should be coming quite soon!

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Review #6, by RuuunItsJoanne, Coriander Saffron Fitzgerald, Photographer Extraordinaire

15th December 2011:
I can already tell this story's gonna be great c: I love Cori, and her weirdness already. Can't wait for the next chapter~

Author's Response: thank you so much! gosh sorry i didn't answer this sooner, by the way :) Cori is pretty unique...sometimes im afraid shes a bit too strange even! haha well the next chapter is up, so I hope you check it out!

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Review #7, by padfoot88 Coriander Saffron Fitzgerald, Photographer Extraordinaire

23rd June 2011:
So i'm loving the concept of this story, it's got a nice feel to it...if that makes any sense :') And i love the characters too! You gotta love having an odd protagonist, and who doesn't love cheesecake?! Can't wait to see where this goes! :)

Author's Response: Haha writing an odd character is so fun, I'm glad you like her :) I hope you keep reading, a new chapter will be up soon! Thanks for the review, they make my day :D

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Review #8, by LSU4evr Coriander Saffron Fitzgerald, Photographer Extraordinaire

21st June 2011:
huh, i like the concept for this story :) looking forward to more! i can already tell the characters will be good..

Author's Response: thanks! I'm working on another chapter right now :)

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Review #9, by DailyProphetPhotographer Coriander Saffron Fitzgerald, Photographer Extraordinaire

13th June 2011:
Ok, this has to be one of the best Next Gen., funny, quirky, stories I have seen yet. And believe me, I've read a lot.

The way you write is simple, but it does the job, and i think that's why it's so funny. If that makes sense.

I love all the random details you put in,also. Like her obession with cheesecake, or that all her siblings are named after spices. So cute!

Also, I'm sorta a photography freak myself, so that's probably why i love this story so much. Plus, the idea of Hogwarts having a school newspaper is super cool.

Anyway, awesome story! Please don't stop here! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much Monica! You just made my day :) Wow I'm really glad you like it and you think it's that good! I'm honored! I'm working on more chapters right now, so hopefully the next will be up soon. I hope you keep reading! Thanks!


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