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Review #1, by MoonLily_ My Dearest Lythia

13th December 2011:
This is so mysterious! I can't wait to read your novel and find out who you are writing about. Very well written, loving it!

Happy Holidays from Slytherin House!

Author's Response: Thank you :D Its been a while since I've updated my novel, but I'm working on it ;)

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Review #2, by LilyFire My Dearest Lythia

22nd August 2011:



Wow, Christy. I don't really know what to say. It's wonderful. Honestly, I think I can guess who Lythia's Aunt and her parents are, but I won't ;) I do have one question that you may be able to answer: Does this tie in with the Novel?

Anyway, it really is beautiful :) I love it. It's packed full of subtle emotion, and just...wonderful. It's great!

Author's Response: Yes it does. It was really great to write. 500 words exactly! :D

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Review #3, by TrevorTheToad My Dearest Lythia

20th August 2011:
Awww... this is sweet. You should expand on this, since I think it could make a wonderful story.

Author's Response: I really can't say much about this piece because I'm trying not to give away spoilers ;)

Thanks for Reviewing!

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Review #4, by flufff My Dearest Lythia

20th August 2011:
Aww.. that was really sweet. I love the manner of the letter, and how her mother writes... It's really well-written, I have to say :D I think that you could expand on this, maybe, if you wanted to. Well, I'd definitely read it. Love your writing style, it's great. I'd love to see more from you! ;D

Also... if you ever have some extra time, could you R&R my fanfic "Darkest Night"? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Keep writing! you're awesome :D ~flufff

Author's Response: I would love to give you a good answer to your review about this, but unfortunately I don't want some of my fans looking through my reviews to figure out what this is a spoiler to ;)

I'll see if I can get to it. If you really want something good to read, check out my novel! Thanks for the review, and I'll favourite your story so I can get to it later :)

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