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Review #1, by lovinglovegood Steakout.

11th June 2011:
This is really good. Lily should come in soon, looking gorgeous and Nardo and Scorpius drool, and Albus getting all older-brotherly. I'm a major Lily/Scorpius fan. Can you tell? :) I love your story!

Author's Response: Thanks!
Oh, haha, Lily. xD Everyone loves Lily. ;D I'd feel sorry for Al if that happened... hm..
And I'm still debating over that particular pairing - I love Scorp/Lily too but. I don't know. We'll see. :P
Keep an eye out for a new chapter in a week or so. (I hope)
Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #2, by Rosie Steakout.

23rd May 2011:
Interesting, very interesting:I love the whole idea of having them be out of Hogwarts and in the big bad world already because as much as I love Hogwarts, it's kind of restricting, ya' know? Anyway, I really love the idea of this story and I loved the first chapter! It made me laugh;Albus and Scorpius are just too funny. It's going to get darker, though? Well, thats cool I am a bit of a sadist, ha. I can do dark; I actually love dark stories as long as they're well written and have me on my toes. Hopefully this is one of those stories-I think it's gonna be pretty awesome judging from the first chapter. I cannot wait for the second chapter, so please update quickly, yeah? Peace out, yo.
P.S. I love Nardo ( and I can speak spanish fluently and the spanish words fit in nicely)
P.P.S. Yes amigo is overrated.
P.P.P.S. How do you feel about fav quotes? ;)
“Your freaking mom’s manlier than you!”

“Yeah? Well – well, this steak is more manlier than you!”
Again, I LOVE AL and SCORP.

Author's Response: HECK YEAH A REVIEW. :D

Well to start off, thanks for the review and your thoughts on this chapter! :)
Yeah, I agree. There's just so many Hogwarts stories focusing on Al and Scorp that it's tough thinking of a really original storyline that won't get boring. And, I don't think this storyline's exactly original (at least, not the whole 'Auror' thing), but I can throw in basically anything I want, so it's cool.

Haha, glad it made you laugh, always good to know. :D I love Al and Scorp's ...friendship? Relationship? Well, what ever it is, it sure is fun to write.

Dark? Yeah, I hope so. I mean, I'm intending it to get darker, and if I really focus on it then yeah, I'll be able to write up some pretty good dark scenes. I'm generally a humor-type story person, so this is new for me. And I like challenges, so this one might bring out some hidden skill of mine. -mysterious music plays in background-
Or not.

I write too much D: Sorry.

Um, let's see... next chapter, well... gimme a couple of weeks. :S I haven't finished it, and I've got lots of school work now -grumble- but yeah, I'll try to work on it quickly.

OMG YOU SPEAK SPANISH? That is so awesome. :D I wish I could speak it - though, I could always learn off Google Translator (thanks, Google!)... Well, I'm glad that I got those two terms correct; I was worrying about that, whether they fit the context or not. But thanks for clearing that up! :)

YES I love fave quotes! Hehe, that bit made me giggle. Those two are like bickering preschoolers. I have a feeling Nardo's gunna go a little crazy on them if they keep that up...

Okay, I'll end it here. O.o That was very long. Though, to be fair, I get excited at first reviews. xP So congrats on being my first reviewer for this story, and thanks again! :)

izzy x

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